America: The Police State – 1984

Reserving the right to act unilaterally, including the unilateral use of military force, the police state has expanded its Orwellian tyranny upon the American masses in a successful coup of civil rights and humanity, installing a regime reminiscent of 1984.

Representing a Modern Day 1984 Regime, the American Police State has Seized Totalitarian Control

Coalescing into a government-run by the rule of law, the police state used the occasion of the terrorist atrocities of 9-11 to discipline its own population and abuse civil rights – even the right of citizenship – to secure greater control over American life.  Parallel to the darkest days of McCarthyism, the Bush administration claimed and exercised the right to declare people to be ‘enemy combatants’ or ‘suspected terrorists’ and to imprison them without charge or access to lawyers or family until the White House concedes that the ‘War on Terror’ has been successively concluded.  Conveniently, an enemy combatant can be anyone the US chooses to attack, with no credible evidence, as Washington concedes and thus illustrates the tyrannical power being established under false charges.  Superseding constitutional rights, the new assault on basic civil liberties established an empire of intelligence gathering and repressive action comparable to the foundation of all totalitarian governments, whether Nazi or Communist.  Wielding insurmountable power to quell even the slightest anti-government rally, the tradition of protest and dissent has fallen away into a conformist subservience to those in power.  The huddled masses, complicit and complacent, allow the government to seize all assets of modern society to further its goals of hegemony domestically and abroad, a goal fueled by corporate influence to safeguard their ability to behave as monopolistically as possible.  Exercising rigid and repressive control over social, economic and political life of the population, the American police state has dissolved any and all distinctions between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.  So saying, the corporate controlled government has essentially transformed law into a flexible living instrument to be bent to their ideals.  The Patriot Act was the first major erosion of American civil liberties.  Over the past decade this erosion has only deepened, including the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act and the signing of the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order signed by President Obama.  The NDAA now allows the military to indefinitely detain without trial any US citizen that the government labels a terrorist or an accessory to terrorism, thus expanding the definition of terrorism to include citizen activists.  The executive order authorizes widespread federal and military control of the national economy and resources during emergency and non-emergency conditions, as well as the right to install government-owned equipment in private industrial facilities.

“The government controls everything you do.  With police and Feds watching over you, you  try to stand against them and you’ll end up dead as your front door is smashed in by the ATF.  Police state in the USA, Fascism with a friendly face.” – Anti-Flag, “Police State in the USA”

The American populace has been restricted, their mobility and freedom put into question by police monitoring and enforcement so as to enforce political control outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.  Invoking a perpetual war, the government has created a pretext for subjecting the people to mass surveillance and invasive police searches.  Among the assets being utilized to propagate an unrelenting intrusion into the general public, is media.  To describe modern media as propaganda is to understate the extent to which conservative capitalists have seized control over the publishing of news. Parallel to the FBI, CIA, NSA and all assets of federal and state security, the media has become a source to propagate societal complacency, to proliferate a false sense of status quo.  The people have been ignorant of the fact that habeas corpus is no longer a legal protection in the US or that the US president can torture and kill American citizens.  Recent ‘Continuity of Government’ planning has removed constitutional protections and increased the militarization of civilian law enforcement.  Military troops are allowed to conduct police actions in the US cities, removing the local law enforcement which is to be responsible to local citizens.  The police state has mobilized its assets to sustain preparations for the possibility of martial law.  Another example is Operation Falcon, of which there has been 3 and have detained an estimated 10,000 dissidents.  Less than 10% of these people were reported to have any criminal records.  To date, the US Marshal’s office has issued no public statement as to whether the people arrested in Operation Falcon have been processed or released.  The US Marshal’s service has not yet disclosed the names of the people arrested in these massive police sweeps, nor what crimes they were accused.  The public has not been informed whether those detained were provided with due process of law, where they are now, or whether they have been abused while in custody.  In short, the operation appears to have been devised to enhance the power of the unitary executive by putting state and local law enforcement under federal supervision.

“You walk past an activist, who is talking on the street about political prisoners, locked up in your own home state.  And you think just for a minute, you think just a second.  Then you say, ‘That can’t be true!  Cause I live in the land of freedom, where no one gets the screw!'” – Anti-Flag, “Until It Happens to You”

A form of martial law already exists in the US and has been in place since shortly after the September 11 attacks when Bush issued Military Order Number Once, which empowered him to detain any non-citizen as an international terrorist or enemy combatant.  Today, that order extends to US citizens as well.  The dismissal of elementary human rights and needs has been endorsed by corporations, securing government contracts to evade constitutional boundaries and intrude upon the lives of suburban America.  Halliburton’s subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg, Brown and Root) announced in 2006 that it has been awarded a $385 million contingency contact by the Department of Homeland Security to build detention camps in the US.  Each facility had the capability of detaining 5,000 people. Attorney General John Ashcroft supported the establishment of such facilities and expressed his desire to see these camps used for US citizens deemed to be ‘enemy combatants’, a term already described as ambiguous and government-defined dependent.  The contact of the Halliburton subsidiary is part of a longer-term Homeland Security plan entitled Endgame, which sets as its goal the removal of all potential enemy combatants.  The plan corresponds to an earlier program discussed by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld under Reagan.  These man planned for the suspension of the Constitution for any ‘national security emergency’.   The police state has emerged as a living organism through which the US government can perpetuate its Orwellian regime upon the people.  Among its tools are the FBI, CIA and virtually every other agency given the authority to spy to defend Americans from foreign and domestic enemies.  These tools have all been used sooner or later to threaten civil liberties.  Nevertheless, a considerable threat to coveted constitutional rights is the American secret police network, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU).  The LEIU links the intelligence squads of almost every major police force in the US and Canada.  The members are not answerable to voters, taxpayers, or elected officials.  Ex-members of the LEIU admit to illegal wiretapping, breaking and entering and spying on people to gather information for their files.  Clearly this serves as an evident depiction reminiscent of the Gestapo, KGB, or any other totalitarian network of illegal monitoring.

“When there are secrets that we don’t know, then the ideal they pass as freedom in this country is a fake.  When we are left with no right or no voice to choose, then we’re not living in a free and democratic state.” – Anti-Flag, “What You Don’t Know”

In retrospect, the totalitarian regime being mascaraed as democracy is proliferating a repressive and intrusive monitoring network that outpaces the worst civil liberty violations committed by past police states in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist Eastern Europe and even modern Communist China.  Amounting to an empire geared towards militarized actions both abroad and at home, the American police state has effectively cast out human rights and constitutional rights to further its policy agenda of perpetuating hegemony.  The only action possible seems to be a complete and total return to the social justice values of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, a necessary revolution for change to resist the privacy intrusions into domestic homes, police state in the commons and extrajudicial killings.


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