America: Gun Control & The Loss of Innocence – Newtown, CT

The horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT has shocked an American populace already accustomed to mass shootings, thus illustrating how violence has perforated American society and condemned the younger generations to a premature loss of innocence, marking the true tragedy of the Adam Lanza rampage.

The Loss Felt in CT has Reverberated throughout the Country, but Will Anything Chance?

The Loss Felt in CT has Reverberated throughout the Country, but Will Anything Change?

On the 14th of December, Adam Lanza committed the third deadliest gun-related massacre in US history.  At Sandy Hook Elementary, Adam Lanza used various semiautomatic handguns and rifles from his mother, another victim of his indiscriminate violence, and continued to kill an additional 20 children and 5 adults.  The resulting 28 person massacre included the lives of 6- and 7-year-olds, demonstrating the sickening act that was perpetrated.  The loss of youth, of pure innocence, marks the most horrendous factor of the shooting and yet the media has attempted to undercut the senseless violence by statistically analyzing the shooting in retrospect to others.  This statistical analysis of ‘body count’ and casualties marks the transition of American society away from humanity and empathy, towards the fictional worlds being crafted in video games studios and Hollywood –  fake realities devoid of human emotion.  So saying, the American nation has become victim to its own proliferation of violence on multi-media outlets: video games, TV shows, movies, etc.  With memories of Virginia Tech, Columbine, Batman Theater shooting and the Oregon mall shooting, the nation is being desensitized to violence.  The sensationalist media has ranked American shootings, popularizing the mentalities and motives of the shooters to as to begin a cycle of notoriety for these deluded killers and allowing for their names to become remembered, while their victims lie forgotten in graves.  It has taken the senseless slaughter of  the purist form of innocence, children, to awaken the American people to the savage reality that they themselves have constructed.  This momentary glimpse into concrete truth has emphasized that America’s grand empire of civility, laws and regulations are not the impeccable bastions of peace and progress that have been promoted by corporate-bought leaders.  By this measure, the American people must realize that their obligation to protect and ensure a secure future for today’s young generations is not being met.  The American nation is not doing enough to keep its youth protected; rather, it has allowed for the corruption and decay of innocence through the cyclical production of horrific games that desensitize kids to the sense of loss and the brevity of life.  The American Dream has been torn asunder, as its promises will never become reality for the child victims of the Newtown Elementary School shooting.

“Can we say that we’re truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?  I’ve been reflecting on this in the last few days, and if we’re honest with ourselves, the answer is no.  We’re not doing enough.” – Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States

The American society has stood as a beacon of urbanization and advancement, marking a clear divide between modernized civilization and the barbarism of media-targeted cultures in the East; yet, this view of American exceptionalism falters at the repetitious scenes of indiscriminate violence enacted by America’s own lost and estranged citizens.  The profit-oriented media has long manipulated societal thought, perpetuating fear so as to suggest that the masses must adhere to the messages of civic duty and consumer responsibility.  As such, the tragedy in CT has rekindled the flames of political debate over the severity and rigidity of gun control  but there exists a paralyzing inability of the political structure to properly address the concerns of a growing uncivil public.  The political atmosphere is defined by a growing polarization of views, a rigidity of ideals financed by special interests groups invested in the continuing sale of guns indiscriminately.  The senseless adherence to a malignant status quo is solidified by the indoctrination of American to the media, a medium controlled by conservative capitalists   The American people, mimicking the propaganda, are not thinking pragmatically; rather, they are merely regurgitating the manipulation of ideas on television.  With the reverberating shocks of this tragedy consuming society, proliferating fears that many seem logical and others not, the media has seized its target audience by reminiscing of years of past violence, political discourse over gun control, and the fear of mental instability.  As the deliberation over fun control circulated in the media and political arena, gun control advocates have pleaded to the President to assert executive powers and reinstate an assault weapons ban as part of a comprehensive plan to address gun violence.  Efforts to restrict the sale and distribution of guns is targeting the so-called ‘gun show loophole’ which has allowed people to buy weapons without background checks.  There are also talks of restricting high-capacity ammunition clips, as Adam Lanza carried hundreds of rounds of ammunition in extra clips and shot his victims repeatedly, one of them 11 times.  Nevertheless, fun control advocates need to realize that banning firearms is never going to happen.  Representative Steve LaTourette, a Ohio Republican, has openly stated that many Republicans will never address gun control.  Coupled together with formidable force of lobbying groups advocating the Second Amendment to its fullest extent, the political arena will not be able to institute a ban on firearms.  America’s powerful gun industry lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, has 4 million members and spend $57 million in a given year in efforts to mobilize members for political purposes.  The Sunlight Foundation reports that the NRA spends 66 times what leading pro-gun control advocacy organization, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Fun Violence, spend on lobbying, and 4,143 times what the Brady Campaign spends on elections.

“Alright! I’ve stood by and I’ve cried while friends have died.  You ever have a friends kill themselves, shot down or knifed?  Just when I think I’ve seen it, for the final time, it comes knocking back around to devastate my life.” – Anti-Flag, “20 Years of Hell”

The proliferation of gun ownership in society is leaving everyone vulnerable and American civilian gun ownership is the highest worldwide, with the Small Arms Survey 2007 estimating 88 weapons per 100 people.  In Chicago alone, gun-related deaths exceed one a day.  More Chicago dissidents are shot and killed than US forces in Afghanistan.  The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was ‘ranked’ third deadliest in US history.  The second worst occurred in Blacksburg, VA on the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University’s campus.  On April 16, 2007, 33 students and teachers were short and killed, many more were injured.  In January 1923, shootings and other violence killed 150 African Americans in Rosewood, FL.  Numerous other gun-related massacres pockmark US history.  The right to own, conceal and use assault and other deadly weapons is an ugly American tradition.  Nevertheless, the right to own guns it enshrined in the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment and inextricably linked in the national consciousness to the manner of the country’s founding.  It is the fetishistic attachment to gun rights – cutting across party lines with polls showing that the majority of Americans favor private ownership – and the highly romanticized view on the individual against the world it engenders that are consolidating the pro-gun stance.  As such, the reality of the mass murders has left a resonating echo – the assault on politicians Gabrielle Giffords, shot in the head while 6 bystanders were killed, the Aurora shooting where a gunman killed 12 at a cinema, the Wisconsin gurdwara attack murdering six and now the Newtown Elementary school.  In a CNN conducted survey  Jackson Memorial Hospital was chosen for a study on treated gun-related injuries.  In one year, the hospital treated over 600 patients for gun-related injuries, which is more than the entirety of Britain for 10 years.  Additionally, children between the ages 5 to 14 are 13 times more likely to be murdered by guns in America than in any other industrialized country.  As such, the necessity of gun regulations is evident and the American people need to adhere to their own moral code, rather than the proliferation of profit-oriented noise on multi-media assets.  If people all over the world are better able to protect and ensure the safety of their children, than the land of freedom and democracy should also be able to do the same.  The current inability to do so is evidence of the decay of moral fiber in the American nation, as well as the greed inherent to politics that has allowed special interest groups to pilfer the nation.  American communities are unsafe and once again, the youth and innocence of the future generation is being jeopardized and dissolved by the perpetuation of desensitizing materials in society and the realistic threat of death that endangers the children.

