America: The ‘Kill List’ – International Assassination Campaign

The terror state emerging in the West has come to be symbolized by the unfaltering tyranny of the American government, authorizing the infringement of state’s sovereignty for the purpose of slaughter and barbarism through drone strikes on the ambiguous premise of national security.

Obama Launches Unrestricted Drone Warfare for Assassination Campaign

The American system has pledged itself to the protection of free peoples, the security of democracy in lands abroad, and the liberation of those under repressive regimes.  This pro-democracy image has been evinced throughout history by their support of former tyrannies such as Qaddafi in Libya, Pinochet in Chile, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the Shah in Iran, and Mobutu in the Congo, among a list of countless others.   So saying, support for state leaders that avidly exploited their people and violated basic human rights is to be expected from a country based on global hegemony through militarism.  Through its imperialist nature of diplomacy, the American government has secured its hold on international domination through the implementation of repressive puppet-regimes and thus serving the purpose of the profiting corporations that funded the policies.  The iron fist of blood and empire that is the American government has proliferated its ideals of patriotism and security, subduing its public base through mass media, whilst launching military strikes on foreign lands.  Nevertheless, this foreign imposition has evolved into new form of authoritarianism, as demonstrated by the assassination campaign  launched by the Obama administration.  The executive branch, the leader of the free people of the world, has become the judge, jury and executioner of any he deems a threat.  This so-called ‘kill list’ illustrates the new democracy of the American system, allowing one man to determine whether people live or die and thus assume an omnipotent and omniscient power over the global arena.  The American powers seek out and destroy their enemies in foreign lands, no matter the civilian casualties and evident violation of sovereignty.  High in the clouds, lightning bolts ready to cast, the gods of the American government stand resolute in their practices of ‘democracy’, ‘liberation’, ‘diplomacy’ and ‘peace’.  The security presented by internationally accepted borders, UN resolutions on sovereignty and UN resolutions on human rights, have now been made redundant by the American use of drones, an unmanned aircraft to rain down death from the skies without any fear of American casualty. Coincidentally enough, many of the supposed ‘terrorists’ on Obama’s picture book are American born and some are teenagers, once again symbolizing the utter lack of morality that is governing the actions of the terror state in the West.

“So where is the real terrorist?  In the Middle East or in the US?  So who is the real terrorist?  Is it Saddam Hussein or your own President?” – Anti-Flag, “Outbreak”

The accountability of the government to the people has been diluted by the alienation of society from its political system, giving the Washington politicians free reign over the implementation of policies.  The consequences of this unrestricted power are clear, internment camps built around the country to aid in the ultimate disappearing act of those brave enough to stand against the United States of Oppression.  Parallel to the Stalin era camps built-in Siberia that ultimately led to the death of any political prisoners of the USSR, the American government is now aspiring to its own Orwellian era of government.  The singing of the Patriot Act under Bush II was the first clear government authorized infringement of American civil liberties and constitutional rights.  Thereafter, Obama signed the NDAA allowing for the detention of American citizens indefinitely.  One such unfortunate case was Daniel Chong, a college student, who was left in a cell without food or water for 5 days by the DEA.  The insurmountable power of the government has now surpassed imagination, with the President given the final word to authorize drone airstrikes to kill US citizens abroad.  When this program was challenged in a New York city court, the judge refused to rule, stating that there are circumstances in which the executive’s decision to kill US citizens overseas is constitutionally committed to the political branches and judicially unreviewable.  Thus, the ‘death list’ is not only permissible but also acceptable by the ‘justice’ system in America, allowing the President to act as recklessly and inhumanely as possible.  President Obama has placed himself at the helm of this ‘top secret nominations’ process to designate terrorists for kill or capture and yet this book of macabre ‘baseball cards’  of an unconventional war targets dozens of American citizens as well.  Obama’s ferocious campaign into counter-terrorism has resulted in an unrestricted  database of viable targets of his choosing, the authorization of careless targeting and has also led in countless civilian death to be later counted as terrorist associated for having been in close quarters with such a national security threat.  Evidently, Obama’s role in the ‘kill list’ is unprecedented and allows for the executive branch to bypass the checks-and-balances so important to democracy, evolving his role into that of assassin-in-chief.

“You want to save the world?  I can tell you what to do!  This solution is for you!  Answer the call up, join the proud, the few.  Pull on the trigger with your heart and soul.  Cause was is peace, now we know.” – Anti-Flag, “Sold as Freedom”

Obama’s top terrorism adviser John Brennan has stated that the ‘kill list’ targets dozens of US citizens who present a threat to the US on the ‘battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq’ and those in ‘Yemen or in Pakistan or in Somalia’.  So saying, there is an international acceptance of war casualties and the right for a country to kill targeted enemies on a battlefield during a conventional war.  Nevertheless, the ‘kill list’ is not remotely about that, it represents an unconventional warfare that has been declared by the US upon the world and as a consequence has made any person in any state an appropriate target for US slaughter.  The theocracy being built on executive fear, a perpetual state of terror waged domestically and abroad to ensure hegemony and mass complicit behavior, represents the nightmare the founding fathers warned the people about and are now being manifested by the nation-security apparatus that continues to be built-up and institutionalized around the presidency.  The rising powers of the warrior president has left communities around the world in fear and those already targeted, are left without fathers and mothers.  Early last month, Tausug villagers on the Southern Philippine island of Jolo were targeted by a drone strike.  The attack targeted one individual and yet it left 15 people dead a community was left plunged into despair, fear and mourning.  The US, targeting state labeled terrorists, is only sponsoring further US-targeted animosity and given credence to the US-hatred propagated by terrorist organizations around the world.  So instead of combating terrorism and sparking fear in the hearts of ‘America’s enemies’, the US government has sponsored a perpetual costly counter-terrorism war that will only infinitely increase the number of terrorists and American enemies.  Eisenhower was in term during CIA-MI6 operations to oust Mossadegh and distill popular protests in Iran.  The list of America’s sponsored terrorism in lands abroad is boundless and spans into the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.  Evidently, the ‘kill list’ and the use of drones in just another example of unchecked presidential authority, yet the most recent illustration of intensity and expansion of the power demonstrates the boundless ambition of those in power for complete hegemony and control.

