America: The ‘Kill List’ – International Assassination Campaign

The terror state emerging in the West has come to be symbolized by the unfaltering tyranny of the American government, authorizing the infringement of state’s sovereignty for the purpose of slaughter and barbarism through drone strikes on the ambiguous premise of national security.

Obama Launches Unrestricted Drone Warfare for Assassination Campaign

The American system has pledged itself to the protection of free peoples, the security of democracy in lands abroad, and the liberation of those under repressive regimes.  This pro-democracy image has been evinced throughout history by their support of former tyrannies such as Qaddafi in Libya, Pinochet in Chile, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, the Shah in Iran, and Mobutu in the Congo, among a list of countless others.   So saying, support for state leaders that avidly exploited their people and violated basic human rights is to be expected from a country based on global hegemony through militarism.  Through its imperialist nature of diplomacy, the American government has secured its hold on international domination through the implementation of repressive puppet-regimes and thus serving the purpose of the profiting corporations that funded the policies.  The iron fist of blood and empire that is the American government has proliferated its ideals of patriotism and security, subduing its public base through mass media, whilst launching military strikes on foreign lands.  Nevertheless, this foreign imposition has evolved into new form of authoritarianism, as demonstrated by the assassination campaign  launched by the Obama administration.  The executive branch, the leader of the free people of the world, has become the judge, jury and executioner of any he deems a threat.  This so-called ‘kill list’ illustrates the new democracy of the American system, allowing one man to determine whether people live or die and thus assume an omnipotent and omniscient power over the global arena.  The American powers seek out and destroy their enemies in foreign lands, no matter the civilian casualties and evident violation of sovereignty.  High in the clouds, lightning bolts ready to cast, the gods of the American government stand resolute in their practices of ‘democracy’, ‘liberation’, ‘diplomacy’ and ‘peace’.  The security presented by internationally accepted borders, UN resolutions on sovereignty and UN resolutions on human rights, have now been made redundant by the American use of drones, an unmanned aircraft to rain down death from the skies without any fear of American casualty. Coincidentally enough, many of the supposed ‘terrorists’ on Obama’s picture book are American born and some are teenagers, once again symbolizing the utter lack of morality that is governing the actions of the terror state in the West.

“So where is the real terrorist?  In the Middle East or in the US?  So who is the real terrorist?  Is it Saddam Hussein or your own President?” – Anti-Flag, “Outbreak”

The accountability of the government to the people has been diluted by the alienation of society from its political system, giving the Washington politicians free reign over the implementation of policies.  The consequences of this unrestricted power are clear, internment camps built around the country to aid in the ultimate disappearing act of those brave enough to stand against the United States of Oppression.  Parallel to the Stalin era camps built-in Siberia that ultimately led to the death of any political prisoners of the USSR, the American government is now aspiring to its own Orwellian era of government.  The singing of the Patriot Act under Bush II was the first clear government authorized infringement of American civil liberties and constitutional rights.  Thereafter, Obama signed the NDAA allowing for the detention of American citizens indefinitely.  One such unfortunate case was Daniel Chong, a college student, who was left in a cell without food or water for 5 days by the DEA.  The insurmountable power of the government has now surpassed imagination, with the President given the final word to authorize drone airstrikes to kill US citizens abroad.  When this program was challenged in a New York city court, the judge refused to rule, stating that there are circumstances in which the executive’s decision to kill US citizens overseas is constitutionally committed to the political branches and judicially unreviewable.  Thus, the ‘death list’ is not only permissible but also acceptable by the ‘justice’ system in America, allowing the President to act as recklessly and inhumanely as possible.  President Obama has placed himself at the helm of this ‘top secret nominations’ process to designate terrorists for kill or capture and yet this book of macabre ‘baseball cards’  of an unconventional war targets dozens of American citizens as well.  Obama’s ferocious campaign into counter-terrorism has resulted in an unrestricted  database of viable targets of his choosing, the authorization of careless targeting and has also led in countless civilian death to be later counted as terrorist associated for having been in close quarters with such a national security threat.  Evidently, Obama’s role in the ‘kill list’ is unprecedented and allows for the executive branch to bypass the checks-and-balances so important to democracy, evolving his role into that of assassin-in-chief.

“You want to save the world?  I can tell you what to do!  This solution is for you!  Answer the call up, join the proud, the few.  Pull on the trigger with your heart and soul.  Cause was is peace, now we know.” – Anti-Flag, “Sold as Freedom”

Obama’s top terrorism adviser John Brennan has stated that the ‘kill list’ targets dozens of US citizens who present a threat to the US on the ‘battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq’ and those in ‘Yemen or in Pakistan or in Somalia’.  So saying, there is an international acceptance of war casualties and the right for a country to kill targeted enemies on a battlefield during a conventional war.  Nevertheless, the ‘kill list’ is not remotely about that, it represents an unconventional warfare that has been declared by the US upon the world and as a consequence has made any person in any state an appropriate target for US slaughter.  The theocracy being built on executive fear, a perpetual state of terror waged domestically and abroad to ensure hegemony and mass complicit behavior, represents the nightmare the founding fathers warned the people about and are now being manifested by the nation-security apparatus that continues to be built-up and institutionalized around the presidency.  The rising powers of the warrior president has left communities around the world in fear and those already targeted, are left without fathers and mothers.  Early last month, Tausug villagers on the Southern Philippine island of Jolo were targeted by a drone strike.  The attack targeted one individual and yet it left 15 people dead a community was left plunged into despair, fear and mourning.  The US, targeting state labeled terrorists, is only sponsoring further US-targeted animosity and given credence to the US-hatred propagated by terrorist organizations around the world.  So instead of combating terrorism and sparking fear in the hearts of ‘America’s enemies’, the US government has sponsored a perpetual costly counter-terrorism war that will only infinitely increase the number of terrorists and American enemies.  Eisenhower was in term during CIA-MI6 operations to oust Mossadegh and distill popular protests in Iran.  The list of America’s sponsored terrorism in lands abroad is boundless and spans into the Americas, Africa and the Middle East.  Evidently, the ‘kill list’ and the use of drones in just another example of unchecked presidential authority, yet the most recent illustration of intensity and expansion of the power demonstrates the boundless ambition of those in power for complete hegemony and control.

“‘Equal Rights.’ ‘Justice’. ‘Democratic Role’. ‘Freedom’. ‘Equality’. All just a total, “Fuck You!’ Empty words in the president slurs in every speech, while scheming behind closed doors with the CIA to undermine Democracy! To undermine Autonomy! To undermine the stability of any leftist populous regime.  Making the president a terrorist!  Making the USA a terrorist!” – Anti-Flag, “America Got It Right” 

In retrospect, the people of the American nation have stood silently by as the president wields unchecked power and instead of standing in defiance, the people seem to permit the President to target fellow citizens for assassination.  The American populous stood by as Bush II signed the Patriot Act allowing for government-run agencies to infiltrate their homes and computers, clearly violating any notion of privacy and freedom.  The American people are complicit in the selling off of the core of values and principles that once symbolized democracy as fought for by the founding fathers.  The 5th Amendment, promising Americans that they will not be ‘deprived of life, liberty, or property, without the due process of law” has been forsaken by the American government.


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