“It’s not night, it’s not day.  It’s no more, for an unfortunate soul who witnessed his life violently erased, from the horror of the human race.” – Anti-Flag, “Hymn for the Dead”

In retrospect, the American nation has placed profit over safety, facilitating endemic violence instead of acting responsibly to curb it, thus aiding in the self-destructing cycle of lost innocence.  The government, through its inaction and invested lobbyists groups, essentially endorses easy access to dangerous assault and other deadly weapons, once again aiding in the murdering of America’s children.  Against this backdrop, it is no wonder that massacres like Norwalk CT, Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, Atlanta GA stock trader killings, 6 deaths at Ft Worth, 10 Washington DC sniper shootings, a Carnation WA Christmas eve massacre, Northern IL University killings, 13 deaths at Ft Hood, the Tuscon AR incident killing 6 and leaving Gabrielle Giffords seriously wounded, as well as dozens more incidents too many to mention.  On average, 8 times more fatalities result from gun violence than in other developed countries.  For children under 15, it’s 12 times higher.  With the weight of society pulling against the youth, domestic violence is becoming evident in younger and younger citizens.  In 2004, eigth-grader Jaime Rodrigo Gough was stabbed to death in a bathroom by his fellow student, Michael Hernandez.  In Miami Lakes Educational Center on the 18th of December, a 16-year-old student was arrested after stating his intention to target his own school through gun violence and expressed an interest in usurping attention away from the Newtown shooting with his own horrific acts.  Gun violence is resulting in the dissolution of the peace and civility that the American nation has so proudly propagated.  The tragedy of recent events is not solely the events of one school, it’s an unceasing toll across the country that is resulting in a denigration of generations.


America: Disparity by Design

Through deceit and false promises, the American people are deluded into a sense of belief in the availability of a higher ideal in life that is only attainable through hard work and ambition; yet in a hierarchy designed to maintain a status quo of elitism and surplus worker force, the promises are as empty as the thousands of foreclosed homes previously owned by those left behind by the American corporate machine.

The American Nation is Designed to Belittle the Masses into Mindless Subservience through a System of Wealth and Power Disparity

The American system has been mobilized into a cult of personality centered upon the distribution of capitalist propaganda promising the masses equal work opportunities that, if these promises were to be true, would result in an endgame of wealth and comfort.  Nevertheless, the system has been set up to slow or stop the rise of the people to any position of status, therefore polarizing power and stopping the distribution of wealth.  The system has been rigged so that those who are rich will continue to profit, whilst the masses perpetually strive towards the infinitely unattainable carrot that is dangled in front of them.  The system is designed to cause disparity for the working masses that strive day in and day out believing that a better future is a viable possibility through their sweat and tears.  The fairy tale is proliferated throughout the masses, systemically indoctrinating millions into subordinate tools for the corporate-capitalist hierarchy that profits from the exacerbation of disparity in a country based supposedly on equality and freedom.  The American system is defined by a select few that dictate the course of the nation, the taxes, the social programs, the international policies and the just rewards for the millions enslaved under theological nonsense – rewards generally expressed by crippling taxes and cuts in social welfare programs.  Living check-to-check, the people are a minimum wage away from repeating the mistakes of the past – adhering to a growing totalitarian regime based on a capitalist theology in which money and greed weigh heavier than can be supported by the huddled masses.  As the criminals of the state continue to aspire to insurmountable wealth through corrupt deals and offshore bank accounts, the social atmosphere continues to spin pro-mainland propaganda alluding to the greatness that awaits the masses at the end of the tunnel.  Alienated by politicians initially elected to represent them, the people have been left with no outlet from their misery and strife.  Lost in the maelstrom of political in-fighting and polarization, the American ship has continued on leaderless and directionless, being spun by the competing business interests seeking cheap labor and large profits.  With no recourse for action, the growing disparity has left the American people hindered and lost in a nation initially proclaimed as an indivisible family.   With religion being monopolized by the right, the conservatives have flocked under a Mormon leader proclaiming to take America back to its former glory, one he seems to define by appealing to solely the 1%.  On the other polarized corner, the liberals are failing to even flock in any semblance of organization and have rallied around a few masterful propaganda-esque speeches by their first lady and current President.  Despite the general colloquialism, ‘divided we stand, united we fall’, the American people are illustrating their finest stubbornness by remaining subservient to a system of corruption, disparity, division and greed.  No matter the candidate or the party, the American people are blind to the reality that inherent to the system is disparity and maintaining the status quo of mass subservience to corporate profit margins.

“We can’t repeat the mistakes of the past.  March Off!  To Die!  But We can take back control of the world, take back our lives.  Why should it be the poor to die in combat zones?  While Congress and their children sit safe in lavish homes?” – Anti-Flag, “Anthem for the New Millennium Generation”

It is through a system of division inherent to the two-party political arena of America that has allowed for a polarized hierarchy to emerge, in which the elite 1% monopolize the powerful industries of a democracy [healthcare, oil (government policies abroad in general), interest rates, banks, military, etc] and coerce the masses into subservience based on propagated fears and worries.  The corporate elitists have free reign over the political arena, thus having no checks on their power as they expand and consolidate into other assets of the nation.  The people are encompassed by a divisive stance by Republicans and Democrats on every issue, each party stressing that the other is wrong and they have the interests of protection and wealth fare of the people in mind.  With both parties pledging their undying loyalty to the people in the media, they profit in backroom deals at the expense of the people.  The masses are left with no actual representation or care, they have been degraded into a herd of tools for the state to use at will – be it cannon fodder for their wars, an electorate for a corporate-chosen candidate, or guinea pigs for new chemicals (Project Orange, Depleted Uranium, etc).  With no window of opportunity truly open to the people, besides fabricated tales of an American Dream, the American people must believe in the tales of America’s greatness and the aspirations of a nation as one.  The people are forced to believe in lies because without those lies, they would have nothing to even substantiate their lives on and thus actually bare witness to the reality of America – a country for the corporations and by the corporations.  It is through a designed disparity that the people are kept subservient and fearful of change and actual promises of a better tomorrow, believing that the status quo of their suffering is the only viable option for the nation.  Forced to work and slave everyday for a standard of living based on check-to-check, the people cannot lift their chins and stand resolute in defiance to corruption and greed; rather, they are conformists to an ideal proliferated on evening news that suggests that the economy is reviving and that it could be worse.  So saying, the American people have now conformed to the concept of ‘it could be worse’ and this is clearly not the ideal the American Dream is intended to express.  Allowing themselves to grow complicit to barely living and adhere to corporate dictated decisions and rules, the American people have lost the definition of individuality and the meaning of truly being free.

“I heard a man on the radio saying, ‘we’re facing an economic hell’.  It creates a vision in my head of ten thousand kids sent off to kill.  There’s always a voice that says, ‘you’ve got a choice’, but a choice between shit it still shit!” – Anti-Flag, NBC (No Blood-Thirsty Corporations)

