Romney: By the Corporations and For the Corporations

The campaign trail for Republican candidate Romney has been defined by an insurmountable stockpile of wealth contributed by the corporate 1%, allowing for the candidate to proliferate an unbelievable amount of political noise on radio airwaves, internet sites and television ads, that do not speak of his character and ability to lead, but rather focus on slandering and reporting lies to degrade Obama and manipulate the public conscience.

Romney: By the Corporations and For the Corporations

The race for the White House no longer stands as a battle of leadership and values; rather, the race has degraded political dialogue into a competition of check-books through which the candidates and their unnamed contributors seek to slander and question the reputation of the other and therefore not win the election, but merely ensure the other does not win.  In the race for the Presidency, a battle of demeaning and condescending rhetoric has unfolded between Democrat Obama and Republican Romney, resulting in a back and forth slandering campaign in which each candidate is cast in demonic un-American lights. Despite the degradation the electoral system has undergone in recent elections, the race between Obama and Romney has truly illustrated the ability for candidates to devote themselves to corporations and special interest groups in search of funds to continue the proliferation of political nonsense.  The race is longer one based on the potential and experience the candidates may bring to the White House, but instead it is a slander campaign based on personal ethics, tax records, birth records, religious standing and, in the end, whose check-book can afford the bigger lie.  Though both candidates are culprits of corporate sellout, the success being met with by Romney is solely based on his ability to purchase the attention of the masses and demonstrate that, although he has no outlook on America’s future and no ability to actually lead, he is not Obama.  The polarization of politics and society has allowed for this method of political audience targeting to effectively work, allowing Romney to gain widespread support because of his status as a conservative  and thus, put as much space between himself and the ‘socialist’ Obama.  Romney’s ability to equalize the race is surely not because of his ‘revolutionary’ policies that will most assuredly take American out of its financial and political slump – Romney has not delivered any speeches or ads that speak to his ability to even lead the country.  Romney’s race is dependent on appealing to the conservative masses and delivering statements that promise to unravel every and any policy or action Obama has done.  With the 1% rallying behind the corporate-capitalist, Romney has been able to target Obama’s reputation and record by spreading lies that are only believable because of the frequency of their airing and because of the big-name conservatives that endorse the ads.  Romney’s strategy is not based on his own policies, which are clearly a mystery to any who choose to think into the matter, but rather his strategy is merely focused on demonstrating that Obama’s future and past policies will undermine America – though Romney seems rather vague in suggesting how they do that.  Through vague and bureaucratic methods of providing nothing but making it look substantial, Romney has seized the Republican candidacy and demonstrated that money can do everything.

“So this will be the entire point of the Romney- Ryan campaign.  Lie lie lie.  Muddy the waters.  Turn the day to night, fire to water, champagne to piss.”  – Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast

Despite an array of Romney related issues concerning tax returns and his tole in Bain in 2002 after supposedly ‘retiring retroactively’, the announcement of Paul Ryan as his running mate was to introduce a new era of honest debate and answers for the American people.  As with most statements from the conservative allies, the distinguishing fact of the Romney-Ryan campaign thus far continues to be built on outright lies in a desperate attempt to avoid honest debate at all costs.  They have continued to muddy the waters as much as possible in an attempt to proliferate an impenetrable boundary of chronic lies through which the American people will not be able to see through and thus believe in the lies.  Sadly, the apparently infinite amount of endorsers and corporate piggy-banks at Romney’s disposal has allowed him to sell his lies effectively and persistently to the people.  It is through the strategy of political ads and fundraising events that Romney plans on buying the Presidency, a strategy that has put him equal to Obama in most recent polls.  So saying, the ability for corporate-capitalists to consolidate power in America is evident based on the fact that Romney’s questionable leadership and international policies have not taken him out of the race only because of his stockpile of financial weapons – a laundry list of conservative super PACs.  At the end of July, the Romney campaign and its Republican allies stood upon $186 million in donations, this comes after spending $350 million in July on ads on radio shows, internet sites and commercial ads.  The former Massachusetts governor is flanked by an array of deep-pocketed super PACs and nonprofit advocacy groups that are pumping tens of millions of dollars into the race on his behalf, providing the finances necessary to produce reoccurring ads that spread half-truths and flagrant lies.  The most blatant of lies being proliferated on public mediums is that concerning Obama’s supposed welfare rule change.  The Romney ad campaign says exactly the opposite of what the new rule stipulates.  PolitiFact called the first Romney ad ‘Pants on Fire’ and Glen Kessler gave it ‘four Pinocchios’.  The new ad that has been released states the Obama ‘ended the work requirement’ for welfare.  The ad is plainly and provably not true.  Whilst condemning Obama and his plans for health care in America, Romney has praised his vague and essentially nonexistent plans for future care based on a plan that mirrors Obama’s rule by rule, except for the way to actually pay for it – something Romney has no solution for.  In a recent event in Florida, Romney attacked Obama for supposedly planning on cutting $716 billion from Medicare while lavishing praise on Ryan, whose Medicare plan from last year cuts over $716 billion.  The truth of Ryan’s is that his premium support plan would devastate Medicare because it would slow increased spending to a rate well below the rate at which health care costs have been rising in recent years.  Evidently, this is simply Romney’s weaselly nature to never say anything forthright about any topic and perpetuate the historical nature of Republicans – to lies about lower taxes bringing in more revenues and discrediting any and all contrary opinions from Obama by telling a number of lies that are somehow tied to race.

