Norway: Anders Breivik Trial

Anders Behring Breivik stood on trial yesterday in Norway, glorifying his actions and calling for acquittal in the Norway massacre trial in which he is responsible for the death of 77 people.

Breivik Offers a Far Right-Wing Salute Upon His Entrance to the Courtroom

Anders Breivik is the man accused of killing 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in Norway last July.  The 33-year-old has pleaded not guilty and has stated that his actions were a necessity, as he was acting under the premise of national defense.  Among his crimes was a car bomb set off outside the government headquarters in Oslo and then shooting another 69 people at a youth summer camp organized by the ruling Labour Party.  Vindicating his actions through nationalistic jargon, jingoism, Breivik sought to retaliate against what he saw as a contagion of immigrants and cultures that were undermining his ideal of pure Arianism, glorying actions of the NSDAP regime in Germany under Hitler.  Upon taking the stand at his trial for the first time, the previously declared insane business fraudster read from a statement for an hour, turning the trial into a publication of his violent propaganda.  Among his statement, he invoked Native American warriors such as Sitting Bull, as well as raging against Islam and multiculturalism and warned of ‘rivers of blood’ in Europe.  Expressing no regret for his actions, Breivik has turned his massacre into a self-described notion of revolutionary nationalism.  The toxic legacy of Breivik’s actions have illustrated the conflict within the nation, as well as the growing criticism that globalization is depriving cultures of their identity and thus sparking such retaliatory actions.

“I have carried out the most sophisticated and spectacular political attack committed in Europe since the Second World War.  The July 22 attacks were preemptive attacks to defend the Norwegian people and the Norwegian ethnicity.” – Anders Behring Breivik

While he likely be kept behind bars for the duration of his life, Breivik’s main objective is to prove his sanity, a court judgement that he sees as vindication for his anti-Muslim and anti-immigration cause.  If found guilty and sane, Breivik faces a maximum 21-year sentence, due to Norway’s liberal court system and peace-keeping objective.  Nevertheless, Breivik could be held indefinitely if he is considered a continuing danger.  If declared insane, a label he considers a fate worse than death, Breivik would go to a psychiatric institution indefinitely with periodic reviews.  Breivik has sternly opposed being labelled insane.  Breivik has claims that it was Norway’s politicians who should be locked up in the sort of mental institution in which he could expect to spend the rest of his life.  Ironically, Breivik’s sanity plea is paralleled by extreme rhetoric and inflammatory statement which will offset any support for his mental state.  Among his statement, Breivik insisted that the youth killed at the summer camp were not innocent, non-political children; rather, he insisted that they were people seeking to undermine Norwegian nationality by upholding multicultural values, going so far as comparing the Labour party’s youth wing (AUF) with the Hitler Youth.

“They [politicians] expect us to applaud our ethnic and cultural doom.  They should be characterized as insane, not me.  Why is this the real insanity?  This is the real insanity because it is not rational to work to deconstruct one’s own ethnic group, culture and religion.” – Anders Behring Breivik

Breivik’s courtroom strategy is as wickedly calculated as was his original massacre.  He admitted his responsibility for the 77 deaths, but he also made clear, both in his conduct and through his lawyers, that he is wholly unrepentant and sees those deaths as a means to a wider political end.  He revels in the horrified attention that is focused on him.  He is ready to give further offence to liberal values, and he intends to add insult to injury by trying Norway’s patience in every way possible.  Among his courtroom repertoire of narcissistic actions, Breivik gave a right-wing salute, a refusal to recognize  the court which he regards as an illegitimate creation of defenders of multiculturalism, and his only show of emotion was when the court reviewed his calls to arms video to defend Norwegian national purity against Islamic subversion.  The trial, a long and perpetuating process, is scheduled to last 10 weeks.  His defense team has called 29 witnesses to argue Breivik was sane, including Mulah Krekar, the Kurdish founder of Islamist group Ansar al-Islam and ‘Fjordman’, a right-wing blogger who influenced Breivik.


Norway: Anders Breivik Declared Insane

Anders Behring Breivik, a 32-year-old citizen of Norway responsible for the merciless killing of more than 70 people in Norway, has been declared mentally insane by court-appointed doctors.