The design of the American system is intended to keep the huddles masses desperate and loyal, creating a plethora of state tools to die in foreign lands for oil and ideals deemed necessary by corporations and their narrow business interests.  By using the private sector for their wars, the corporations have taken away the constraints of the nation-state and have turned their potential pool of soldiers and cannon fodder, the poor of the world.  The disparity of power and wealth in American has turned the masses into a herd loyal to the leaders posted at front, leaders bought and supported by special interest groups, allowing the politicians to represent the banks and corporations funding them and not the people.  The elite consensus has turned into a tool to undermine the individuality of the people, allowing an accepted norm for political action among Washington hacks to become an accepted norm throughout the nation because of the growing inability for the people to think individually. Left struggling to live, unable to stop and grasp the reality of the enslavement that has befallen them, the American people are being used as workers for a corporate machine that profits at the misery of domestic and international peoples, growing into a vampiric blood-sucking nation interested solely in greed.  Nearly 14 million children in America – 19% of all children – live in families with incomes below the federal poverty level – that being $22,050 a year for a family of four.  Research shows that, on average, families need an income of about twice that level to cover basic expenses, demonstrating the irrational biased method chosen by the government to conduct such surveys. Using the more rational standard, 41% of children live in low-income families.  This system of impoverishment from birth serves as an illustration of  the cult of personality being constructed by the elitists, indoctrinating from birth the American population into the notion that hardship is necessary for the status quo (poor getting poorer, rich getting richer) to perpetuate into the future.  Despite words to the contrary, the American government has not combated the growing disparity of the nation and the evidence is widespread, even though the recession has supposedly ended.  Only 4% of America’s population have estates worth over $60,000 or more.  9 out of 10 adults could pay their debts, sell everything they own, and not have over $30,000 left.  Worst yet is the fact that over 50% of all Americans would have a net worth of $3,000 or less; at the top are the richest 1% who own one-quarter of the net worth of the entire population.  The system is rigged to guarantee the polarization of wealth and power remains at the top of the corporate-capitalist hierarchy.  The poorer people are paying more taxes than ever before.  While corporate taxes have gone down, state and local taxes which tend to be more regressive than federal taxes, as well as social security have continued to take large bites out of the low-income paychecks.  Evidently, the American civilization is decaying as the huddled masses whither away under the pressure of their own obedience to masters lost in clouds high above, lavishly enjoying luxuries afforded to them by the sweat and tears of the poor.

“Have you seen the scene on the street?  Do you care what’s going on?  Thousands – homeless – in the land of the free but no one seems to think it’s wrong! That’s why we fucking wrote this song!” – Anti-Flag, “Culture Revolution”

In retrospect, the American democracy has become a corporatocracy through which the 1% are able to amass fortunes and power at the expense of the masses that are enslaved in chains from the cradle to the grave, working for an ideal only offered to them in a fabricate fairy tale of an American Dream proliferated on media mediums.  With millions homeless and millions more impoverished,the land of the free and brave has become the land of murderers and those enslaved.  Reverting into a totalitarian capitalist theology of power and greed, the hands of the wealthy have seized hold on all assets of the nation – political, fiscal and social – and allowed for the hierarchy to firmly consolidate itself on the shackles of the masses driven to pull it onward.

Romney: By the Corporations and For the Corporations

The campaign trail for Republican candidate Romney has been defined by an insurmountable stockpile of wealth contributed by the corporate 1%, allowing for the candidate to proliferate an unbelievable amount of political noise on radio airwaves, internet sites and television ads, that do not speak of his character and ability to lead, but rather focus on slandering and reporting lies to degrade Obama and manipulate the public conscience.

Romney: By the Corporations and For the Corporations

The race for the White House no longer stands as a battle of leadership and values; rather, the race has degraded political dialogue into a competition of check-books through which the candidates and their unnamed contributors seek to slander and question the reputation of the other and therefore not win the election, but merely ensure the other does not win.  In the race for the Presidency, a battle of demeaning and condescending rhetoric has unfolded between Democrat Obama and Republican Romney, resulting in a back and forth slandering campaign in which each candidate is cast in demonic un-American lights. Despite the degradation the electoral system has undergone in recent elections, the race between Obama and Romney has truly illustrated the ability for candidates to devote themselves to corporations and special interest groups in search of funds to continue the proliferation of political nonsense.  The race is longer one based on the potential and experience the candidates may bring to the White House, but instead it is a slander campaign based on personal ethics, tax records, birth records, religious standing and, in the end, whose check-book can afford the bigger lie.  Though both candidates are culprits of corporate sellout, the success being met with by Romney is solely based on his ability to purchase the attention of the masses and demonstrate that, although he has no outlook on America’s future and no ability to actually lead, he is not Obama.  The polarization of politics and society has allowed for this method of political audience targeting to effectively work, allowing Romney to gain widespread support because of his status as a conservative  and thus, put as much space between himself and the ‘socialist’ Obama.  Romney’s ability to equalize the race is surely not because of his ‘revolutionary’ policies that will most assuredly take American out of its financial and political slump – Romney has not delivered any speeches or ads that speak to his ability to even lead the country.  Romney’s race is dependent on appealing to the conservative masses and delivering statements that promise to unravel every and any policy or action Obama has done.  With the 1% rallying behind the corporate-capitalist, Romney has been able to target Obama’s reputation and record by spreading lies that are only believable because of the frequency of their airing and because of the big-name conservatives that endorse the ads.  Romney’s strategy is not based on his own policies, which are clearly a mystery to any who choose to think into the matter, but rather his strategy is merely focused on demonstrating that Obama’s future and past policies will undermine America – though Romney seems rather vague in suggesting how they do that.  Through vague and bureaucratic methods of providing nothing but making it look substantial, Romney has seized the Republican candidacy and demonstrated that money can do everything.

“So this will be the entire point of the Romney- Ryan campaign.  Lie lie lie.  Muddy the waters.  Turn the day to night, fire to water, champagne to piss.”  – Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast

Despite an array of Romney related issues concerning tax returns and his tole in Bain in 2002 after supposedly ‘retiring retroactively’, the announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate was to introduce a new era of honest debate and answers for the American people.  As with most statements from the conservative allies, the distinguishing fact of the Romney-Ryan campaign thus far continues to be built on outright lies in a desperate attempt to avoid honest debate at all costs.  They have continued to muddy the waters as much as possible in an attempt to proliferate an impenetrable boundary of chronic lies through which the American people will not be able to see through and thus believe in the lies.  Sadly, the apparently infinite amount of endorsers and corporate piggy-banks at Romney’s disposal has allowed him to sell his lies effectively and persistently to the people.  It is through the strategy of political ads and fundraising events that Romney plans on buying the Presidency, a strategy that has put him equal to Obama in most recent polls.  So saying, the ability for corporate-capitalists to consolidate power in America is evident based on the fact that Romney’s questionable leadership and international policies have not taken him out of the race only because of his stockpile of financial weapons – a laundry list of conservative super PACs.  At the end of July, the Romney campaign and its Republican allies stood upon $186 million in donations, this comes after spending $350 million in July on ads on radio shows, internet sites and commercial ads.  The former Massachusetts governor is flanked by an array of deep-pocketed super PACs and nonprofit advocacy groups that are pumping tens of millions of dollars into the race on his behalf, providing the finances necessary to produce reoccurring ads that spread half-truths and flagrant lies.  The most blatant of lies being proliferated on public mediums is that concerning Obama’s supposed welfare rule change.  The Romney ad campaign says exactly the opposite of what the new rule stipulates.  PolitiFact called the first Romney ad ‘Pants on Fire’ and Glen Kessler gave it ‘four Pinocchios’.  The new ad that has been released states the Obama ‘ended the work requirement’ for welfare.  The ad is plainly and provably not true.  Whilst condemning Obama and his plans for health care in America, Romney has praised his vague and essentially nonexistent plans for future care based on a plan that mirrors Obama’s rule by rule, except for the way to actually pay for it – something Romney has no solution for.  In a recent event in Florida, Romney attacked Obama for supposedly planning on cutting $716 billion from Medicare while lavishing praise on Ryan, whose Medicare plan from last year cuts over $716 billion.  The truth of Ryan’s is that his premium support plan would devastate Medicare because it would slow increased spending to a rate well below the rate at which health care costs have been rising in recent years.  Evidently, this is simply Romney’s weaselly nature to never say anything forthright about any topic and perpetuate the historical nature of Republicans – to lies about lower taxes bringing in more revenues and discrediting any and all contrary opinions from Obama by telling a number of lies that are somehow tied to race.