“I was just the guy with the smoke screenish, yet still legal title of CEO and Managing Director who was paid at least $100,000, a year to do what, according to me, Mitt Romney, was nothing.  That’s the king of common sense business experience I hope to bring to the White House.” – Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Mitt Romney does not stand as a candidate for the people, a conclusion that should not be surprising considering the policies he endorsed while at Bain Capitol and a conclusion clearly seen by the list of mega-donors that have carried him so far into the race for President.  Naturally, if the American people are satisfied with a corporate-capitalist takeover of the nation that allows for the 1% hierarchy to perpetuate the degradation of the nation at the expense of the masses, than Romney is the clear choice.  Though not as eloquent as Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert have put it, Romney’s involvement in Bain oversaw the outsourcing of millions of jobs and the exploitation of tax loopholes so as to ensure max-profits for investors and owners, such as Romney.  Romney’s refusal to accept that he oversaw the carrying out of policies clearly hurtful to Americans, as well as his repetitious insults of American intelligence, is a clear indication that Romney cannot serve as President of the nation.  Moreover, during the 2008 race for President, Republicans chastised and attacked Obama for being a supposed elitist for having been educated at Harvard.  These attacks were effective in driving many conservatives away from Obama because they believed he was ‘disconnected’ from the trials and suffering of the American people.  So saying, Romney’s disconnect from the receding care for the American people is more apparent and his placement in the corporate hierarchy clearly places him at a polar opposite from the troubles facing the American people.  Romney’s perception of the trials facing the American people can be put in parallel to the starvation of the French masses and Maria Antoinette’s, “give the people cake”.  Romney is as disconnected an example of the 1%  as can be, and his ability to even consider fixing the problems addressing the nation are nowhere to be found, just like the majority of his tax returns and statements from his ads that are actually true.  Nevertheless, with mega-rich supporters like Sheldon Adelson, Bob Perry, Ira Rennert, and the Salvadoran entrepreneur Poma family (accredited for being first investors to Bain Capitol), Romney clearly does not need to address his problem-solving strategy on domestic or international events, but instead can continue to merely target Obama with lies that are somehow able to undermine the confidence of voters.  So saying, a main point of issue for many Americans, and a point that illustrates the pro-wealth disparity stance of Romney, is that of tax reform.  Romney is being evasive about exactly what he plans to do on tax reform.  Romney proposes an across-the-board 20% reduction in existing marginal rates, while keeping the 15% top rate on capital gains, except for filers who make less than $200,000; for them, capital gains would be tax-free.  As for which deductions and special break Romney would eliminate to offset lower rates – Romney has not provided any solution.  One element that has become evident is Romney’s position on one notorious tax break: the favorable treatment of ‘carried interest’.  Mainly enjoyed by private equity and hedge fund managers, this break is a big reason Romney’s own tax bill was no more than about 14% of his multimillion-dollars income in recent years.  The carried-interest break not only accentuates income inequality but also overincentivizes  the formation of investment partnerships, diverting capital – financial and human – from other, more productive uses.  In contrast to Romney’s corporate-capitalist favoritism, President Obama has sensibly proposed getting rid of it.  Evidently, the position of Romney is that he is a man of the people, but those people are corporations.


