America: Institutionalization – Dehumanizing Alienation

The land of the free and the proclaimed protector of the people has, in truth, become a neo-totalitarian system through which societal calm is accomplished through the targeting of a sect of the public that has been characterized as ‘others’, to be alienated and repressed in dehumanizing institutions designed to rely on medicinal oppression and false authority to force their complicit behavior in a civilization of mindless conformity and social manipulation; thus, degrading the very concept of humanity and individuality.

The System Supports Dehumanizing Practices of Institutions on Adolescents and Children

Being told what to think, what to do and how to act, the freedom to be oneself has been denied to the people of the system.  The concept of normalcy has superseded those of individuality, leaving those outspoken and free to be targeted and demonized for being ‘different’ and supposedly abnormal.  With such public segregation and discrimination, the accepting nation of America has come to be a land of the enslaved and the tortured, creating a malignant trend of eugenics and barbaric treatments towards those unwilling to comply with propagated norms of societal acceptance.  The beautiful minds of the children, the enthusiastic embrace of life and imagination, have been construed as abnormalities and disabilities that limit their practicality for societal utilization.  Apparent to system is that their outward thinking and ability to challenge the norm is also a challenge to the system that has so safely protected their capitalist corporate hierarchy, a system based on greed and profits.  Once again, power and greed have superseded those of humanity and unity.  Bastardizing the kids to dark rooms and straight jackets in far-off centers for mental health, the system has successfully created a new form of concentration camps through which the ‘disabled’ and ‘mentally defective’ can be set apart from ‘normal society’.  Acceptance is only offered to those that meet the criteria for ‘normalcy’, a highly subjective concept that is controlled by those afraid of anything different.  The land of the free is the land of the corrupt.  The land of unity is the land of segregation.  The land of the brave is the land of the scared.  The bureaucratic system seeks to spread its control over the masses, delude them into willingly becoming another file and number in the system of capitalist profits that is protected by societal compliance.  In a sea of thousands there are no individuals, there are only the drowning voices of the freedoms that have been sacrificed for such homogeneity.  The fire of ingenuity and youthful initiative is being targeted and lambasted by pharmaceutical corporations, seeking to administer more coercive toxins and treatments to inspire fear and trepidation into the children.  Children with ADHD, ADD, OCD, Autism and various others ‘disabilities’ are being treated like criminals of the worst kind, being administered into isolated rooms and correctional facilities for being able to think in ways not taught in conformist classrooms.  Their ability to resist the subjugation of societal pressures, of conformity, has made them the children of the future.  Yet the system has chosen to proliferate a hate-mongering stigma against such beautiful minds.  The system has instituted a form of segregation geared towards the protection of its status quo, protect what it understands and quell what it does not.  Where would the world be without John Nash (Schizophrenia), Charles Darwin (OCD), Howard Hughes (OCD), Albert Einstein (Dyslexia), Alexander Graham Bell (Dyslexia), and Isaac Newton (Epilepsy)?

“Have you ever been alone?  Transparency.  In the middle of millions, but still somehow unseen.  We are the lost, the dead and gone, the seldom seen.  We are the helpless and the hopeless.  That no one wants to see.” – Anti-Flag, “We are the Lost”