“‘Equal Rights.’ ‘Justice’. ‘Democratic Role’. ‘Freedom’. ‘Equality’. All just a total, “Fuck You!’ Empty words in the president slurs in every speech, while scheming behind closed doors with the CIA to undermine Democracy! To undermine Autonomy! To undermine the stability of any leftist populous regime.  Making the president a terrorist!  Making the USA a terrorist!” – Anti-Flag, “America Got It Right” 

In retrospect, the people of the American nation have stood silently by as the president wields unchecked power and instead of standing in defiance, the people seem to permit the President to target fellow citizens for assassination.  The American populous stood by as Bush II signed the Patriot Act allowing for government-run agencies to infiltrate their homes and computers, clearly violating any notion of privacy and freedom.  The American people are complicit in the selling off of the core of values and principles that once symbolized democracy as fought for by the founding fathers.  The 5th Amendment, promising Americans that they will not be ‘deprived of life, liberty, or property, without the due process of law” has been forsaken by the American government.


America: Corporate Imperialism Abroad (Middle East)

The military-industrial complex, a bastion of unimaginable proportions devoted to the procurement of corporate interests, has become a foreign aggressor interconnected to the very structure of the American system and has thus solidified its reign over political agenda to ensure the imposition of the corporatocracy on foreign peoples, such as those in the Middle East.

The Corporate Drive for Oil has Become an American Addiction, Costing the Lives of Millions

The American Empire was forged through the exploitation and manipulation of helpless or near-helpless peoples; forcing its will on scores of nations, against their wishes and against their interests.  Wielding a military stick and a dollar carrot, the American oligarchy has yielded unrelenting force against nations abroad.  The government, for and by the corporations, has intervened ruthlessly in the internal life of dozens of nations to prevent them from choosing the leader they did want or from having them overthrow, by revolution, the ones supported by the corporations.  American Foreign Policy, devoted to the enslavement of peoples abroad, is ‘most heavily and consistently influenced by internationally oriented business leaders’ (Jacobs & Page 2005).  Serving their masters’ will, the political office-holders within Congress, Senate and the Presidency are left with no heart, no soul and no care.  The conjunction of an immense military establishment, a large arms industry and the political structure is the new America.  Eisenhower’s message concerning the potential for the military-industrial complex to acquisition unwarranted influence, whether sought of unsought, has resulted in a perpetuating cycle of warlike policies resulting from such exertion of corporate influence on government policy.  Threatening individual liberty throughout the world, the state tools stand rank and file, herded like sheep by the hypocritical image of the patriotic Uncle Sam, into the armed forces awaiting their deployment to lands abroad to spread the message of suppression and murder.

“Pledge allegiance to a flag of which you’re taught no history.  Not Mexico, Granada, Panama or Middle East, but they’re just a mere fraction of this country’s shady past.  Skeletons locked in the closet and I doubt they’ll be the last ‘national interest,’ defined for you.” – Anti-Flag, “A Start”

Run by greedy politicians and business leaders, the American system represents theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.  Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies the perpetuation of the contagion of corporate interests in a system without justice.  The threat of corporate American has left foreign people living a life of perpetual fear and tension.  Among the frightened, exploited and now vengeful, are the victims of corporate imposition in the Middle East.  A primary example of the manipulative coercion of the CIA, to protect corporate profit margins at the cost of domestic communities, is in Iran.  In 1953, the highly regarded Prime Minister Mossadegh was ousted by a join CIA-MI6 coup known as Operation Ajax.  The CIA marauders justified their imposition of Orwellian oppression upon the Iranian people in order to secure the interests of businesses therein invested.  The Prime Minister was responsible for multiple social reforms that increased the standard of living, higher levels of education and increased general prosperity through the nationalization of the oil industry.  Consequently, said nationalization of the oil company known as Anglo-Persian Oil Company (modern-day British Petroleum) angered the British and American investors that prospered in the rivers of the black gold, idly standing by as they raped the country of its natural resources yet again. So once again, the American imperialist force demonstrated its clear promises of democracy and freedom by ousting a popularly elected Prime Minister, which then set about a series of events that led to the emplacement of the dictatorial Supreme Leader and a very volatile anti-West regime.