Russia: Pussy Riot

The 3 members of the feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot have been found guilt of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred, after being detained for months for their February 21 protest at the Christ the Savior Cathedral.

3 of 7 Female Members of Pussy Riot have Sparked International Controversy after Being Detained by Russian Authorities

Pussy Riot is a 7-member punk-rock band in Russia infamous for staging impromptu performances in public areas demonstrating their disdain for the return of a Stalin-esque era under Putin.  Most recently, the 7 members staged one such performance in the Christ the Savior Cathedral, criticizing the support Putin has received from the church.  The resulting crackdown by police forces after the video went viral represents that return of censorship and repression that has been installed under Putin.  The return of Putin has been marked by continuous protests and demonstrations against the militaristic, hard-lined conservative President notorious for his repressive handling of anything liberal.  So saying, the recent suppression of Pussy Riot serves as another illustration of the dictatorial nature of the President, marking a blow against freedom of expression and the return disproportionate punishment.  The 3 women that were detained for over 5 months have been convicted of charges of hate-motivated hooliganism and sentenced to 2 years in prison.  Moscow’s Khamonvinchsky District Court found 22-year-old Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, 23-year-old Maria Alyokhina, and 30-year-old Yekaterina Samutsevish guilty on charges of hooliganism committed by a groups of persons motivated by religious hatred, under article 213, part 2 of Russia’ criminal code.  Despite the reported ruling for anti-religion, the group’s activism was aimed at criticizing the politics of the Church and the support it has for Putin.  The claims of religious hatred are fraudulent and mark the corruption of the justice system instituted in Russia, thus signifying the emerging conservative state based upon vague laws and bureaucracy used to control the citizens.  Not only was the verdict unjust and unfounded, but the proceedings of the trial were shameful and dishonest, shaking the belief of any Russians that were still optimistically in support of the faux democracy under Putin.  The judge rejected the defense and refused to hear reports from several witnesses who were in support of the band members, firmly denying all accounts of political activism and focusing solely on the religious aspect of the band’s ‘punk prayer’.  So saying, the trial of Pussy Riot has gained international attention, resulting in a sensationalist fervor in international media that has proliferated the reports of harsh treatment and possible torture while in police custody.  Evidently, the personal vendetta of Putin against the protest movement has resulted in the disproportionate punishment levied against the members of the band, turning the protest into a much more accredited symbolic movement that has gained international support and thus renewed attention on the practices of Putin’s theological rubber-stamping repressive regime.

“It’s clear in this case that the women’s aim was to make a political statement, and it’s also clear that some found their actions offensive.  But there is still a long way to go between an offensive political statement and a hate crime.” – Hugh Williamson, Human Rights Director of Europe and Central Asia division