“I was just the guy with the smoke screenish, yet still legal title of CEO and Managing Director who was paid at least $100,000, a year to do what, according to me, Mitt Romney, was nothing.  That’s the king of common sense business experience I hope to bring to the White House.” – Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Mitt Romney does not stand as a candidate for the people, a conclusion that should not be surprising considering the policies he endorsed while at Bain Capitol and a conclusion clearly seen by the list of mega-donors that have carried him so far into the race for President.  Naturally, if the American people are satisfied with a corporate-capitalist takeover of the nation that allows for the 1% hierarchy to perpetuate the degradation of the nation at the expense of the masses, than Romney is the clear choice.  Though not as eloquent as Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert have put it, Romney’s involvement in Bain oversaw the outsourcing of millions of jobs and the exploitation of tax loopholes so as to ensure max-profits for investors and owners, such as Romney.  Romney’s refusal to accept that he oversaw the carrying out of policies clearly hurtful to Americans, as well as his repetitious insults of American intelligence, is a clear indication that Romney cannot serve as President of the nation.  Moreover, during the 2008 race for President, Republicans chastised and attacked Obama for being a supposed elitist for having been educated at Harvard.  These attacks were effective in driving many conservatives away from Obama because they believed he was ‘disconnected’ from the trials and suffering of the American people.  So saying, Romney’s disconnect from the receding care for the American people is more apparent and his placement in the corporate hierarchy clearly places him at a polar opposite from the troubles facing the American people.  Romney’s perception of the trials facing the American people can be put in parallel to the starvation of the French masses and Maria Antoinette’s, “give the people cake”.  Romney is as disconnected an example of the 1%  as can be, and his ability to even consider fixing the problems addressing the nation are nowhere to be found, just like the majority of his tax returns and statements from his ads that are actually true.  Nevertheless, with mega-rich supporters like Sheldon Adelson, Bob Perry, Ira Rennert, and the Salvadoran entrepreneur Poma family (accredited for being first investors to Bain Capitol), Romney clearly does not need to address his problem-solving strategy on domestic or international events, but instead can continue to merely target Obama with lies that are somehow able to undermine the confidence of voters.  So saying, a main point of issue for many Americans, and a point that illustrates the pro-wealth disparity stance of Romney, is that of tax reform.  Romney is being evasive about exactly what he plans to do on tax reform.  Romney proposes an across-the-board 20% reduction in existing marginal rates, while keeping the 15% top rate on capital gains, except for filers who make less than $200,000; for them, capital gains would be tax-free.  As for which deductions and special break Romney would eliminate to offset lower rates – Romney has not provided any solution.  One element that has become evident is Romney’s position on one notorious tax break: the favorable treatment of ‘carried interest’.  Mainly enjoyed by private equity and hedge fund managers, this break is a big reason Romney’s own tax bill was no more than about 14% of his multimillion-dollars income in recent years.  The carried-interest break not only accentuates income inequality but also overincentivizes  the formation of investment partnerships, diverting capital – financial and human – from other, more productive uses.  In contrast to Romney’s corporate-capitalist favoritism, President Obama has sensibly proposed getting rid of it.  Evidently, the position of Romney is that he is a man of the people, but those people are corporations.

America: Corporate Financed Campaigning – Citizens United

The corporate involvement in the political infrastructure of the American government has been made evident by the ruling behind Citizens United and the granted permission for special interest groups to finance politicians and thus replace the accountability they have to the American people.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling has Undercut Political Accountability

The hyper-partisan nature of the political system has proliferated throughout the years, resulting in a decaying social atmosphere in which media propaganda deludes the masses into similar polarized spheres represented by the Tea Party and  This alienation has allowed for the public to fall victims to complacency and subservience, allowing for corporations and special interest groups to better consolidate their hold on the political agenda and decision-making process. The political system was instituted as a source for equal representation through which the peoples’ voice would be heard and adhered to.  Now, modern life is defined by the complicit public agreeing to a silent compact to keep up pretenses and allowing for the mega-donations of corporations to usurp all control.  The corporate takeover is not defined by a sudden rise of donations, financing and back-room deals; rather, the presence of corporate influence has been prevalent throughout the defining history of the American nation.  Nevertheless, the unbridled corporate and political greed has now been embodied by the 2010 Supreme Court decision on Citizens United which has now resulted in millions of dollars funding corrupt politicians favoring profit-seeking business interests.  The 2010 decision was followed by a report from the Center of Responsive Politics which showed that unidentifiable special interest groups financed pro-business Republicans with over $117 million, whilst Democrats were working with a budget of merely $13 million.  This disparity in spending overcame Democratic fundraising edge in 2010 among candidates and party committees, helping Republicans win a US House majority and increase their numbers in Senate.  Campaigns are no longer waged between publicly financed candidates and their political platforms.  They are no waged by shadowy attack groups posing as social welfare organizations.  With corporations being able to wield unlimited power and influence on the political system, politicians are now free from public accountability.  Thus, the ruling has resulted in targeted speech suppression, taking away the influence of the people and allowing politicians to have a corporate safeguard to protect them from a volatile public opinion.  So saying, the definition of democracy has been sold to corporations to be redefined as they seem fit. Evidently, the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission has now made election at every level of US government a sham proceeding.

“When there are secrets that we don’t know, then the ideal they pass as freedom in this country is fake.  When we are left with no right or no voice to choose, then we’re not living in a free and democratic state.” – Anti-Flag, “What You Don’t Know”

With a 5-4 majority, the Supreme Court held that the First Amendment protects corporate and union funding of independent political broadcasts in candidate elections.  The decision marks a radical chance in the electoral procedures, turning federal elections into a new form of democracy ruled by the corporate state.  The working class voters are likely to find it nigh impossible to influence lawmakers in competition with mega-donations from giant groups.  As the people work and struggle under receding economic conditions, the corporations have been provided with a board protection plan through which they can ensure the perpetuation of a corporate-capitalist run state and ensure the perpetuation of their profits at the expense of the people.  Among the business interests whose free speech rights the Supreme Court established in the decision are CIGNA HealthCare, Massey Energy Company, Halliburton, Tokyo Electric Power Company and Saudi Aramco, among countless others.  CIGNA HealthCare refused to pay for a life saving treatment for 14 year old Nataline Mary Sarkisyan who had recurrent leukemia.  The survival rate for her, after a liver transplant, was 65% and yet CIGNA HealthCare stated that it did not cover services considered experimental, investigational, and/or unproven to be safe and/or effective for the patient.  Their rejection cam after doctors at the UCLA medical center, including the head of its transplant unit, wrote a letter state the procedure was neither experimental nor unproven and called upon CIGNA to urgently review its decision.  Sarkisyan’s family filed murder charges against its insurer but the case was thrown out by the US Supreme Court.  Massey Energy Co. is another enterprise responsible for the deaths of 29 mine-workers at the Upper Big Branch Mine in southern Virginia when basic safety concerns were set aside for profits.  The foreign group represented by Tokyo Power Company are those who were in charge of operating their General Electric designed nuclear reactors at Fukishima Daiichi despite warnings, according to Wikileaks, from the International Atomic Energy Commission of serious safety concerns.  The last company is Saudi Aramco, a state own national oil company of Saudi Arabia which stands watch over the heart of global capitalist pursuits.  Saudi Aramco was responsible for the deployment of military troops against an Arab Spring related uprising in Bahrain in an attempt to protect their privatization of the nation’s resources.