“It’s a think tank, psycho and crazed.  War profiteering membership – a world catastrophe.  They’ve got a war plan that counts on you to kill for their corporate empire while they sit at home.” – Anti-Flag, “The Project for a New American Century”

The American corporatocracy has become a global phenomena, an incursion upon organizations like the World Bank, the IMF, the NSA and the CIA, in which economic hit men help channel their resource to support the larger agenda for global exploitation and war profiteering.  These organizations have become the tool of big corporations, aiding them in their endeavor to get themselves established around the world in positions where they can exploit the world’s resource, natural resources and human resources.  The men and few women who run the biggest and most powerful corporations also run most of the government.  Beginning in the late 1970s, the influence of oil became a shared priority of the masses and the previously small group of military strategists, a group of conservative think thanks present throughout the ’80s, ’90s and today.  Most principal among them are: Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, former Vice-President and former Defense Secretary. With the fall of the Shah in Iran in 1979, the Gulf and its oil became a ‘zone of US influence’ under the Carter Doctrine.  The doctrine warned that any attempt to gain control of the Persian Gulf would be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the US.  This was followed by the creation of the Rapid Deployment Force, a military program specifically designed to deploy several thousand US troops to the Gulf on short notice.  Since the first Gulf War, the Rapid Deployment Force (now known as the US Central Command) built a network of military bases that now almost completely encircles the oil fields of the Persian Gulf, disregarding notions of individual liberty and sovereignty.

“Recruited by the NSA, my orders to talk smooth and straight.  If heads to state try to say ‘No’, I lovingly told them ‘Fuck you!’  The jackals lose when I cannot get through.  There is a windfall of profit to get to.  You better deal or we’re gonna take you down.” – Anti-Flag, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

Fueled by thoughts of fortune-made and despair wrought by their hands, the corporate leaders pursue the seemingly endless stream of intoxicating oil, a drug of mind-numbing consequences for the corporations that abuse it so wholeheartedly.  Iran, a symbol of anti-Western ideology that has become notorious for human rights violations and oppression, is also a lead trading partner with US arms companies.  Evidently, the opportunism of corporations has no boundaries, jeopardizing the security and safety of millions around the world by trading arms with turncoats, killers, liars and thieves.  Sources from former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton allege that, as recently as January 2005, Halliburton has sold key components for a nuclear reactor to Oriental Oil Kish, an Iranian oil development company.  It was Halliburton’s secret sale of centrifuge to Iran that helped get the uranium enrichment program off the ground, now becoming a very real threat to neighboring US-ally Israel.  Nevertheless, supporting such cultural animosity, military build-ups and war crimes, is what the American multi-nationals have become adept at.  The US has also sold Israel US-arms, white phosphorous shells being the most recent US-linked munition to be attributed to war crimes.  The shells have been utilized by the Israeli military to be shot over densely populated areas of Gaza, an indiscriminate act of violence that the Human Rights Watch characterizes as evidence of war crimes.  Once again, the red, white and blue stitches of the American flag stand hypocritically over the battle fields and civilian caskets of foreign peoples the world around.

“I wouldn’t wanna be a kid in the modern world; neurotic, full of fear, no control, hungry, empty feeling worn and cold.  Unable to make sense of the heads of state, unable to make sense of the wars they wage.  Feeling every second that I live I go closer to the grave.” – Anti-Flag, “Tanzania”

Marching forth under the flag of national defense, the state puppets impose their nature upon the people of Iraq under the false charges of terrorism and WMDs.  Similar to Afghanistan and its plethora of opium fields, Iraq is being exploited for its oil.  In the Wall Street Journal (2003), an article leaked confidential Bush administration documents outlining corporate agenda in Iraq.  Hoping to establish a proxy capitalist market for US purposes, the US called for the privatization of state-owned industries such as part of the oil sector.  This all-inclusive plan for mass privatizations of Iraq was divided into 3 stages.  The first stage, corporations are not only able to establish their businesses in Iraq, they are also able to own Iraqi resources, including two of the most precious: water and oil.  In the second stage, all Iraqi resources would be turned over to private ownership.  The final stage includes the establishment of a Free Trade Area in the Middle East, paving the way for US domination of the entire region.  The beginning of the corporate invasion was signaled by the various multi-million dollar contracts that were handed to corporations via the Bush administration.  Among the corporations, Halliburton and Bechtel are some of the most well-known.  Besides the conflict of interest exhibited by Dick Cheney’s role as Vice-President, 86% of Halliburton’s contributions are given to Republican candidates, once again exemplifying the materialistic corruption of greed within the political infrastructure.  The democratic institution of check and balances, the separation of powers, has been oppressed by career politicians whose pockets are lined with the peoples cash.

“You push and push a people, what are they to do?  Soon this corporate run government will be through.  See, it doesn’t represent the people anymore.  Big business are the pimps and the governments’ their whores.  We don’t need more time to talk over a solution.  We know what we need, we need a fucking revolution.” – Anti-Flag, “Got the Numbers”

The dichotomy of thought and action in corporate America is carried on by mass media communications, inspired by nationalistic diction of officials and absorbed by the masses.  With the protection of the law, the corporate thieves and killers pillage countries around the world, depriving people of their basic necessities and killing those brave enough to resist.  Leaving families without fathers, mothers, daughter and/or sons, corporations have privatized democracy and monopolized violence.  The disaster that is the occupation of Iraq is exacerbated by grinding poverty.  Every day the economic policies of the occupying authorities create more hunger among Iraq’s working people, transforming them into a pool of low-wage, semi-employed labor, desperate for jobs at almost any price.  A valuable asset for the corporations therein invested, but it has resulted in the dissolution of the constraints of the nation-state and has created fuel for anarchy and terrorism.  Moreover, the situation in Afghanistan is even worse for the domestic populace.  The billions of taxpayer dollars that are given to foreign aid are going no further than the pockets of wealthy US corporations, being commonly referred to as ‘phantom aid’.  A former head of USAID stated that foreign aid was a key foreign policy instrument designed to help countries become trade markets for US exports.  To guarantee said mission, the State department recently took over the aid agency.  USAID and the Army Corps of Engineers now cut in US business and government interests from the start, making sure that money is allocated according to US economic, political, strategic and military priorities; rather than according to what the recipient nation, Afghanistan, might consider as important.