The trial of Pussy Riot, at first a propaganda show by Putin to discourage further protests by crucifying the members as feminist hooligans of questionable morality, an erroneous judgement based upon their ‘unethical’ attack on religious values; the trial has spun chaotically into an international media fervor in which corruption and repression have become defining headlines for Putin’s return.  The media has seized upon the offences of the regime, intensifying the diplomatic pressure on Putin for the unjust ruling and punishments.  Reports being proliferated throughout the Western world allege that the band members have been forced to sit in cages for 5 days, some days for 10 hours at a time, being denied food and adequate sleep.  The regime has attempted to exhaust the members in order to extinguish their revolutionary fires, fires that have spread throughout the Russian and international public encouraging uproar and condemnation for such human rights violations.  Nevertheless, as the solidarity of the Western masses begin to coalesce into clusters of sensationalist supporters, the severity of the situation is being muddled in the new form of pop culture activism which, despite resonating enthusiasm, is short-lived and quickly turned into a celebration of issues not at central to the real problem being debated.  This is later turned into an exploit of commercialism that ends in the decay of the movement and the loss of a cause based on good intentions.  Pussy Riot embodies the questions about Russia’s degrading political freedoms and civil liberties,  a series of problems that have escalated under the iron fist of Putin’s powers.  In 2010, a Moscow district court found the co-organizers of a controversial art exhibit “Forbidden Art-2006”, at the Sakharov Museum in Moscow guilty of inciting religious hatred, which is considered an extremist offense, and fined them.  In June and July, in the midst of protests against Putin’s election, the newly formed loyalist parliament adopted a raft of laws putting new restrictions on certain nongovernmental organizations that receive foreign funding, on public demonstrations, and on the Internet.  During a winter peaceful opposition protest, authorities arrested demonstrators who were reportedly involved in a clash with police during the mass demonstration.  They were later charged with crimes disproportionate to their alleged actions.  Police have also conducted searches of the homes of opposition leaders that seemed intended to intimidate them.  Evidently, the intensified oppression of liberties and freedom marks the rise of the police state in Russia, centered around a cult of personality that resembles one of the Soviet era.  Putin’s use of force is not aimed at protecting public order and security, but instead, at setting boundaries for political criticism.

“The millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent in the last few years on fixing the image of our country abroad have been thrown to the wind.  Our image is getting closer to a medieval dictatorship, although in reality we are not that.” – Tina Kandelaki, prominent pro-Putin media personality

The controversy of Pussy Riot’s performances and messages have allowed for their trail and stance against political takeover to be heard across the world, constructing a solidarity movement of organizations and countries in support of the release of the female band members.  Nevertheless, the hype behind the members is being warped by popular culture.  Kony 2012 is a fit warning for the development of movements dedicated to representing and fighting for the just causes of Pussy Riot.  Kony 2012 brought to light a serious problem – warlords escaping justice in Central Africa – but it was turned into an exercise in commercialism, militarism, and Western meddling.  The intensity of the movement was rampant in the first few months but quickly died away as the message quickly became distorted by public mediums in charge of manipulating ideas and ideals to be readily consumed by the masses.  In Russia, Pussy Riot’s new found Western fans are taking the severity of the cause – fighting against political corruption and infringement on civil liberties and freedoms – and turning it into a celebration of feminist punk music and art.  The attention is being drawn from Putin and the hierarchy that is being installed.  For instance, whilst the Western sensationalist culture stars perpetuate the public fervor in directions other than political rights, there lacks any coverage of the much harsher sentences facing the not so famous and not-female co-protesters.  Along with Arytom Savylov, 12 other protesters have charged with calling for mass disorder and assaulting police officers.  Each of them could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.  This is not to say that there is special attention geared towards Pussy Riot because of their status as women, but their popularity in pop culture has allowed them to become figureheads for the media.  With respect, the media has allowed for the trial and unjust ruling to become a global phenomenon but it also results in a smokescreen for the more nefarious actions being committed but not reported.  The obsessive focus on these 3 women, not for their activism or political dissent, but for their status as female punk rockers, risks drawing attention away from other Russian activists or political prisoners and focusing it instead on the plight of all-women punk rock bands, which is decidedly less dire. Moreover, the message of Pussy Riot is about political action and refusing to stand by and allow for the Russia people to be, once again, enslaved by the President.  So saying, the members would not look favorably on the media distortion of the trial’s unjust ending and the manipulated focus on punk rock and popular items of culture that are not correlated to the activist call that they perpetuate. The consequences of the cultural focus also envelop the ability for Putin to manipulate the coverage by appearing lenient and forgiving towards the bands’ members (as has done by asking for lenient sentencing), while he deals in backrooms for harsher treatment of the other protesters (which was done and said above).