“Bred into silence by television sets, accepting lies from media so soon we will forget the lives that we spend as workers for the rich.   You work so much, there’s not time left to realize that you’re in a fucking ditch.” – Anti-Flag, “The Truth”

With the elections approaching and campaigning intensifying, the masses are victim to a blitzkrieg of images and ads propagated by broadcasts and biased media to skew their opinions and berate political opponents with criticisms and falsehoods.  Secret groups, labeled as social welfare organisations and unions, are given billions in mega-donations to run political attack ads to ensure the corporate-bought Washington hack is the victor.  Reinforcing the ideal that the elections have become a sham-proceeding, the Supreme Court’s decision has allowed for these corporations to essentially rig elections by permitting these groups to propagate ads that need not necessarily represent the truth.  The concept of biased media and proliferated lies is not uncommon, the masses are witness to lies and false-charges on every and any major news source.  Nevertheless, the ability for political attack ads to broadcast locally and nationally deceitful lies is clear evidence of the failure of democracy in the American system.  The purpose of information is to create an informed voting public, an educated electoral base of constituents, which is enshrined in America’s civic values and governing statues such as the Freedom of Information Act and federal and state campaign donor disclosure laws.  Yet, the Supreme Court’s decision has opened a flood-gate of corporate schemes that have laid waste to these pretenses and have allowed corporations to break the peoples’ minds with false ads and manipulate their votes and opinions.  Senator Mitch McConnell has led the fight for corporate funding in politics, illustrating his beliefs that informed democracy is actually anti-democratic, as disclosing these multi-million dollar mega-donations would be violating free speech rights.  His support has allowed for tax exempt groups such as Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS and the Chamber of Commerce to run supposed issue based attack ads without being subjected to the donor disclosure requirement by the Federal Elections Commission.  So saying, the Chamber of Commerce has become infamous with independent organizations such as PolitiFact and that have investigated many of their supposed issue based attack ads, finding that a majority are ‘pants on fire’ and contain a plethora of falsehoods and inconsistencies.  The most notable example is in Florida where Connie Mack has spent $13 million to secure 3 weeks of television to propagate ads from the Chamber of Commerce that suggest current Democratic Senator Bill Nelson has aided President Obama in cutting $500 million from Medicare, a statement that was debunked by both PolitiFact and  The Supreme Court has accelerated the corporate takeover by giving them free reign of campaign finances and giving them access to media sources to proliferate any false ads that they desire.

“Just take a look around the world and you’ll find that nearly all mass media are owned and controlled by a handful of conservative capitalists.  We must devise and implement alternative methods of distributing our news, our information, our ideas.” – Anti-Flag, “Underground Network”

In retrospect, the decision by the Supreme Court not only marks a transitioning point in which corporations have become truly the sole source of power and influence in politics, but is also marks the general negligence for the public and the democratic values represented by the American statutes.  The Citizens United ruling has consolidated the capitalist hierarchy of the nation, allowing the rich 1% to influence and control the greedy politicians and buy hours of broadcasts.  Sponsoring public division, manipulating peoples’ opinions, and affirming a divided political arena, there exists no blockade to the corporations’ swarming takeover of all assets of the American infrastructure.

America: The All-Seeing ‘Big Brother’ – Government Surveillance

The iron fist of blood and empire has seized hold of the Stars and Stripes, raging a silent war against the democratic foundation of the nation’s people whose rights and liberties have been done away with and replaced with a repressive totalitarian order that, endorsed by the plutocracy, moves rapidly towards the enslavement of its own people.

The American Government’s Intelligence Community Parallels the Orwellian ‘Big Brother is Watching You”

Despite the constitutional protection and basic human rights that are supposedly guaranteed to the citizens of the American nation; there exists an overbearing hand that promises just reparation, but instead delivers a redefined notion of democracy through which the powers that be are able to monitor, seize and control the assets of the nation in order to repress and essentially enslave the people into a new form of complicit servitude.  Through the perpetuating false flag of terrorism, the war lobbies and corporate oligarchs have secured their hold on the government and undercut the power of the people over their government.  Without the tools given and cemented in the Constitution, such as government accountability and the right to protest, the American people stand as blind sheep as their sons and daughters are sent to foreign lands to fight a war for the ruling plutocracy.  As the soil of foreign lands are reaped for corporate profit, the government installs regime change to institute a new form of imperialism to secure a lasting relationship of foreign imposition and corruption.  The evidence is clear, but the American populous stands silent in fear of having the repressive eye of government enforcement turned domestically.  With the CIA, FBI, NSA and other government agencies becoming mercenaries for hire, the American populous has already fallen into the tyrannical regime that has been installed abroad.  The government has already superseded constitutional boundaries and has begun its assault on civil liberties to establish an empire of intelligence gathering and repressive prosecution.  The huddled masses have fallen complicit and complacent as re-education and prison camps are constructed in their suburbs, being occupied by civilians with familiar faces and familiar names.  With citizens being labelled as terrorists and conspiracists, the government has coalesced into a system run by the rule of martial law with no borders.  The rise of the totalitarian regime was not an over-night event; rather, the path has been secured by the evolving propaganda machine begun by Wilson and used by leaders like Nixon and Reagan to justify military build-up and crippling taxation.  Continuing under George W. Bush and Obama, the passing of the Patriot Act, the military contract to Halliburton’s subsidiary KBR to build domestic detention camps, Operation Falcon (I, II, and III), the creation of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, and the passing of the NDAA; the police state in the US was given a foundation through which the domestic populous was being reduced into a herd of subservient fodder for the corporate controlled machines.  So saying, this post focuses on the rise of corporate bought intelligence community being turned inwards and monitoring the actions of the domestic populous, thus embodying ‘Big Brother is Watching You’.

“He said don’t take this for the way it is.  You better watch out son, when you give in.  Before you know it, the friends you trust will have stabbed you in the back.” – Anti-Flag, “If You Wanna Steal (You Better Learn How to Lie)

The regime being instituted in America is democratic at face-value, leaving the separation of powers and popular elections; but these institutions fail to provide the values and principles of liberal democracy through which a government, for and by the people, is intended to represent.  Rather, the currency of the nation is currency, valuing capital and pursuit of such greed at the cost of the peoples’ liberties and rights.  Dissolving the notions of democracy for the purpose of plutocracy, the government has been mutated into an overbearing hand of control.  With control of all assets of the infrastructure, ‘Big Brother’ has empowered itself through various means of the law.  The argument being provided for the infringement of peoples’ lives and liberties is that of national security, the ambiguous and heterogeneous term whose definition relies on special interests groups.  The US Constitution provides the American people with certain protections and freedoms, of which the majority are being violated by the public’s complicit behavior to the government’s seizure of more power.  The premise of national security is to protect the interest of the nation, an interest intended to be reflected by the majority of the population and their representatives.  In the case of America, violating civil liberties to protect the nation is contradictory.  When a person’s rights are violated, it harms every person in the nation and thus the nation.  So saying, the argument betrays the reality that the federal powers are not interested in the protection of the people and the nation; rather, the federal powers are interested in profiteering at the expense of the people.  The Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court is an example of the system undermining the powers of the people and giving special interest groups and their lobbyists even more power in the government.  The decision not only undermines the influence of government accountability on government officials, but it reverses laws that limited the role of corporate money in federal elections, thus securing the plutocracy of narrow business leaders.  This decisions embodies the greater reality that corporations are able to fund and manipulate political decision-making in their favor, thus turning the government into their own omniscient tool to control and subdue the masses into their corporate-led herds.