Being subjugated into a propagated theology of societal acceptance and silent obedience, the modern civilization has devolved into a totalitarian machine of repression, seeking to establish a society of docile tools adhering to a predetermined path of endless subservience – unquestioning and ever-loyal.  Through unjust laws and immoral policies, those labeled as ‘disabled’, ‘mentally handicapped’ and ‘retarded’ are surrounded by an atmosphere of social disgust and revulsion; being removed from their communities and families, forced to adhere to a new set of standards and regulations designed to cripple the individuality and creativity that they were born with.  The vibrant energies of ingenuity and imagination are poisoned by pharmaceutical oppression, being force-fed drugs and toxins that seek to addle them into a mindless state of contentment.  Labeled as a threat to their safety and that of others, the ‘others’ are dehumanized by objective practices and policies that target all aspects of humanity, violating all notions of human rights and civility.  Societal acceptance is not a characteristic of the modern civilization; rather, it has devolved into a system of conformity or repression, where those brave and loving enough to grasp hold of a new meaning of life and freedom are seen as enemies of a status quo that has been proliferated as freedom instead of the enslavement that it truly is.  Their unbridled love and excitement for life is seen as a threat and a disability, a behavior too radical and unstable to be socially accepted.  Standardizing normal behavior and social productivity into an enforced set of laws and policies, the system has guaranteed an education system and  a society of indoctrinated minds to be utilized as tools for the stabilization of profits and the perpetuation of the corrupt system.  This system of total control, of disabling treatments to ensure compliance forevermore, has indoctrinated families and friends into alienating the truly free.  Labeling them as different, as threats, the system has bastardized the saviors of society and forced them into a life of alienation and self-hatred.  Rather than stand against such injustices, the people have risen to support advancements in immoral psychiatry and pharmaceuticals, all of which are designed to cripple the freedom of expression and the freedom to be oneself.  Through institutions and acts, such as the Baker Act, the truly free are being subjugated to a new form of torture that is leaving them afraid and alone in a callous and unforgiving world.  This form of segregation has alienated the people and left them alone and scared in institutions designed to indoctrinate them into a proliferated norm of compliance, thus illustrating that freedom is no longer the norm and instead, freedom is characterized by the ability to meekly follow the dictations of those in control of the conveyor belt society.

“Alright, check this out.  There’s repression and intolerance on any deviation from the norm, in all factions of your life.” – Anti-Flag, “Power to the Peaceful”

The system of indoctrination perpetuates an atmosphere of thought control in which the people are continuously told what to think, what to do and how to behave; thus creating a sphere of susceptibility for generations that, if not met, will be forced upon those seen as ‘different’.  This enforced repression has been justified through the pharmaceutical corporations and health care organizations, arguing that the people must administer one drug after another into their system so that any capability of free thought and actions are done away with.  America is responsible for prescribing antipsychotics to children and adolescents at a rate six times greater than the UK, and with 30 million Americans having taken antidepressants for a ‘chemical imbalance’ that psychiatrists admit is a pharmaceutical campaign, not scientific fact, it is evident that the system is regulated towards the enslavement of the population into a conformed state of mind.  At the Michener Center in Canada, institutionalization, segregation and eugenics were intimately linked.  The housing of supposed ‘mental defectives’ in a virtual fortress set a distance away from any semblance of civilization, and an almost obsessive arrangement for sexual segregation within the Michener Center institution functioned as a covert form of eugenics; ‘defective’ individuals segregated in these ways posed little risk of ‘polluting’ the social body with their genetic material.  The methodology, clearly reminiscent of Hitler’s practices towards the Jewish population, also went so far as to perform involuntary sterilizations, up to 30 to 40 individuals a year.  This was not merely an isolated occurrence in Canada; rather, this is a widely held practice around the world.  The inhumanity of the policies being practiced and instituted for these individuals has crippled society, successfully manipulating common thought against people with these supposed ‘disabilities’.  The malignancy of these practices spreads and continues to worsen, leaving those affected in despair and pain.  Their dreams and aspirations are limited by social acceptance and rather than reforming the system to truly accept the notion that these individuals are equals, the system states that they will never be useful to society.  The system is afraid of different, it is afraid of something it cannot control, and these free-minded and boundlessly creative individuals are targeted for their ability to think beyond the grasp of common thought.  Their disabilities do not hinder their ability to integrate into society; rather, their abilities allow them to look at the world in a new light and reorient society into a civilization that will actually survive into the coming years.