“It shows that the Russian authorities will stop at no end to suppress dissent and stifle civil society.  Each step in the case has been an affront to human rights.” – Michelle Ringuette, Amnesty International

In retrospect, the controversy surrounding Pussy Riot brings to light the re-emergence of the Soviet-era police state under former-KGB member, Vladimir Putin; yet, the overt attention of manipulated media has skewed international perspectives away from the general repression of the Russian people and more towards the popular culture item – a female punk rock band.  The development of cultural hype about the detention of these members is likely to converge with Kony 2012 in a cesspool of yet another failed international propaganda movement.  So saying, Putin has attempted to crucify the members in a general policy of ending future protests to his Soviet-esque power and though this has failed, Putin has succeeded in diverting attention away from the trials and tribulations of other political prisoners being tortured and sentenced to much harsher terms.  The Western world has hoped onto the bandwagon of Pussy Riot-related injustices because of their cultural significance as a punk rock band, their status as female punk-rockers and because of the provocative nature of the name, a multitude of selling points for the profit-seeking media networks.  It is this consequence of cultural hype that must be avoided so as to honor the purpose of Pussy Riot and the many other revolutionary persons in Russia that have braved the repression of Russian authorities to demonstrate the return of totalitarianism in Russia.   It is the mission and its objective of transparency in a faux democracy that should be celebrated in the Western lands, not the unjust sentence of a few female punk rockers.

America: Modern Civilization? – The Collapsing Empire

The American society has stood as a beacon of urbanization and advancement, marking a clear divide between the important civilization that had risen in the West and the barbarism of other underdeveloped peoples; however, this view of American exceptionalism has fallen into an age of decline.

The American Empire has Reach its Zenith. When Will It Fall?

The progress of history is marked with the emergence of great empires, all of which attained a zenith of societal advancement that marked them as a great civilization of civil people living in a new structure of hierarchy and urbanization.  These empires of history rose to become global powers defined by a golden age of prosperity, wealth and a general contentedness of their masses.  Each of these empires rose to represent the ideal of the time and yet, each of these empires fell due to a floodgate of problems that rotted their infrastructure.  Despite claims to the contrary, the empires of the past fell with extraordinary speed.  The transition from equipoise to anarchy took little more than a decade for many of the powers.  The vast imperial metropolis of Rome, the Ming dynasty’s rule in China and the Soviet Union were powers of vast strength and land, yet their structural integrity collapsed into utter despair and ruin in the span of a decade.  So saying, the great American power of the West has been plagued with a plethora of problems being perpetuated by a growing inability of the political structure to properly address the concerns of a growing uncivil public.  The political atmosphere is defined by a growing polarization of views that has constructed a parallel society of hate-mongers and delusions of the American greatness, an ideal only resplendent in the minds of a public too afraid and confused to address the reality of a crumbling empire.  The political paralysis of the American system should not be inevitable, but the rigidity of ideals proliferated by those in powers has resulted in a structure of education and thinking that indoctrinates the new age of American thinkers into the same growing divide of competition that has defined the past era of politics and society in America.  The era is defined by a political strategy defined by ignoring problems and failing to address the points that have been proclaimed as ‘nonnegotiable’ – social security, military budget, health care, etc.  This prolonged era of “can-kicking” has become the age of descent for the American nation, an age that was allowed to grow and fester because of the general unwillingness to make sacrifices and address the corruption, the poverty and the crumbling pillars of structure that are deteriorating at the weight of the American decline.

“See our sense of shame and throw it overboard.  See our moral compass and set it so past bored.  I guess conscience really does just make cowards of us all.  See us turn a blind eye till it’s criminal.” – Anti-Flag, “Turn a Blind Eye”