“Join now!  Don’t wait!  Make death, your date!  Salute and fight!  Fight for the wealth of the few!  Wrapped in a flag and sold to you, sold as Freedom.  It’s up to you to see through the lies of those who’ve led us to endless world strife.” – Anti-Flag, “Sold As Freedom”

The interests of these corporate leaders is to profit at the expense of domestic and foreign peoples’, a means to be achieved through consolidating their power on the government by controlling and quieting the public.  The Freedom of Information Act has allowed the America’s Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to release documents that report that technology, such as cell phones, are used as surveillance tools to encroach on the public’s privacy.  The data, calls, phone numbers, photos and electronic locations, on a cell phone are being turned over to authorities without a warrant and the service providers profit from the sale.  Moreover, the citizens pay for the service and pay taxes to fund the local and federal departments who are being sold this information; thus, the public is investing in agencies dedicated to infringing on their privacy and enslaving them to a constant surveillance system.  The infringement of rights and liberties by the government for purposes of ensuring a complicit and silent public is also evident in the Patriot Act.  Initially passes under the Bush administration in response to 9/11, the Obama administration signed a 4-year extension of three of its key provisions: roving wiretaps, searches of business records and conducting surveillance on individual suspected of terrorist-related activities not linked to terrorist groups.  Evidently the provisions being perpetuated are clear illustrations of the government’s vagrant disregard for civil liberties and gives the federal government the ability to spy on any and all citizens under the ambiguous terms, “terrorist-related activities”.  Among the tools at the government’s behest are internet service providers and cable companies.  Both of which receive federal money to disclose all the information of their customers.  The name, address, local and long distance telephone billing records, bank account and credit card numbers are provided to the government by the companies, in return for tax payer dollars.  One program still continuing from its birth under Bush’s Patriot Act is Stellar Wind.  The program is intended to mine a large database of communications of American citizens, basing a NSA Data Center in Utah.  The purpose was to intercept, decipher, analyze and store vast swath’s of the world’s communications in the center, thus becoming the government’s property to do with as it sees fit.  In short, the NSA is building the country’s biggest spy center and the $2 billion facility in Utah is to be finished in 2013 and is being constructed by businesses with ties to the former Bush administration, thus demonstrating the profiteering stance of corporations in the intelligence takeover of the public arena.

“The phrase world leaders does not describe the heads of state.  Those few in power, work only for the corporate sake.  No action, no interest, no humanity at all.  As the corporate towers rise up, they watch the people fall.” – Anti-Flag, “No Borders, No Nations”

Though Bush personally oversaw the rise of government power in his counter-terrorism policies, the Obama administration has also revamped efforts to narrow in on domestic targets.  The recent media coverage of the ‘Kill List’ list has seized international attention and demonstrated the dissolution of habeas corpus for Americans considered a threat in foreign lands.  The President has launched an assassination campaign and has made the global arena a war zone, thus signifying that all those killed are war-time casualties and reducing the recorded number of civilian casualties.  Nevertheless, domestically the passing of the NDAA for 2012 marked the passing of Title X, Subtitle D, sub-sections 1021 and 1022 which allowed for the indefinite detention of American citizens without due process or warrant.  Many of the suspects arrested have been shipped to Guantanamo Bay, others have possibly been sent to detention and re-education camps built by Halliburton’s KBR under the Bush years.  The new marks a clear parallel to the edicts of totalitarian regimes elsewhere in the world.  The new law, violating basic human rights and constitutional liberties, allow government agencies to inherently spy on daily routines and activities of Americans and then possibly detain them in Guantanamo, a clearly inhumane prison camp.  The deceleration of the NDAA has also allowed for the writing of legislation, “FAA Re-authorization and Reform Act of 2012”.  The legislation would allow for the military’s drone program to establish itself in American skies.  Though not the militaristic nature of those involved in the assassination campaign of Obama’s ‘Kill List’, these micro-drones are used by the NSA to aid in the surveillance and monitoring programs within the US.

“Welcoming with open arms and open hearts, in the end they found their arms in shackles and their hearts town out.  This country named ‘America’ is built on graves.” – Anti-Flag, “Stars and Stripes”

In retrospect, the profiteering agenda of the plutocracy has been consolidated through the seizure of government away from the people and into the lining of their pocket books, maintaining a complicit and subdued public through an increasingly overbearing intelligence community.  Mirroring the Orwellian ‘Big Brother’, the policies of the government have seized assets of telephone companies, cable companies and use military technology to advance their surveillance and monitoring system through the American nation.  So saying, the American system has become a repressive hand of totalitarian control through which the narrow business interests of the ruling classes are able to prosper and advance their agenda through the infringement and violation of rights and liberties promised under the Constitution.

America: The ‘Kill List’ – International Assassination Campaign

The terror state emerging in the West has come to be symbolized by the unfaltering tyranny of the American government, authorizing the infringement of state’s sovereignty for the purpose of slaughter and barbarism through drone strikes on the ambiguous premise of national security.

Obama Launches Unrestricted Drone Warfare for Assassination Campaign

The American system has pledged itself to the protection of free peoples, the security of democracy in lands abroad, and the liberation of those under repressive regimes.  This pro-democracy image has been evinced throughout history by their support of former tyrannies such as Qaddafi in Libya, Pinochet in Chile, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the Shah in Iran, and Mobutu in the Congo, among a list of countless others.   So saying, support for state leaders that avidly exploited their people and violated basic human rights is to be expected from a country based on global hegemony through militarism.  Through its imperialist nature of diplomacy, the American government has secured its hold on international domination through the implementation of repressive puppet-regimes and thus serving the purpose of the profiting corporations that funded the policies.  The iron fist of blood and empire that is the American government has proliferated its ideals of patriotism and security, subduing its public base through mass media, whilst launching military strikes on foreign lands.  Nevertheless, this foreign imposition has evolved into new form of authoritarianism, as demonstrated by the assassination campaign  launched by the Obama administration.  The executive branch, the leader of the free people of the world, has become the judge, jury and executioner of any he deems a threat.  This so-called ‘kill list’ illustrates the new democracy of the American system, allowing one man to determine whether people live or die and thus assume an omnipotent and omniscient power over the global arena.  The American powers seek out and destroy their enemies in foreign lands, no matter the civilian casualties and evident violation of sovereignty.  High in the clouds, lightning bolts ready to cast, the gods of the American government stand resolute in their practices of ‘democracy’, ‘liberation’, ‘diplomacy’ and ‘peace’.  The security presented by internationally accepted borders, UN resolutions on sovereignty and UN resolutions on human rights, have now been made redundant by the American use of drones, an unmanned aircraft to rain down death from the skies without any fear of American casualty. Coincidentally enough, many of the supposed ‘terrorists’ on Obama’s picture book are American born and some are teenagers, once again symbolizing the utter lack of morality that is governing the actions of the terror state in the West.