Anders Behring Breivik Declared Legally Insane

Believing that the killings were gruesome but necessary, Breivik contended that he was waging a Christian Crusade against multiculturalism as the new Knights Templar. Breivik is responsible for a car bombing in Oslo and a mass shooting in a youth labor party meeting on Utoeya island, stating his efforts to save Norway and Western Europe from cultural Marxism and Islam by inducing the greatest amount of loss to the Labour Party to prevent their mass importation of Muslims in Norway.  Breivik has planned on a 60-year or longer struggle against multiculturalism until the Knights Templar would take over Europe.  The incredulous actions of Breivik have resulted in one of the most horrific and deadliest events in recent Norwegian history and have marked a return of jingoism and European backlash against immigration (read more at: “Jingoism in Norway and European Backlash Against Immigration“).  Evidently, the insanity of this single individual is illustrated by his writings, including a 1,500 page manifesto known as “2083: A European Deceleration of Independence“, and his explanation for why needed to slaughter 77 of his countrymen.

“Cultural Marxism/multiculturalism especially in combination with Islam, will defeat itself.  The justification for this claim is that the cultural Marxist and Islamic alliance will not last.  When the window of opportunity comes, we must be ready to seize the political and military control of all funds.  When the time comes, we must not hesitate.  We must risk everything for the chance to get our freedom and secure freedom for our relatives.  I have prepared myself mentally for a very long time, and I would like to sacrifice my life for the benefit of my European brothers and sisters.” – Anders Behring Breivik, Confessed Killer

The psychiatric evaluation of the self-confessed murderer has found that he was insane during his coming and shooting attacks in Norway.  If the court agrees with the assessment, Breivik will not get a prison sentence but will be subjected to compulsory psychiatric care.  According to Norwegian law,  a psychotic state of mind at the time of the crime can mitigate criminal responsibility.  The statement by Norway’s Forensic Board of Medicine has concluded that Breivik was suffering from such paranoid delusions of a psychotic nature, which constitute legal insanity.  Breivik was scheduled to stand trial for his crimes in April, but if the recommendation is upheld, the courts will only rule his criminal insanity and length of commitment to a psychiatric institution.  Nevertheless, a finding of legal insanity will not allow Breivik to escape from justice; rather, Breivik will still spend life locked away in a state psychiatric facility.

“If the cultural Marxists, against all odds, gave up on multiculturalism, if they stopped all Muslim immigration and started the deportation of all Muslims, I would forgive them for their past crimes.  If they refuse to surrender until 2020, there will be turning back.  We will eventually wipe out every single one of them.” – Anders Behring Breivik, Confessed Killer

In retrospect, the far-right has been vindicated and martyred by the actions committed by Breivik, illustrating the strength and destructiveness of such ideological fervor.  Breivik’s infatuation will the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), commonly known as the Nazi Party, demonstrates the altered sense of reality in which Breivik lives in.  Not only do his actions mimic, to a much lesser extent of course, Hitler’s initial purge of social liberals and then the extermination of minorities; but Breivik’s manifesto exemplifies his dedication to radicalism and demonstrates the parallel between “2082: A European Deceleration of Independence” and Mein Kampf.  So saying, Hitler’s insanity is a subject of much research and history and the subsequent death penalties for many of his generals and aides during the Nuremberg Trials illustrates the unforgiving nature that should be directed to such acts of brutality and cruelty.  Naturally, the European continent is praised for its commitment to human rights, liberal democracy, and peace; but the acts of slaughter by Breivik are unforgivable and mirror bestial attitude, worries over dehumanizing  critiques and punishment should be negligible

Jingoism in Norway and European Backlash Against Immigration

To save Norway and Western Europe from “cultural Marxism” and Islam, Anders Behring Breivik wanted to “induce the greatest amount of loss to the Labour Party” to prevent their “mass importation” of Muslims into Norway.
Jingoism was coined in Britain in 1870 during a spark of anti-Russian sentiment, exemplifying the extreme nationalism that Jingoism has come to define.  The term refers to citizens of a country judging their country as superior to another, an excessive bias and extreme nationalism.  So saying, Anders Breivik has demonstrated the illusion of false superiority that can lead to events such as”ethnic cleansing” (e.g. Bosnian Serb Genocide and Rodovan Karadzic).

Anders Breivik was responsible for the death of an estimated 76 people, which may increase due to missing peoples.  With recent updates from his trial today in Norway, Breivik worked in collaboration with two other cells to plot the car bombing in Oslo and the mass shooting in a youth labor party meeting on Utoeya island.  Believing that the killings were “gruesome” but “necessary”, Breivik contended that he was waging a Christian crusade against multiculturalism.  This coincides with his loathing for Islam and his determination to preserve a Christian Europe, rekindling old memories of Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber) and Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber).  The extent to their similarities is illustrated by Breivik’s persistent quoting of Kczynski throughout his 1,500 page hate pledge, as well as the aggression and alienation felt by both Breivik and McVeigh from their government, leading to their extreme backlash.