The root of problems being born in the American civilization are mainly found in the fact that the American nation is no longer home to a civil public; rather, the masses have become a divided sea of propaganda-infused tools from both the right and left.  This has essentially resulted in a civil war of competing values and ethics that undermine the American nation and its sense of indivisibility.  Though the American nation was founded on the cooperation of both the right and the left, an infusion of ideals congruent to all people, the modern era has forgotten the civility and brotherhood that gave rise to the republic.  The American people, mimicking the corporate-bought leader, are not thinking pragmatically; rather, they are merely regurgitating the manipulation of images and ideas propagated by television, allowing for propaganda to become a substitute for individual ideas and ideology.  The senseless adherence to a medium controlled by conservative capitalists has allowed for the American people to lose grasp on reality and believe that the status quo of American greatness will continue on under their complicit behavior.  Nevertheless, this American greatness is spiraling downwards as did the empires of old.  The rise of Western civilization, the reason for the rise of the American nation, was due to a series of institutional innovations – competition, scientific revolution, the rule of law and representative government, modern medicine, and work ethic.  These assets for growth were monopolized by the rise of the West and yet, these tools for civilization have  grown divergent of their initial purposes.  The consumer society has turned into a system through which the media can delve into the minds of the masses, run ads inspiring insecurity and superficial want for carnal and material pleasures.  The consumer society has turned the American nation into a corporate capitalist hierarchy through which the great diverge is seen in the ever-growing gap between the rich and struggling poor.  The work ethic is now a concept that applies only to the poor, those that must live check-to-check in order to maintain a standard of living that is barely livable.  As the masses grow tired of carrying the great American behemoth, the mechanisms of the American infrastructure begin to crumble under the weight of a debt and disparity to which they have no answer for.  50 million people in America last year to earn enough to eat.  This number, a fit description of the false myth of the American Dream, can also be coupled together with the fact that the $14 trillion bailout for CEOs and banks, the 1% who never struggle to eat, was paid for by the taxpayers – approximately $47,000 per person.  The poor and middle class will pay for it in the form of inflation, declining infrastructure, poorer education and higher state and local taxes.  As the rest of the world advances beyond the advancements from America’s past, the great empire languishes in its own investment in the past, unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices to emerge from its stagnant pool of despair and decay.

“They call it America, ‘land of the free, home of the brave’.  More to the truth, it’s a murderer, it’s the land of the enslaved!” – Anti-Flag, “Until It Happens to You”

The media has become to represent cult of personality, one aimed at maintaining the servility of the masses.   The culture of illusion thrives by robbing the American people of the intellectual and linguistic tools to separate illusion from truth.  It reduces the people to the level and dependency of mindless slaves.  Rather than focusing on the crumbling walls of their own futures, the people remain unquestionably loyal to reality shows and the paparazzi invasion of some person or another’s privacy.  The people are plagued with a narcissism epidemic  in which a shift in culture towards greater self-admiration is illustrated by their malicious attitude and sadistic behavior towards others.  The American people are subject to a  growing desire to watch and laugh at the misfortunes of others, allowing for corporate media to create shows and images that enrapture the peoples’ attention and allow them to continue on blissfully ignorant of the collapsing empire.  To provide a general example – American Idol and the subset series of talent shows that have followed, through which the American people denigrate those who go on by a sadistic voting mechanism that demeans the worth of a person to the number of people who voted in their favor.  As millions go sick and dying in the streets, as brothers and sisters are sent to die in foreign lands to ensure the oil tycoons remain resplendent in their lavish homes, the American people sit on couched and laugh at people on these shows.  It is the same ‘freak-show’ distraction that comes along every time a mighty empire starts collapsing.  These shows have become the new coliseum  where the American people willingly participate in a show where the weak are torn apart for the sake of their amusement.  The American civilization, a society honored for its advancement and urban technology, has become home to cruel and vile population being deluded into waging war on each other and on their own minds.  As they fight among themselves about the validity of a FOX News report or an MSNBC claim, laugh at the idiocy of some star on Jersey Shore, or stare mindlessly at the sexual images of some HBO series, the American people are driven like animals towards the workforce to labor on.  The American people are not forced through physical power to work rank and file in jobs dedicated to the perseverance of a nation no longer representative of its intended purpose of freedom and justice for all.  Rather, the American people are coerced into these jobs to ensure that the debt and disparity of the nation, both of which were created by the corporate leaders and politicians in the 1%, does not utterly destroy the nation.  It is the media – tv, commercials, radio and the web – that has invaded the conscience of the people, making them fools.  The American people have become the target audience for the noise propagated by competing groups and organizations, all interested in profit and power instead of truth and fact.  Thus, a public is created that is divided into competing groups of barbaric fighters with no grasp of what is truly important.  The fighters stand on their pedestals of fabricated reports and gossip, regurgitating the manipulated information reported by their favorite medium.  Throwing word and dagger, the American people have brought down their own nation.