“To save you, we may have to kill you!  For freedom, you may have to die!  #1 at liberation.  Liberating life from bodies, helping spirits fly.  Freedom from life!” – Anti-Flag, Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)

In retrospect, the US government has become a market commodity invested in by a plethora of corporations interested in the manipulation of its warmongering politicians and puppet soldiers; thus, cementing a formidable alliance through which corporations have funded dictators such as Qaddafi and Mubarak, as well as exploited natural resources and human resources in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Equivalent to licenses bribes, corruption, theft and money laundering, the people of the world are exploited by the open-ended contacts being awarded to contractors such as Kellogg, Brown, and Root/Halliburton, Bechtel, DynCorp, Blackwater and the Louis Berger Group.  The suppression of democratic institutions has left foreign people at the behest of a tyrannical oversees power, depicting the imperialist nature of the American corporatocracy.

America: Corporate Imperialism Abroad (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Blind patriotism has infected the American populace, allowing the corporatocracy the ability to interact with sovereign power in an unhealthy alignment between corporate and political power; thus resulting in a passive citizenry and subservient media that blissfully observe the imposition of business interests in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa.

American Foreign Policy has been Defined by Corporate Interests

Under the cover of American exceptionalism, the corporations have purchased governments and legislatures, created its own personal armed enforcers, engaged in systemic fraud of domestic and foreign peoples, plundered national treasuries, and engaged in imperialistic exploitation of foreign lands through paramilitary operations.  American exceptionalism refers to the theory that US occupies a special niche among the nations of the world in terms of its national power, historical evolution, political and religious institutions.  Along with the phenomenon known as White Man’s Burden, the US has justified the impositions of its interests on foreign peoples as merely protecting the causes of freedom, democracy and justice worldwide.  With corporate-owned mass media communications denying cases of exceptionalism and imperialism, a systemic strategy of propaganda to manufacture public opinion into a subordinate constituency base, the CIA marauders have infiltrated and undercut popular governments and peoples movement in numerous regions of the world for the sake of protecting American interests.  US imperialist policies are the products of the excessive influence of certain sectors of US business and government – the arms industry alliance with political bureaucracies and more often than not other industries such as oil and finance, a combination known as the military-industrial complex.  Under the cover of the Cold War and after, the CIA has justified the imposition of its Orwellian oppression on foreign territories in order to protect the big businesses therein invested.  This cycle of international manipulation has perpetuated into an intensifying scheme of capitalist monarchism, underscoring the corporate control of American policy.  Beginning with the corporate interests in the slave trade, the corporatocracy has fueled American imperialism and materialism in Ethiopia, Congo (Zaire), Niger, Uganda and Somalia.

“To join the corporate army for God and country, give up your life.  Don’t try to figure out what’s wrong or right.  You never tried to stop, to look, to see that you’re exactly what you’re told to be.”
– Anti-Flag, “Their System Doesnt Work for You”

As with the post concentrating on corporate influence through operations in the Americas, the imposition of capitalism in Sub-Saharan Africa came through the manipulation of the CIA and the domestic political agenda rallied around anti-communism.  Though the US sensationalized the communist threat during the Cold War in order to exploit public fervor around intervention abroad, the same cannot be said about the US in Ethiopia in 1935.  Though the public agenda was opposed to the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, the large profit margins earned by the oil corporations in America not only subdued any embargoes or retaliatory actions by the US, but also encouraged Eisenhower to double shipments to Italy.  Endorsing the fascist regime in its colonialist expansion and undercutting the concept of democracy was clearly justified by the profits earned by the corporations dependent on natural resources, who also continue to govern this country’s foreign practices today.  The dependency on natural resources has driven America’s expansionist policies throughout the world, ruthlessly intervening in the internal life of dozens of nations to prevent them from choosing the leader they did want, or stop them from ousting one they didn’t.  The US has been importing  raw materials such as cobalt from Zaire and Zambia, chromium from Zimbabwe, uranium from South Africa, Namibia and Niger, bauxit from Guinea, and industrial diamonds from Angola, South Africa and Zaire.  Africa’s rich mineral resources have tempted and will continue to tempt Western economies in general and the US economy in particular because each of these minerals can add to their power potential.  Especially, the uranium from South Africa has been used by the US to build its nuclear potentials.

“You’ve heard it every day, since the first day of your life.  But you never stopped to think, what you heard was full of lies.  You can’t think just for a minute, can’t think just for a second.  Cause you’re nothing but a tool, whose thoughts are tailored and fashioned each night by the evening news.” – Anti-Flag, “Until It Happen to You”