“So where is the real terrorist?  In the Middle East or in the US?  So who is the real terrorist?  Is it Saddam Hussein or your own President?” – Anti-Flag, “Outbreak”

The accountability of the government to the people has been diluted by the alienation of society from its political system, giving the Washington politicians free reign over the implementation of policies.  The consequences of this unrestricted power are clear, internment camps built around the country to aid in the ultimate disappearing act of those brave enough to stand against the United States of Oppression.  Parallel to the Stalin era camps built-in Siberia that ultimately led to the death of any political prisoners of the USSR, the American government is now aspiring to its own Orwellian era of government.  The singing of the Patriot Act under Bush II was the first clear government authorized infringement of American civil liberties and constitutional rights.  Thereafter, Obama signed the NDAA allowing for the detention of American citizens indefinitely.  One such unfortunate case was Daniel Chong, a college student, who was left in a cell without food or water for 5 days by the DEA.  The insurmountable power of the government has now surpassed imagination, with the President given the final word to authorize drone airstrikes to kill US citizens abroad.  When this program was challenged in a New York city court, the judge refused to rule, stating that there are circumstances in which the executive’s decision to kill US citizens overseas is constitutionally committed to the political branches and judicially unreviewable.  Thus, the ‘death list’ is not only permissible but also acceptable by the ‘justice’ system in America, allowing the President to act as recklessly and inhumanely as possible.  President Obama has placed himself at the helm of this ‘top secret nominations’ process to designate terrorists for kill or capture and yet this book of macabre ‘baseball cards’  of an unconventional war targets dozens of American citizens as well.  Obama’s ferocious campaign into counter-terrorism has resulted in an unrestricted  database of viable targets of his choosing, the authorization of careless targeting and has also led in countless civilian death to be later counted as terrorist associated for having been in close quarters with such a national security threat.  Evidently, Obama’s role in the ‘kill list’ is unprecedented and allows for the executive branch to bypass the checks-and-balances so important to democracy, evolving his role into that of assassin-in-chief.

“You want to save the world?  I can tell you what to do!  This solution is for you!  Answer the call up, join the proud, the few.  Pull on the trigger with your heart and soul.  Cause was is peace, now we know.” – Anti-Flag, “Sold as Freedom”

Obama’s top terrorism adviser John Brennan has stated that the ‘kill list’ targets dozens of US citizens who present a threat to the US on the ‘battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq’ and those in ‘Yemen or in Pakistan or in Somalia’.  So saying, there is an international acceptance of war casualties and the right for a country to kill targeted enemies on a battlefield during a conventional war.  Nevertheless, the ‘kill list’ is not remotely about that, it represents an unconventional warfare that has been declared by the US upon the world and as a consequence has made any person in any state an appropriate target for US slaughter.  The theocracy being built on executive fear, a perpetual state of terror waged domestically and abroad to ensure hegemony and mass complicit behavior, represents the nightmare the founding fathers warned the people about and are now being manifested by the nation-security apparatus that continues to be built-up and institutionalized around the presidency.  The rising powers of the warrior president has left communities around the world in fear and those already targeted, are left without fathers and mothers.  Early last month, Tausug villagers on the Southern Philippine island of Jolo were targeted by a drone strike.  The attack targeted one individual and yet it left 15 people dead a community was left plunged into despair, fear and mourning.  The US, targeting state labeled terrorists, is only sponsoring further US-targeted animosity and given credence to the US-hatred propagated by terrorist organizations around the world.  So instead of combating terrorism and sparking fear in the hearts of ‘America’s enemies’, the US government has sponsored a perpetual costly counter-terrorism war that will only infinitely increase the number of terrorists and American enemies.  Eisenhower was in term during CIA-MI6 operations to oust Mossadegh and distill popular protests in Iran.  The list of America’s sponsored terrorism in lands abroad is boundless and spans into the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.  Evidently, the ‘kill list’ and the use of drones in just another example of unchecked presidential authority, yet the most recent illustration of intensity and expansion of the power demonstrates the boundless ambition of those in power for complete hegemony and control.

“‘Equal Rights.’ ‘Justice’. ‘Democratic Role’. ‘Freedom’. ‘Equality’. All just a total, “Fuck You!’ Empty words in the president slurs in every speech, while scheming behind closed doors with the CIA to undermine Democracy! To undermine Autonomy! To undermine the stability of any leftist populous regime.  Making the president a terrorist!  Making the USA a terrorist!” – Anti-Flag, “America Got It Right” 

In retrospect, the people of the American nation have stood silently by as the president wields unchecked power and instead of standing in defiance, the people seem to permit the President to target fellow citizens for assassination.  The American populous stood by as Bush II signed the Patriot Act allowing for government-run agencies to infiltrate their homes and computers, clearly violating any notion of privacy and freedom.  The American people are complicit in the selling off of the core of values and principles that once symbolized democracy as fought for by the founding fathers.  The 5th Amendment, promising Americans that they will not be ‘deprived of life, liberty, or property, without the due process of law” has been forsaken by the American government.

America: The American Dream

The American Dream has been epitomized by opportunistic words exalting the surreal standards defining the limitless opportunities, professional success and material wealth of the American nation, yet the reality is far less optimistic and more repressive of such unrealistic expectations.

The Dreams of Economic Opportunity Ring Hallow in America

A land of boundless wealth, employment opportunities, and equality has been cast in idolized lights along the borders of the American nation, prompting foreign and domestic populations to flock to mythological lands of endless promises.  The surreal illustration of the American Dream was defined by the foundation of the nation, structured on the base of equality and freedom for all.  This illustration has grown in magnitude and fabrication so as to encourage competition among the population, creating a society whose pursuit of material gain has paralleled that of a state of nature.  With a capitalist hierarchy emerging to incorporate the 1% of corporations and business leaders that truly govern the infrastructure of the nation, the blinded majority is caught in a perpetual material war against one another.  So saying, the peoples’ dreams for wealth and status have become goals only achieved through treachery and violence, resulting in the gradual decay of morals and values.  Grasping for even a minute fraction of prosperity and progress, the corporate controlled government dangles the peoples’ dreams as a lure to perpetuate the struggle of the people, to perpetuate the onward push of the masses in order to fuel the American machine.  The American Dream has no solid meaning; rather, it is an ambiguous term to be defined by the peoples’ aspirations and dreams.  Nevertheless, the corporations have managed to grasp this term and mutate it into another tool to proliferate their totalitarian power.  The corporations have taken the American Dream and incorporated it into yet another propaganda tool to indoctrinate the masses into their state cloned tools, to indoctrinate the masses into their mindless workers.  Beginning as a tale of rebellion against the foreign oppressors of the British Empire, the American message has perpetuated its message of freedom and liberty, only now the message is hallow and gilded.  The American Empire now stands as the new tyrannical power, seeking to secure its hegemony through repression at home and abroad. With the American Dream corrupted into yet another fabricated tale of American glory, this post aims to examine what the new American message has truly become.

“If I had a lighter in hand with some oil rags, is that what it’d take to wake you from your sleep?  To take you from your American dreams to be surrounded, surrounded in flames!” – Anti-Flag, “Wake Up!”

A large portion of the masses, who were born, raised or have spent much of their formative years within the US have been systematically programmed to truly believe that the American nation is the gold standard when it comes to prosperity.  The misleading propaganda runs rampant throughout the imperialist empire, indoctrinating the new waves of innocent minds into the great American swindle.  The gold standard is held true by a minute fraction of the population, the 1% of elites that create and help promote the fallacious program.  The American capitalist system caters only to the elite class that operates its one-dimensional gearshift, controlling every major apparatus within American society – government, education, media and economy.  The hierarchy is prolonged by the docile masses, complicit in their own polarized inequality.  The people are oppressed, trained to have blind and unwavering faith in the merciless capitalist system that has no regard for the well-being or overall prosperity of the rest of society.  This is not to say that the masses are left to struggle for crumbs, through the comparison is rather appropriate considering the check-to-check standard of living that has become the status quo for over 77% of working Americans.  The capitalist system does not deplete the resources entirely for the working majority, rather its sadistic nature ensures basic needs are met through an employment market based on minimum wages, a wage barely livable.  The barbaric nature has prompted a state of nature, turning brothers and sisters against each other in an endless competition of rugged individualism, a notion inculcated into the hearts and minds of many Americans regardless of their socioeconomic background.  The economic system that dominates American society is not built to sustain all or even most of its populous in prosperity, as promised in the propagated American Dream.  It is truly a system that is catered for the extremely wealthy and their families.  While many Americans work multiple jobs only to make ends meet, the elite class enjoys capital gains tax benefits at almost half the rate of the working class.  It is true that a portion of US citizen’s tax dollars go towards public works and service jobs, but 53% of American tax dollars go towards defense and security, programs that target innocent people domestically and abroad.