“As I look from this stage at the hundreds of kids in this room with me, the truth is so plain and so obvious, I just can’t help to see that all of us, we are one and the same.  Only different in our ages and our names.” – Anti-Flag, “No Difference”

Nevertheless, the societal embrace offered to these ‘others’ is  summarized by dehumanizing alienation embodied by the isolated institutions they are involuntarily forced into and left to be prodded and experimented upon.  The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971 (Baker Act) allows for involuntary examination.  For the act to be instituted, there must be evidence of mental illness and the possibility of bodily harm to self, harm to others, or self neglect.  The ambiguity of the regulations has allowed for anyone to inform authorities about any semblance of disorderly behavior and thus have the person detained for 72 hours.  The patients are treated as criminals and isolated from civilization and forced to take drugs, never told what they are for.  Children are taken at random hours in the night, in handcuffs because of the evident ability for an underage child to do bodily harm to the thugs behind them.  Sometimes naked and always vulnerable, the children of the future are stripped of their humanity and treated like a malignancy that must be forcefully removed.  There are repeated reports from those ‘Baker Acted’ that they were taken by force from their friends and family, never told where or why they were being taken, and stripped of all their possessions and put into a small and cramp room for various durations of time.  The incarceration of the mind and the body, a treatment and procedure protected and advocated by the law, is evidence of the inhumanity being directed at those deemed different from the nonsensical norms.  Prescribed doses far exceeding those advised, the system is able to repress the thoughts and dreams of the children and once again protect the status quo of unquestioning state tools.  The American nation, one pledged on unity and family values, is home to stringent and unjust policies and treatments of peoples’ that the system deems as socially disabled or merely socially awkward.  The system is responsible for the true death of the nation, alienating and dehumanizing the children of the future.  To parallel the system’s inner workings to the famous depictions seen in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is not unjust, as the system has truly created a theology in which the flawed and outdated methodologies being practiced on innocent and creative minds have truly repressed and stripped the humanity of the people.  Being plagued by a plethora of drugs, encompassed by isolation and cold despair, doctors and physicians prodding and cutting, the minds of the future are driven to depression and self-hatred, conforming to the ridiculous belief that they are truly mistakes and that they do have problems.  The ability for the peaceful and blissful to be corrupted into such self-debilitating hatred is a clear illustration of the revolting monster that has taken hold of the medicinal field.  Taken from their friends and family to be isolated and stripped of all rights, considerations and liberties, the patients are supposed to be reintegrated into society as complicit slaves, just like the rest of society.  What has actually occurred is the sadist punishment of the system upon these people, releasing them into the world once they have truly given up on individuality and hope, allowing themselves to fall into line and accepting of a bitter lifestyle defined by inevitable regret.

“Life is a horror show and baby it will never stop.  They tell me to watch my step.  I answer back, ‘You watch your mouth’. So many stories you have told, you and stories have grown old.  SOS…who will save our ship?  SOS…who gives a shit?  Sinking like a rock with a heart of coal.  Sinking like a rock without a soul.” – Anti-Flag, “Good and Read”

In retrospect, the medical process geared towards the forced correction of those labelled as ‘disabled’ has become an dehumanizing alienation of mind and body in oppressive institutions.  With widely accepted stigmas guiding the laws and policies of the nation, the children of the future are targeted by correctional facilities that leave them scared and alone in a world that has somehow managed to indoctrinate all into believing that the children are an infectious disease of imperfection and abnormality.  Without care or love, the children are left by their family and friends in segregated institutions for reeducation – a process defined by dehumanizing treatments and constant drugging.


Author’s Note: The system has propagated a stigma against those seen as different, isolating and degrading them into a malignancy that all must avoid and attempt to correct.  The system is bullshit and nonsensical, propagating a norm of normalcy.  Who are we to suggest what is normal?  What right do we have to administer countless drugs and dehumanizing treatments to children and adolescents for being able to think beyond the grasp of our dictated theologies?  What are we without our friends?  What are we without our family?  What are we without our fellow people?  In a world of modernity, shouldn’t we love all that is inside and at lease be able to accept people for who they are and how they behave?   We have scapegoated these children with ‘disabilities’.  We have scapegoated homosexuals.  We have scapegoated gender, ethnicity, race, everything that we view as different.  I’m tired of the hate.  I’m tired of the bullshit, unforgiving stigmas.  How do we have the authority to Baker Act an innocent person, to knock down their doors and storm their homes?  Taking them naked and handcuffed in front of friends and strangers, the system humiliates and dehumanizes these innocent lives and minds.  What is the justification for this shit?  There is none.  In short, fuck you and your system.


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