Romney: By the Corporations and For the Corporations

The campaign trail for Republican candidate Romney has been defined by an insurmountable stockpile of wealth contributed by the corporate 1%, allowing for the candidate to proliferate an unbelievable amount of political noise on radio airwaves, internet sites and television ads, that do not speak of his character and ability to lead, but rather focus on slandering and reporting lies to degrade Obama and manipulate the public conscience.

Romney: By the Corporations and For the Corporations

The race for the White House no longer stands as a battle of leadership and values; rather, the race has degraded political dialogue into a competition of check-books through which the candidates and their unnamed contributors seek to slander and question the reputation of the other and therefore not win the election, but merely ensure the other does not win.  In the race for the Presidency, a battle of demeaning and condescending rhetoric has unfolded between Democrat Obama and Republican Romney, resulting in a back and forth slandering campaign in which each candidate is cast in demonic un-American lights. Despite the degradation the electoral system has undergone in recent elections, the race between Obama and Romney has truly illustrated the ability for candidates to devote themselves to corporations and special interest groups in search of funds to continue the proliferation of political nonsense.  The race is longer one based on the potential and experience the candidates may bring to the White House, but instead it is a slander campaign based on personal ethics, tax records, birth records, religious standing and, in the end, whose check-book can afford the bigger lie.  Though both candidates are culprits of corporate sellout, the success being met with by Romney is solely based on his ability to purchase the attention of the masses and demonstrate that, although he has no outlook on America’s future and no ability to actually lead, he is not Obama.  The polarization of politics and society has allowed for this method of political audience targeting to effectively work, allowing Romney to gain widespread support because of his status as a conservative  and thus, put as much space between himself and the ‘socialist’ Obama.  Romney’s ability to equalize the race is surely not because of his ‘revolutionary’ policies that will most assuredly take American out of its financial and political slump – Romney has not delivered any speeches or ads that speak to his ability to even lead the country.  Romney’s race is dependent on appealing to the conservative masses and delivering statements that promise to unravel every and any policy or action Obama has done.  With the 1% rallying behind the corporate-capitalist, Romney has been able to target Obama’s reputation and record by spreading lies that are only believable because of the frequency of their airing and because of the big-name conservatives that endorse the ads.  Romney’s strategy is not based on his own policies, which are clearly a mystery to any who choose to think into the matter, but rather his strategy is merely focused on demonstrating that Obama’s future and past policies will undermine America – though Romney seems rather vague in suggesting how they do that.  Through vague and bureaucratic methods of providing nothing but making it look substantial, Romney has seized the Republican candidacy and demonstrated that money can do everything.

“So this will be the entire point of the Romney- Ryan campaign.  Lie lie lie.  Muddy the waters.  Turn the day to night, fire to water, champagne to piss.”  – Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast

Despite an array of Romney related issues concerning tax returns and his tole in Bain in 2002 after supposedly ‘retiring retroactively’, the announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate was to introduce a new era of honest debate and answers for the American people.  As with most statements from the conservative allies, the distinguishing fact of the Romney-Ryan campaign thus far continues to be built on outright lies in a desperate attempt to avoid honest debate at all costs.  They have continued to muddy the waters as much as possible in an attempt to proliferate an impenetrable boundary of chronic lies through which the American people will not be able to see through and thus believe in the lies.  Sadly, the apparently infinite amount of endorsers and corporate piggy-banks at Romney’s disposal has allowed him to sell his lies effectively and persistently to the people.  It is through the strategy of political ads and fundraising events that Romney plans on buying the Presidency, a strategy that has put him equal to Obama in most recent polls.  So saying, the ability for corporate-capitalists to consolidate power in America is evident based on the fact that Romney’s questionable leadership and international policies have not taken him out of the race only because of his stockpile of financial weapons – a laundry list of conservative super PACs.  At the end of July, the Romney campaign and its Republican allies stood upon $186 million in donations, this comes after spending $350 million in July on ads on radio shows, internet sites and commercial ads.  The former Massachusetts governor is flanked by an array of deep-pocketed super PACs and nonprofit advocacy groups that are pumping tens of millions of dollars into the race on his behalf, providing the finances necessary to produce reoccurring ads that spread half-truths and flagrant lies.  The most blatant of lies being proliferated on public mediums is that concerning Obama’s supposed welfare rule change.  The Romney ad campaign says exactly the opposite of what the new rule stipulates.  PolitiFact called the first Romney ad ‘Pants on Fire’ and Glen Kessler gave it ‘four Pinocchios’.  The new ad that has been released states the Obama ‘ended the work requirement’ for welfare.  The ad is plainly and provably not true.  Whilst condemning Obama and his plans for health care in America, Romney has praised his vague and essentially nonexistent plans for future care based on a plan that mirrors Obama’s rule by rule, except for the way to actually pay for it – something Romney has no solution for.  In a recent event in Florida, Romney attacked Obama for supposedly planning on cutting $716 billion from Medicare while lavishing praise on Ryan, whose Medicare plan from last year cuts over $716 billion.  The truth of Ryan’s is that his premium support plan would devastate Medicare because it would slow increased spending to a rate well below the rate at which health care costs have been rising in recent years.  Evidently, this is simply Romney’s weaselly nature to never say anything forthright about any topic and perpetuate the historical nature of Republicans – to lies about lower taxes bringing in more revenues and discrediting any and all contrary opinions from Obama by telling a number of lies that are somehow tied to race.