Furthermore, the infatuation of Breivik with nationalism and aggression is capitalized by his interest in the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) from Hitler’s Third Reich.  The movement by Hitler was aimed at the unification of all Germany under a guiding ideology, bringing Germany to the forefront of global superpowers.  Hitler scapegoated an existing minority to which the populace already felt aggression towards, aiding in his attempt to claim German superiority over surrounding nations, hence Jingoism.  Hitler further targeted the existing regime for treason as the Social Democrats had signed the “Diktat”, betraying the German people, as well as the memories of the Germans who fought for what we being taken away.  Similarly, Breivik successfully targeted a vulnerable discussion point of Muslim immigration, as well as adding violence and death through his objective of nationalism.  Moreover, Breivik felt those targeted, the Labour Party, were guilty of treason, betraying Norway by allowing Muslim migrants to live within Norwegian borders.

“Multiculturalism is an anti-European hate ideology designed to deconstruct European cultures and tradition, European identities, European Christendom and even European nation-states.  And, as such, it is an evil genocidal ideology created for the sole purpose of annihilating everything European.”  – Anders Breivik
Once again, the fear of nationalism has risen because of the lunacy of a single individual.  Though the comparison between Breivik and Hitler may be extreme, the repercussions of Breivik’s actions have brought into question the topics of globalization, multiculturalism, and the rise of nationalism within a supranational organization, the EU.  The EU is a political body that promotes supranational identities, illustrated by its intended creation of the “United States of Europe”, but cries for sovereignty and independence led to the planned political unionization to fall through.  Today, the EU accommodates sub-national identities and cultural differences within the EU; therefore, the EU citizenship merely compliments the existing national citizenship as the national is still taken as the point of reference throughout the EU block.

Nevertheless, one stated purpose of the EU is to guarantee the free movement of people across borders. It is this point that has brought conflict to the European Union.  The migration of Eastern European peoples, as well as Middle Eastern peoples, has led to an increase of nationalist fears. This was most commonly seen by the forced exodus of the Gypsies from France back to Romania and further embodied by France outlawing the public wearing of full-face Muslim veils, or niqabs, in April 2011.  Coupled together with the growing power of conservatives and nationalist powers throughout the European continent, the anti-multicultural sentimenet has been evident for a growing period of time.  One rather startling example is the lack of an elected government in Belgium because of nationalistic tendencies within the country that is home to Brussels, the de facto headquarters of the EU.  The growing divergence between the Dutch-speaking Flemish and French-speaking Walloon in Belgium has left a power vacuum in Belgium for over a year, the longest recorded period of time that a country has gone without a government in the world.

Elsewhere, right-wing populism has been on the rise, illustrating the backlash against immigration.  For example, the Jobbik Party in Hungary, essentially a xenophobic aligned party, won 47 seats in elections this year, up from none in 2006.  Another example are the Netherlands, known for tolerance, who held elections in which the far-right party known as the Party for Freedom won 15%.  So saying, the re-nationalization of Europe is most clearly displayed by the Western European countries because of their allure to eastern people for being liberal, wealthy, and home to supposed tolerance.  Ironically, France and Germany, two countries home to more Muslim immigrants that the majority of Europe, are the two most opposed towards Turkish membership in the EU.  In 2010, Chancellor Merkel even stated that “multiculturalism has failed”.

The countries of the EU were joined together by future thoughts of prosperity and an unbreakable bond of fellowship, an idealistic symbol that seemed possible after the events of both World War II and the Cold War.   Yet, the globalized society of the world has only added to the disparity between the West and the East, leading to the East dreaming of the luxuries of the West.  As with every circumstance in history, the lure of democracy and freedom leads to those with it, trying to keep it.  The growing problems of the world, both political and financially, have forced nations to be wary of all persons and all motives.  The concept of “fish eat fish world” has become prevalent as the growing weight of these problems has created a “powder barrel” in which each member of society is reaching a breaking point.  Anders Breivik, as throughout history, has served  as a unique example of extreme consequences of paranoia and intolerance.

As the people are oft to say: “With death comes hope”.  An international message has been delivered across land and sea. Society must listen and join together to confront the seemingly endless problems that plague a nation filled with great minds, great ideas, and great potential.

To the families and friends of all those that have lost in Norway, you have my condolences and my well wishes towards a much brighter future.