The American cult of personality is defined by the materialistic ethics, made viable by the privatization of democracy by corporate business owners.  The leaders of the corporatocracy have organized a theocracy in which corporate interests reign supreme, managing the government expenditures to finance CIA operations into third world regions for the purpose of undercutting populist regimes to ensure their profit margins are secured for the next quarter.  So saying, the shareholders of the government stock are protected by the development of a capitalist monarchy, creating a structured society in which the elites are guaranteed their lifestyles at the expense of others.  A clear illustration of this exploitation is seen in blood diamonds and the investment of the American government into the corrupt dictator, Mobutu, to ensure the viability of the countries resources.  The popularly supporter Prime Minister of Congo, Lumumba, sought international aid in an endeavor to suppress civil strife by a succession movement in Katanga.  The US was the first country from which Lumumba requested help but Lumumba’s pan-Africanism and his vision of a united Congo gained him many enemies among the corporate elite in America, all of whom benefited from  the civil strife.  Therefore, Lumumba sought help from the USSR which further antagonized US anti-communist fervor.  Lumumba, for his part, not only denied being a communist, but said he found colonialism and communism to be equally deplorable.  Nevertheless, the CIA ordered his assassination but could not complete the job.  Instead, the CIA covertly funneled cash to Mobutu’s military group, who was then able to capture and execute the former Prime Minister.  Thereafter, Mobutu installed one of the most repressive and brutal military dictatorships in Africa with the help of CIA training and US corporate investment.  Because of their bilateral ties, US corporations were given access to the Congo’s minerals for more than 30 years.

“It’s the same today as then, as US tax dollars are spent to rid the native insurgence in Mexico and any other US corporate interests.  The 3rd world is a modern playground for multinational companies.  And the tax dollars we’re forced to pay fund these heartless US policies.   Their explanation: ‘it’s national interest, national security.'” – Anti-Flag, “Start and Stripes”

Because of the exploitation of resources, Mobutu’s regime began to fear reprimand from the people it continually repressed.  For these reasons, Mobutu began to limit western exploitation in order to preserve his own wealth and security.  In 1998, US military-trained leaders in Rwanda and Uganda invaded the mineral-rich areas of the Congo.  The invaders installed illegal colonial-style governments which continue to receive millions of dollars in arms and military training from the US.  Their control of mineral rich areas allows western corporations, such as American Mineral Fields (AMF), to illegally rape the soil of its resources.  AMF landed exclusive exploration rights to an estimated 1.4 million tons of copper and 270,000 tons of cobalt.  San Francisco based engineering firm Bechtel Inc also drew up an inventory of the Congo’s mineral resources free of charge.  Betchel estimated that the Congo’s mineral ores alone are worth $157 billion dollars.  Through coltan production, the Rwandans and their allies are bringing in $20 million in revenue a month.  Rwanda’s diamond exports went from 166 carats in 1998 to 30,500 in 2000.  Uganda’s diamond exports jumped from approximately 1,500 carats to about 11,300.  The final destination for many of these conflict diamonds, is the US.

“A government untouchable by the people, run by the corporations of the world.  Enslaving mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.  Profits put before people.” – Anti-Flag, “No Border, No Nations”

Resource exploitation in Africa is not new, but the scale of agricultural ‘land grabbing’ in African nations is unprecedented, becoming the new colonization of the 21 Century.  Among the nations being decimated by state violence, funded by foreign corporations, is Nigeria.  The Nigerian military has carried out helicopter and gunboat attacks by land, air and sea on the oil-rich Niger Delta; reports have estimated casualty counts as high as in the thousands.  Nigerian military have carried out these attacks in an attempt to oust groups protesting decades of environmental exploitation, destruction and human rights violations.  As many as 30,000 civilians have been displaced without adequate food or water, and aid agencies have been barred from the region.  Major oil firms in the area, Shell and Chevron, have made record profits in recent years.  The US, home of the Royal Dutch’s subsidiary Shell Oil Company, located in Houston, Texas, imports almost 50% of Nigeria’s annual oil production.  Evidence has indicated that Shell has fomented civil unrest in Nigeria to protect its access to cheap oil.  In October 1990, Nigerian villagers occupied part of a Shell facility demanding compensation for the farm lands which had been destroyed by Shell.  A division manager at Shell Petroleum Development Company called the Nigerian military for assistance.  The military forces then fired on the villagers, killing some 80 people.

“This country’s flag flies as a corporate symbol.  This country’s flag strikes hearts with fear – cold fear!  This country’s flag represents oil interests.  The president wages an endless war so he can justify stealing fucking billions.” – Anti-Flag, “Gifts from America: With Love, the USA”

The Niger Delta region remains impoverished, with no schools, no health facilities, or basic infrastructure.  Most foods in the region is imported due to decades of contamination of the water and oil by the oil and gas companies in the region.  Environmental and human rights activists have, for years, documented atrocities on the part of oil companies and the military in the region. As the tactics of resistance groups have shifted from petition and protest to more proactive measures, attacks on pipelines and oil facilities have curtailed the flow of oil leaving the region.  Oil companies and the Pentagon. representing the military-industrial complex, are attempting to link these resistance groups to international terror networks in order to legitimize the use of US military to suppress these areas and secure their involvement.  The volatility surrounding oil installations in Nigeria, however, has been used by the US security establishment to justify military support in African oil production states, under the guide of helping Africans defend themselves against those who would hinder their engagement in supposed free trade.  The December 2006 invasion of Somalia was coordinated using US bases throughout the region.  The arrival of AFRICOM effectively reinforced efforts to replace the popular Islamic Courts Union of Somalia with oil-industry friendly Transitional Federal Government.

“They try to tell us a free we run this country, but nobody wants to talk about the CIA files,  files we can’t see.  “National security” concerns a whole country but we have no say.  Our “security” blamed for our restricted freedom.  A game the government plays.” – Anti-Flag, What You Don’t Know

In retrospect, the US Government is supporting atrocities occurring in Africa under the veil of national security, all in an effort to guarantee the investment of businesses and oil companies.  The US plays a large hand in the civil unrest happening in countries throughout Africa, a means of internal subversion to ensure the accessibility of minerals and oil.  It is a wide misconception that US involvement in the support of brutal regimes is non-existent.  It is with the help of the press corpse that the corporate elite are able to devise blanket stories in order to minimize the outcry of these foreign affairs, formally titles ‘perception management’.