“I was just the guy with the smoke screenish, yet still legal title of CEO and Managing Director who was paid at least $100,000, a year to do what, according to me, Mitt Romney, was nothing.  That’s the king of common sense business experience I hope to bring to the White House.” – Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Mitt Romney does not stand as a candidate for the people, a conclusion that should not be surprising considering the policies he endorsed while at Bain Capitol and a conclusion clearly seen by the list of mega-donors that have carried him so far into the race for President.  Naturally, if the American people are satisfied with a corporate-capitalist takeover of the nation that allows for the 1% hierarchy to perpetuate the degradation of the nation at the expense of the masses, than Romney is the clear choice.  Though not as eloquent as Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert have put it, Romney’s involvement in Bain oversaw the outsourcing of millions of jobs and the exploitation of tax loopholes so as to ensure max-profits for investors and owners, such as Romney.  Romney’s refusal to accept that he oversaw the carrying out of policies clearly hurtful to Americans, as well as his repetitious insults of American intelligence, is a clear indication that Romney cannot serve as President of the nation.  Moreover, during the 2008 race for President, Republicans chastised and attacked Obama for being a supposed elitist for having been educated at Harvard.  These attacks were effective in driving many conservatives away from Obama because they believed he was ‘disconnected’ from the trials and suffering of the American people.  So saying, Romney’s disconnect from the receding care for the American people is more apparent and his placement in the corporate hierarchy clearly places him at a polar opposite from the troubles facing the American people.  Romney’s perception of the trials facing the American people can be put in parallel to the starvation of the French masses and Maria Antoinette’s, “give the people cake”.  Romney is as disconnected an example of the 1%  as can be, and his ability to even consider fixing the problems addressing the nation are nowhere to be found, just like the majority of his tax returns and statements from his ads that are actually true.  Nevertheless, with mega-rich supporters like Sheldon Adelson, Bob Perry, Ira Rennert, and the Salvadoran entrepreneur Poma family (accredited for being first investors to Bain Capitol), Romney clearly does not need to address his problem-solving strategy on domestic or international events, but instead can continue to merely target Obama with lies that are somehow able to undermine the confidence of voters.  So saying, a main point of issue for many Americans, and a point that illustrates the pro-wealth disparity stance of Romney, is that of tax reform.  Romney is being evasive about exactly what he plans to do on tax reform.  Romney proposes an across-the-board 20% reduction in existing marginal rates, while keeping the 15% top rate on capital gains, except for filers who make less than $200,000; for them, capital gains would be tax-free.  As for which deductions and special break Romney would eliminate to offset lower rates – Romney has not provided any solution.  One element that has become evident is Romney’s position on one notorious tax break: the favorable treatment of ‘carried interest’.  Mainly enjoyed by private equity and hedge fund managers, this break is a big reason Romney’s own tax bill was no more than about 14% of his multimillion-dollars income in recent years.  The carried-interest break not only accentuates income inequality but also overincentivizes  the formation of investment partnerships, diverting capital – financial and human – from other, more productive uses.  In contrast to Romney’s corporate-capitalist favoritism, President Obama has sensibly proposed getting rid of it.  Evidently, the position of Romney is that he is a man of the people, but those people are corporations.


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