“I thought I’d begun to see a change, but the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Back stabbing and name calling, the trademarks of your act.  You talk and talk of unity, but divide with your attacks.” – Anti-Flag, “Tearing Everyone Down”

In retrospect, the American people are led to fight against one another, against those that represent an ideal opposite of what was published on their rightist/leftist media medium, believing that to rise up and be an American is to yell, scream and fight so ignorantly loud that no one else can heart another view, a view that could be the salvation for a nation that, apparently, is only home to deluded and bigoted people.  The people are led astray, led to lead senseless and ignorant lives, in order to maintain a stable and peaceful workforce that is in charge of keeping the rich aloft on pedestals far from the everyday worries of the masses.  The rich think of ever more ingenious ways to hoard more wealth, mostly at the expense of the public, instead of working to resolve the country’s problems.  As the people suffer way, they remain loyal to mainstream commercial mediums of media that pander to profits and gossip, deluding the peoples’ sense of reality and striving to fuel the peoples’ motivation to continue on working and listening, to continue on being so divided and bigoted.  In the end, what is the purpose of having an American civilization if the American people are no longer interested in being civil.  America has become a cruel and vicious place, rewarding the shallowest, meanest and loudest of those fighters that stand for the division of a country proclaimed as the United States.  With no sense of decency, no right or wrong, the American people pander to the most extremist of views and values proliferated on their favorite mediums, illustrating that the modern civilization is just another reality show of incredulous activities that demeans those within, destroys its surroundings and caters to the amusement of a target audience – the corporate benefactors.  The American nation has become a slogan-saying, bile-spewing, hate-monger.

America: (False) Promises of a Better Tomorrow – Capitalist Hierarchy

The ability to rise through the ranks of corporate America, to secure a future with a guaranteed higher standard of living, is only affordable to those able to pay the initial cost and thus, a preordained corporate capitalist hierarchy is constructed in which the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

The American People are Deluded into Working for the Profits of the Rich

The American Dream promises of a better tomorrow in which the masses, through hard work and determination, will be able to rise through the ranks and secure their own stature in society as an individual of wealth and comfort.  Nevertheless, this promise is one constructed and manipulated by the elites and their propaganda machines to perpetuate the constant work and toil of the masses, the people who represent their slave-like workers. Living check-to-check, the people are deluded into believing that things will get eventually improve and that their sweat and tears will be rewarded with the ability to purchase their own white picket fenced house and sports cars.  This delusion has allowed for the capitalist hierarchy to proliferate, allowing the elites consolidate their hold on the power structure and even spread their grasp to both the political and financial infrastructure of the American system.  With the voice of the people being suppressed by their own complicit behavior, the elites have a free reign to buy the voice of the politicians and ensure their profits rise higher and higher at the expense of the people at home and the people abroad, those targeted for their resources and cheap labor.  The situation is exacerbated by the reality that the only viable option to infiltrate the elite circle of corporations and banks is to have the wealth and power to buy into it.  The system of connections and bribes has essentially preordained those who will be able to rise into the class of elites, whilst condemning the majority to languish in an eternal purgatory of struggle and strife for a standard of living based on check-to-check living.  The free world, as promised by the American Dream, is sold to the masses as a beacon of hope in which America is believed to be the land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Yet, the reality is a nation founded on exploitation and manipulation to ensure that the majority of people sold on this pipe dream are also the ones most adversely affected by this exploitative system.  Promising that with hard work, all dreams are possible in the US, the elitists are able to convince tens of millions of people to struggle on in the workforce to help move the great American behemoth towards material gains only enjoyed by the elites in their lavish homes.  These hollow ideals are fed to Americans from the cradle to the grace, but the extent of capitalist greed spreads to other nations courtesy of the propagandistic Voice of America (VOA) and the United States Information Agency (USIA).  Evidently, the corporate controlled propaganda machine is powerful and more than capable of convincing millions around the world that the American Dream is an actuality and can be secured by surrendering to an established norm of corporate control.