Kony 2012: Misleading? – Corporate Interests (Part 2 of 3)

The new viral sensation entitled ‘Kony 2012’ has beguiled the masses through its depiction of corrupt innocence, luring the sincerity of the masses into a campaign that may express elements of corporate duplicity.

Kony 2012 Could be Another Imperialist Search for Oil

The purpose of this post is not to claim the inherent deceitfulness of the seemingly sincere campaign being head by Jason Russell; rather, it is to impress upon the open-minded and skeptical the very real likelihood of corporate opportunism that could manipulate the charity into yet another example of american imposition of corporate interests abroad.  To begin, the sensation that is Kony 2012 has been propagated throughout every social media asset and has over 1 million pledges for its ‘Cover the Night’ event on April 20th.  The crimes and atrocities being committed in Sub-Saharan Africa are horrendous and dehumanizing, but the idea of forced intervention into foreign lands for ‘crimes against humanity’ is not isolated to this event.  The charity calls upon the people to encourage an action that can be defined as Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “White Man’s Burden”, in which it is suggested that the duty of the White people is to help rescue the savage peoples of the world from their un-Christian ways.  This theme was and still is a political phenomenon that influences foreign policy in lands that are now opposed to America because of the exploitation of its people and resources, as well as the destruction of their infrastructure that was left in the American wake.  Ranging from corporate sponsored CIA operations in Panama, Guatemala, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Vietnam, there was has always been ulterior motives for invading these countries.  The Middle east is the most evident example of blind patriotism in which American lives have been lost for the purpose of securing oil in Iraq, opium in Afghanistan and the general Iran-Contra scandal was a blunt enough demonstration of the corruption behind the CIA.

“Invisible Children helps fund the Uganda People’s Defense Force, better known as the Ugandan army.  This force not only has an enlistment age of 13 (therefore making them a force who employs child soldiers), but has also been known to free children that Kony has kidnapped and in lieu of providing them with counseling and care, instead brainwash them to fight for their side.  This makes them no better than Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army.” – Brian Westrick, journalist for The North Wind

So saying, with a variety of examples depicting American mistakes in land abroad, the American people are tired of war, tired of death and tired of making enemies in other lands.  With a domestic agenda opposed to the utilization of force for the supposed interests of national security and defense, the leaders of the American government are realizing that the populace will not tolerate further imposition of corporate interests on their lives.  On that note, the national interest is heterogeneous in that it is dependent on the leader and groups that are in control at the time, leaving a strong subjective component in which any ambiguous statement of national interest will actually fit into the interests of some special interest group.  With that inherent support always available, with the press corpse and sensationalism of the media running the conveyor belt society along a predetermined path, a sudden resurgence of wakefulness to foreign events within the domestic populace will not frighten corporations away from pursuing their materialist nature in other lands.  Those who would kill for their power, would not hesitate before any option that offers the opportunity to expand their power farther and wider.  Yet, as said before, the wakefulness of the people does mark an obstacle in which the corporations of America must discover new tactics and strategies in which to deceive the masses.

“Obama claimed that he decided to act because it ‘furthers US national security interests and foreign policy’.  Yet it is not entirely clear how that could be true, since Kony and the LRA have not targeted Americans or American interests and are not capable of overthrowing an allied government.” – Mareike Schomerus, Foreign Affairs journalist

Blind passionate and unceasing support is their key to the tax dollars that fund their wars.  Evidently, the scenes being demonstrated in Kony 2012 demonstrate such passionate and devoted support.  The film is a call for an African invasion, using the cover of sincerity and humanity to secure their inspirational hold of the millions of people who have already signed onto the campaign.   If they were to have a military presence in Africa, such as the 100 Special Forces sent to Uganda as military advisers in October 2011, they would need the full support of the public.  With 80 million and counting, the video has truly demonstrated that the public-will is behind such militarily presence, ensuring that the possible ramifications are understood and tolerated by the public.  The people both in corporations and government know how to manipulate people in society to their liking, and having years of experience does nothing to limit their resources and cleverness in the endeavor.  Like the puppet masters they are, the elites are able to use tv, media and mass movements to play the people to the dance of their dominant global takeover.  The key to their manipulation is the information gap and elite consensus, in which the people use heuristics to learn of global events and the stance they should have.  With politicians and businessman of the world framing such news to their bias interpretation, they are able to frame the consensus for the rest of society to conform to.  Kony 2012.  The short film describes the horrors of Joseph Kony’s actions in Uganda, despite the fact that the LRA has not been in Uganda since they were forced to flee Museveni in 1985.  What has been in Uganda since 1985 and still is there, is oil.  Under Lake Albert there are reserves that some reports estimate to be larger than those in Saudi Arabia.  With China the special recipient of oil reserves from Ethiopia, Africa has now become a battlefield for the fiscal superpowers of the US China over the black gold of the world, the one resource that truly determines hegemony.  The US, long-standing ally of Uganda, will undoubtedly ensure that no corruption or exploitation of the oil comes to be, for the cheap price of most favored nation status in trade with Uganda for the majority of the oil reserves that are drilled.