“Behind locked doors in session, world sponsored corporate politicians structure policy to build more corporate strength.  Fight strength with strength.  At news conferences they claim, ‘we listen’, while they lock out their constituents.” – Anti-Flag, “What’s the Difference”

The American Dream, along with evident false promises of economic equality, depicts gratuitous employers and endless opportunities, alluding to the sick and hungry migrants that they too can become the poster-child of the American Dream. So saying, the American system has implemented guest worker program to integrate the workers into the competitive markets.  Yet, the guest worker program expanded by the Bush administration has been criticized for locking thousands into a modern-day form of indentured servitude.  The system forces many workers to borrow huge sums of money at high interest rates in order to land short-term, low-wage jobs that all too often end up shorter-term and lower-waged than promised.  Under crushing debt, and legally bound to work only for the employer who filed petition for them, these workers often face the most dangerous and harsh of working conditions in places like shipyards, the forestry department, or construction, with no medical benefits for on-the-job injuries or legal services.  In March 2008, more than 500 shipyard workers from India filed a class action suit against the Northrop Grumman subsidiary Signal International in Louisiana and Mississippi, and against recruiters in India and the US, on charges of forced labor, human trafficking, fraud and civil rights violations.  In 2006, over 600 Indians paid up to $25,000 each for a promise of green cards and permanent US residency.   They instead found themselves trapped in squalid and dangerous conditions, bonded through the H-2b guest work program to an employer, evidently depicting a new form of 21st century slavery.  As a land founded by foreigners, dedicated to a government by and for the people, the American Dream proliferates this historic-based mythological tale of material wealth spanning all classes, depicting a norm of lavish luxury for each individual.  Clearly the propaganda does not compare to the realistic depictions of the conditions facing the migrants workers that continue to advance the American machine onward through their blood, sweat and tears.

“Rats, moneys, mice – teach ’em little tricks.  Stay far from creativity and from politics, ’cause the multinationals need a solid work force or their growing profit margins will be wiped out at the source.  Conform to the status quo, set rules, hold your mind into their fucking tool!” – Anti-Flag, “A Start”

A more frank characterization of the juxtaposition of surreal dream and reality is that of the domestic populous that already exists in the capitalist system and has already resigned themselves to degraded standards of living.  The born and raised Americans are witness to the true America from their cradle to their grave, indoctrinated into a life based on check-to-check living and financial desperation.  As it stands, the federal poverty level is maliciously low: $22,050 a year for a family of four.  According to that number, 21% of all US children – 12 million in all – live in families with incomes ‘below the federal poverty level’, a more useful and compassionate estimate would be 42%, or 30 million.  So saying, the American Dream lies dormant within the children and it is the offspring of America that control the future of the system and its corrupt infrastructure.  The desperation of the scenario is illustrated by the fact that 2,660 children are born into poverty every day within American and 1 in 50 children are currently homeless.  The impoverishment of American society only continues to worsen with job numbers continuing to sink.  After the global recession, reportedly over despite evidence to the contrary, taxpayer dollars were spent on various bailouts dedicated to banks and the auto industry.  These bailouts were to ensure that the corporations, already in control of said politicians, could create jobs and lower the unemployment rate.  Nevertheless, the recent job report of May 2012 showed unemployment rose to 8.2%, thus illustrating that the mass bailouts only further polarized the inequality of the American infrastructure and also perpetuated the degradation of the American populous, all of whom remain desperate and dependent on their corporate overseers.  The disparity in wealth is sure to continue however, as the ruling class needs poverty in order to stay on top of the hierarchy of power, and the people with power drive the realities of the people without power.  The ruling 1% have maintained the gap and inequality in society through the education system, reflected by the realization that impoverished areas have the lowest test scores and the wealthier areas have the highest.  Poverty and testing are benefiting the wealthy and hindering poor.  This is also illustrated by the rising cost of education, making it too expensive for many in society and forcing those who graduate into crushing debt and facing a starting salary that continues to drop.  Thus the conveyor belt continues to propagate an endless stream of desperate and dependent workers willing to enslave themselves to the corporate controlled infrastructure for any measly means to escape the pressure of their debt, a debt put upon them for seeking to better themselves through the promises of the American Dream.

“She never even had a chance.  Mental, sexual, physical violence. Not once she heard an encouraging word, just the phrase ‘you better shut up!’ and ‘you’re going nowhere!’.  Her sad stories, all left untold, so her life became something so out of control: angry, young and poor!” – Anti-Flag, “Angry, Young and Poor”

The American Dream, offering to the world a bastion of stability and socioeconomic liberty for all people, has also stood resolute as a symbol of democracy and domestic freedoms unparalleled in much of the world.  The truth of the propagated system is closer to state sponsored terrorism within its own borders, silencing opposition, implementing censorship and state-control over media, and creating internment camps for its own populous, thus resembling more the police states that foreign peoples sought refuge from.  The tactics of American diplomacy at home parallel to their policies abroad: military force whenever questioned or threatened.  Under the Bush administration, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 and the Military Commission Act were both signed and enacted.  These doctrines made permissible the stationing of military troops anywhere in America by presidential authorization, as well as allowed the President to take control of state-based National Guard units without consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to suppress public disorder.  The move towards martial law clearly marks a transgression on the civil liberties and justices promised to all Americans, as well as an affront to the proliferated ideals of the American Dream.  Not only did the laws allow for the President to assert powers of a dictatorial nature, but it also appropriated $532.8 billion in taxpayer money in grants to the Pentagon to implement the new law which further facilitated militarized police round-ups or protesters, supposed illegal aliens, potential terrorists, and other undesirable in facilities contracted and under construction.  The infringement of basic human rights also continued under the NDAA 2012 (National Defense Authorization Act) signed under the Obama administration, which explicitly states dictatorial authority of the US executive branch to order US military to seize any person, including US citizens, for unlimited detention and without rights.  The political system of the American nation is not one of idolized democracy, not one of equality, not one of freedom; rather, the political system  is one of unwarranted incarceration, of discriminatory repression, and of dictatorial assertions of tyrannical power.

“I will not sign my blind faith away to an unjust leader of the unjust police state.  Corporate masters live in their cess pool of extreme wealth and excess.” – Anti-Flag, “No Borders, No Nations”

In retrospect, the American Dream has become a propaganda poster to indoctrinate the new masses into state tools through which the corporations can ensure their capitalist hierarchy will be secure on their toils of work and sacrifice.  Idolized slogans selling liberty, equality and justice, in a nation defined by borders of electric fences and barbed wire, the American nation has come to resemble a permanent internment camp of indentured serfs and slaves for a repressive political system and a socioeconomic scale defined by mass inequality.  So saying, the pursuit of material gain has resulted in the dissociation of the majority from reality; allowing the elites to continue to publish fabricated tales of a paradise in America, a paradise for all foreign peoples to come to and become the new fodder for the capitalist machine.