“I seen a lot of rip-offs in my life.  The rip-offs of the old and of the young, the weak, the sick, the never known.  Stabbed repeatedly in the back by the Wall Street suit.  The Washington hack.  Lining up their pockets with the peoples’ cash and laughing all the way to the bank.” – Anti-Flag, “The Economy is Suffering, Let it Die”

America is a nation founded, built and sustained on exploitation of people.  It is through the elitist control of the system’s assets that the promises of a better tomorrow keep the engines of war and profit going, keep the great beast complicit and working, and keep the nation in a perpetual state of blissful ignorance, so as to ensure the status quo remains.  The elite are permeated within the halls of Congress, Wall Street and the elitist oriented Higher Educational institutions of America; three bastion of elitist values that illustrate the American ideal – disparity of wealth and power.  The American people toil hours, day in and day out, striving to pursue the unattainable carrot that has been placed in front of them by the lofty elitist bastions.  Their blood, sweat and tears are being exhausted on ensuring that the lavish lives of the elites does not change, consolidating a standard of living for the elites that is defined by ultimate wealth and power.  The extent to which the capitalist hierarchy controls the path of the nation in favor of the rich is illustrated in the numerous foreign imperial exploits, as well as the bailouts.  The American people were forced to work longer and harder in the few jobs available in order to maintain a standard of living that was barely livable before.  Rather than lending a helping hand to reward the efforts of the people keeping the American infrastructure aloft, the policies of the American government turned towards its priority – bailing out the corrupt banks and corporations responsible for the recession, for the despair that had rooted itself in the hearts of the people forced out their homes.  The government bailed out Wall Street with a recovery package of $13 trillion, money that came from the American people and added to a national debt already astoundingly high.  This national debt has also become a tool through which the elites attempt to waylay the people, forcing the masses to sacrifice more to higher taxes, less medical coverage, and cutting the few government programs that were a slight relief for the toiling masses.  As the American people are denied their healthcare, provided to all in every other industrialized country, the disparity in wealth and power grows every wider.  The gap between the small percentage of elites at the top and rest of the populace is more than ever before.  The Federal Reserve reports that the top seven banks in American have over $10 trillion in assets recorded in over 14,000 created ‘subsidiaries’ to avoid taxes.  So saying, the top 1% hide more than the total annual economic output of American and Japan combined.  This overt disparity leaves millions without homes, food and bare essential medical coverage.

“The richest of the rich, dine in fancy chic cafes, not a worry all their days.  The cost of luxury, throughout empires of history, is vengeance from those empire enslaves.” – Anti-Flag, “No Paradise”

The ruling class of elites does whatever it can to retain as much capital as they possible can, eagerly striving to gorge their financial coffers at the expense of the people subjecting themselves to a myriad of unfriendly labor conditions and with virtually no socially conductive safety net.  The oppressed and deluded people have been trained to have blind and unwavering faith in a capitalist hierarchy in which they will never prosper.  The economic system that dominates the American society is not built to sustain all or even most of its populous; rather, it is catered for the extremely wealthy and their families and thus justifying their corrupt capitalist takeover of all assets to ensure the masses remain chasing the myth of the American Dream.  77% of working Americans are living check-to-check, embodying the notion of rugged individualism that has been inculcated into their hearts and minds.  Yet the notion of rugged individualism has become a flawed concept manipulated and warped to adhere to the pro-labor message of the propaganda machines.  The elite controlled propagandistic corporations demand the people work day in and day out, pay 30% or more in taxes and receive little in return – meanwhile the elites pay 15% or less in taxes on things like capital gains and hefty inheritances.  It is their unquestioned power and wealth that has allowed them to proliferate the pro-rich policies of the American government, financing campaigning and determining which wealth candidate will be in the primaries.  The conservative capitalists have become the puppeteers of an entire nation, ensuring the road forward will remain one in which they profit and the poor do not.  Their control of the corporate based government, corporate media and the vertical economy, has allowed for them to dictate the national priorities.

“One trillion dollars could buy a lot of bling.  One trillion dollars could buy most anything.  One trillion dollars buying bullets, buying guns.  One trillion dollars in the hands of killers, thugs.” – Anti-Flag, “One Trillion Dollars”

In retrospect, the American people are deluded into a false sense that better days are coming by a system of propaganda controlled and operated by a small class of wealthy elites whose objectives are to perpetuate their profits and perpetuate the widening disparity that keeps the workers at bay.  The erroneous belief that America’s system is conductive to the creation and sustaining of prosperity for all is an American myth designed to continue the onward march of the great beast at the behest of the controlling capitalists.