“When the West and the corrupt interests that run this country say they want to invade an area to stop a human rights’ disaster, I have examples from just last year from the Ivory Cost of Africa.  , where the UN admits to having killed thousands of people to overthrow the elected government there in the Ivory Cost.” – Alex Jones, Nightly News

In retrospect, with enough money anything can be bought.  With enough people on board, everyone else will jump on board because they see everyone else doing it.  Like band-wagoning, the people begin to think alike and enter into what psychologists term as ‘group-think’.  As is oft said, the tinkerers of the world will sing the same tunes and march to the same beat, homogenized in their perceptions of the world.  Kony 2012 could become this corporate tool to deceive the people into fomenting militant action in Africa for the materialist purposes of America.

America: Corporate Imperialism Abroad (Americas)

The United States stands resolute as a bastion of ‘peace and democracy’, standing hypocritically as an international police force dedicated to the spread and enforcement of such ideals abroad; yet, history has demonstrated corporate influence in the manipulation and procurement of US materialism in lands abroad.

The American Corporation Exploits the Weak and Vulnerable

The iron fist of blood and empire that is the United States government remains today as the last remaining superpower, guided by an unfaltering ethical code bought by the highest bidder, be it Halliburton, the US Fruit Company or Pepsi Cola.  So saying, there exists a correlation between corporate interests abroad and that of American foreign policy.  As with many ideals propagated by the press corpse of America, the US is glorified as the defender of people domestically and abroad against forces seeking to loot them of their natural rights.  Resplendent in armor and weapons, the propaganda posters bespeak of a protector and warrior.  An unfaltering force undeterred by the fallibility of the common man, the US marches on killing to further the interests of private corporations, killing to control the global economic situations, killing for personal gain and lulling the deluded people at home with rallying cries of communist threat, national security, and Islamic terrorists.  Refer to it as neocolonialism or neoimperialism, the point stands that the CIA and military forces of the US stand as tools, as mercenaries, for hire by the opportunist corporations of the American capitalist bureaucracy.  Beginning from the spread of the American colonialists through disease, genocide and slavery during Manifest Destiny, the American dream has been gilded through foreign imposition of American corporatism in the Spanish-American War (1848), Guatemala (1954), Dominican Republic (1960), Chile (1970), Panama (1980), Haiti (1980), and Ecuador (1981).

“Arbenz, Mossadeq, Allende, Aristide, elected democratically all snuffed out by the CIA.  The truth will cause your heart to seize, shed light on the true enemy.” –  Anti-Flag, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”

The US is particularly fond of making statements supporting peace and respecting national sovereignty, but military actions such as in Grenada and Panama, as well as the evident conflict of interest in Iraq run counter to its assertions.  The endless stream of inflated nationalistic diction utilized for purposes of domestic blindness and delusion has succeeded in re-gilding the signs of freedom for all, while casting in darkness the ever-so subtle fine print, ‘subject to change based on market price’.  The American price tag has been sadistically low, luring the corporations of the world in a bidding frenzy in which the US may hope to emerge as the fiscal superpower that it was pre-Cold War era.  So saying, the economy has been the source of corruption for the American nation and the world in general, as money and greed are clearly the carrots that keep luring the pack mules further.  The slave trade and the ideology of colonialism, the expropriation of natural resources and peoples for self-indulgence, can be no clearer a demonstration of the corporate materialism of the Western hemisphere.  Yet, the purpose of this post is to concentrate on the inter-American relations, and the corporate corruption of American hegemony within Southern and Central America.

“Gun ho and true to the Stars and Stripes.  They fuckin’ brainwashed you to do their bidding.  And like a flock of sheep with wool over your eyes, you just fall into line.” – Anti-Flag, “The Panama Deception”

To narrow in on the concrete objective of corporate imperialism abroad, the Spanish-American War seems as ideal a place to start.  Following the American Civil War, the division of the states had been sutured shut and yet the level of development of the North far outpaced the South, leaving an unbalanced economic system between a backwards agricultural sector and a far more advanced industrial north.  With a limited consumer base and depleting natural resources, the corporate groups of America monopolized their efforts into a unified diction of American imperialism and enforced it upon the career politicians and Washington hacks.  With promises of wealth and power, the oaths to uphold the Constitution and the American people went forgotten in dusty shadowed crevices in the Liberty Bell.  The corporate monopolizers proposed that the way to strengthen the US industry was not to produce less but to find more customers to buy goods.  For these reasons, many called for greater access to foreign markets, fewer restrictions on exports, and aggressive foreign policy in underdeveloped regions in which civilians could become consumer puppets.  Such became the fuel and fodder for the masses through the golden age of sensationalist journalism that drove military operations into Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines following the sinking of the Maine.  With “Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain”, a series of corporate inspired endeavors began in the undeveloped regions of the world to exploit and control the innocent and vulnerable, a series of interconnected events founded on corporate imperialism that resulted in trillions spent on paramilitary coups to undermine democratically elected governments to satiate the materialist fire of the American elites.

