Rather than striking out against global affairs, being overtly pessimistic or optimistic, or wallowing in denial; 1989 presents society with an alternative depiction of events that aims at realism. Year of 1989 is a current events blog that covers both local and global affairs, as well as economic and political.


As an International Affairs and German Major, I favor political events and focus primarily on international events.  I have used this blog to report, analyze, and illustrate my opinions about the events occurring around the globe.  As an essay enthusiast, I do not write in the first person. The use of any pronouns in my blogs is rare as I feel that it may weaken the writing style that is exemplified elsewhere in the blog.  Moreover, the blog attempts to take on a persuasive tone throughout its reports, though many are neutral and only serve as an observation of something that I found interesting.  The blog is also a tool for me to learn about developments across the globe and, because of my love of writing, I utilize this blog as a means to analyze these situations for my (and hopefully your) better understanding.

I am an enthusiastic history student and current affairs will, one day, be analyzed and studied by students.  This blog allows me to stay one step ahead of the future students, as I am living in the time and moderate the issues through this blog, creating a personal analysis of events as they occur.  Once the events of today have been developed into a history book, the events must be simplified because of the multitude of events that occur, the historians must search for relevance and a goal to which to argue.  Year of 1989 serves the same purpose as these history books.  I seek to present a simplified and relevant analysis of the events as they occur.  I write about the history of today, bringing in my knowledge of the past and draw conclusions through studying similar circumstances in the past.

With this blog, I feel that my studies into global affairs with allow my to construct a firmer understanding of the complexities of international relations, financial structures, the interconnected state of the world, and the extent to which people make history through the decisions they must take under difficult conditions and dilemmas.   These understandings, hopefully evident to you as well through my blog, will hopefully allow me to build upon the experiences and the events, allowing me to enter the political/legal arena as prepared as can be.

Thank you for you time and for reading my blogs,

Michael Eylerts

Why 1989?


2 responses to “About

  1. I just wanted to let you know that your image of Amir Hekmati’s millitary id displays his social security number and that is not something that should be shared with all of your readers. I do not mean to be rude, I just know that if it was mine, I would be a little upset about it.

    • Not anymore. It was posted on Google Image, so I feel that my blog would be the least of the worries.
      Thank you for revealing that to me, I seemed to have overlooked that tidbit of information.

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