“They’re sleeping between satin sheets.  While huddled masses sleep in streets, tucked in at night, they lay and dream of corporate state theocracy.” – Anti-Flag, “Nothing Recedes Like Progress”

Thus, under the cover of the Communist threat during the Cold War era, the US was able to propagate its materialist nature throughout its hegemony of the Americas.  One of the most prominent examples of US intervention for the purpose of corporate interests is that of Guatemala in 1954.  President Arbenz was democratically elected by the people in 1950 and had pledged to enforce a form of ‘spiritual socialism’, in which the land would be redistributed to the people.  The concept of socialism and redistribution is oft adhered to as a taboo, considered tell-tale signs of Marxist leaning and yet, Arbenz was merely trying to balance the economic system of his country.  72% of Guatemalan land was owned by only 2% of the people, most of whom were investors of the US Fruit Company.  Offering to pay the value of the land back to its owners, Arbenz started his redistribution process, which angered many American officials invested in the US Fruit Company.  Among these investors were Henry Cabot Lodge (Republican Senator), Allen Dulles (CIA Head) and John Foster Dulles (Secretary of State).  With such prominent US officials oiling the wheels, the US marched forth to protect the interest of business abroad.  With the backing of the CIA, General Armas was able to oust Arbenz through a military coup and return the land, and more, to the US Fruit Company.  All is well that ends well for the US government, as its special interest groups were appeased by its blatant disregard for the sovereignty of the foreign government, as well as the installation of a regime that was later responsible for oppression and disparity, intrinsic to its militaristic nature.

“You live and breathe, sleep and drink, beg and plead.  Blind, diseased, no water can wash the blood off your hands.” – Anti-Flag, “On Independence Day”

With contracts signed and bonds forged, the corporations secure their hold on the national defense department, luring in the CIA, FBI and all available national security assets with the promise of blood money, corrupt investment, foreign suppression and no penalty at the home-front.  Consciences left at the door, the tinkerers of the corporate syndicate slave away, paving the pathway for yet another coup d’etat under false-pretenses to ensure that the elites of the American industry never deplete their resources of foreign enslavement.  In Chile in 1970, the International Telephone and Telegraph Company and Pepsi Cola were challenged by the plurality election of Allende to Presidency.  The peoples’ leader, Allende pledged to return Chile to the its people and yet such a nationalistic diction, oft heard at rallies in America, were unwelcome to the American businessman.  As the record spins the historical record of endless repetitions, the puppeteers carried away their CIA operatives on strings sewn from the minerals raped from the soil of Chile and undermined the government of Allende, fomenting a military coup that led directly to the regime of General Pinochet.  As with all military dictators, General Pinochet demonstrated his redeeming qualities by fiscally and politically suppressing the country, as well-being responsible for countless human rights violations throughout the years of his regime in which thousands disappeared, all of which was directly result of CIA operations.

“You won’t kiss the American flag?  Well by God we’ll make you.  We’ll ram it down your throat.  Sing the Star Spangled Banner with feeling.” –  Anti-Flag, “Tar and Sagebrush”

Killing for corporations and for self-gain, the American system has founded its plutocracy on the death of the liberties and rights of the peoples in its neighboring countries, extorting resources and peoples for the sadistic pleasure of CEOs and Fortune 500s.  The trust and civility of the nation grows taut when corporate influence is even slightly jeopardized, as seen in Panama and Grenada.  In Panama, the US would hardly stand-by and watch as its profit from the Panama Canal was jeopardized by a popularly supported leader that sought to redistribute wealth through the implementation of tariffs on the Canal.  Commander Torrijos, the first leader to represent the true Panamanian majority, was supported by the US corporations as they led him by nose to ratify and pass treaties that ensured US trade through the Canal, as well as their right to intervene in the country if the neutrality of the Canal was in question.  Such ambiguity, a key to the success of the loophole finding businessman, allowed for US military intervention in 1989 to secure their holdings in Panama and ensure the mutual understanding that the US was the true power in the region, despite the promises of sovereignty.  The corrupt nature of the relationship was climatically demonstrated by the mysterious crash of Torrijos’ plane in the late 80s, later shown to be a bilateral operation between Noriega, on the CIA payroll, and other CIA operatives.  Coupled together with the US-involved plane crash of Ecuadorian president Jaime Roldos Aguilera in 1981, the morality of the government is best seen by its utter lack of regard for neighboring countries.   Not so dire a circumstance as the “accidental” deaths of the two presidents, the Haitian president Aristide was confronted with threats of military force and execution under CIA operation’Uphold Democracy’, in which the US ousted the democratically elected president, supported by 67% of the people.  Once again, through military means and the transition to a military regime afterwards, the US secured their capitalist interests in its typical imperialistic fashion.  With political accountability waylaid by dismissive and disinterested constituents, all of whom have been lulled into submission by the endless stream of corporate goods produced at the cost of foreign imperialism, American foreign policy has been unrelentingly decayed by corporate privatization of democracy.

“And I can list them like a cliché in a 60s folk song.  Bring me your sick and your poor and your huddles masses yearning, yeah.  But today instead of handing out invitations, maybe the liberty drops holy thing on other nations.  Capitalist hogs feeding from the trough.  When the pig get too fat, then the pig’s time is up.” – Anti-Flag, “What do You Think About Western Civilization”

In retrospect, with such an evident illustration of this new form of corporate nationalism, resembling an evolved form of totalitarianism, the dictatorial nature of the American bureaucracy becomes a little bit clearer to the conveyor belt society that has been addled by subliminal messaging and corporate truths that are to be held as self-evident.  Without impediment,  special interest groups have wielded unrelenting influence on the House, Senate, and diplomatic floors, creating a regime for their own and all the benefits – tax cuts, policies and rewards – flow in one direction: up.  The words of freedom, democracy and equality ring hollow in oil refineries, textiles and hollowed out mines of the underdeveloped regions of the Americas, as the ranks of the laborers return to a regime installed and supported by US corporations, US military and US finances.