America: Pharmaceutical Oppression – Bastardizing the Children

The supposed free society, inherent to the American portrait, has been composed of the forced homogeneity of social aspects that has been accomplished by the repression of free thought and creativity through medicinal oppression, a system relying on false authority and arrogance to inject the masses with chemicals and toxins that leave them mindless and vulnerable to social manipulation.

The Pharmaceutical Corporations Have Poisoned the Revolutionary Spirit of Children

The pharmaceutical industry, largely governed by financial interest, has propagated a system of systemic corruption that allows for a polyarchy of greedy and manipulative persons to reign unrestricted influence on the laws governing the medical fields, controlling what is to be accepted and what is not.  Categorizing the drive for freedom and change as social chaos, the government funds its medical facilities through borrowed dollars to begin their inhumane experiments into medicinal oppression, thought control and attitude adjustment.  Resulting in ranks of mindless state tools indoctrinated by force into a system of unquestionable loyalty, a system of suits and ties, a system of 9-5 paper-pushing employees, the government succeeds in transforming a sea of individuals into people imprisoned in their own minds.  Under lock and key, the people have fallen into the senseless notion that freedom of expression, freedom to be oneself, is barbaric and backward.  Subjecting the people to a constant stream of drugs and toxins that maintain their mindless state of contentment, the system has ensured their hold on the people.  This existence of an ever-present threat has driven many to give in, live a life on their knees, allowing the system to tell them on how to think, how to live and how to work.  This system has targeted all aspects of humanity, has transcended borders of human rights and civil liberties, and yet no barrier or resistance has stood to impede it.  The medicinal oppression has gone so far as target the youth, the newly born children of the American nation and subjugate them to tests and experiments to ensure their successful inception into a freedomless existence.  The oppression has targeted those with ADHD, OCD, ADD, etc with an onslaught of drugs and disabling treatments to ensure their compliance forevermore. Labeling them as different and ‘special’ the system bastardizes the children, forcing them into a life of self-hatred and doubt.  Rather than stand against such injustice, such a grave infraction of humanity, the people have conceded their morals and ethics.  The people have stood by as their children are driven to believe the lies of their imperfections, of their problems, of their ability to never fit in and amount to something.  Leaving them self-hating and scared, the industries has ensured that their radiance, their vibrant energies of ingenuity and imagination, will not impede their gradual mechanisms to enslave the population into a conformed state of mind.

“We are the lost, we are the dead and gone, the seldom seen.  We are the helpless and the hopeless that no one wants to see.” – Anti-Flag, “We are the Lost”

The children are enslaved by drugs that have traveled from the streets to grade school, being subjugated into this ideology in which they must live a life of servitude to the bottomless pharmaceutical bottles, bottles containing pills that chain their creativity and their revolutionary energy.  They have become slaves for being born with an attitude of care, compassion and energy, all of which are aspects of society that have been exterminated by the gradual poisoning of thought.  Leaving them insecure and alone, the children are alienated from any concept of self and their depression only worsens.  With 16% of the American population diagnosed with clinical depression at least 1 time in their lives, the hopelessness of the masses has become evident.  The children are born into a community with 10 foot stone walls built around it, a society that lives by the sword and thus to its blade are they condemned.  Their dreams have been orphaned by the poison proliferated in their bodies by FDA approved drugs, a betrayal that spans the lives of hundreds of ruined individuals.  Among the debilitating practices being sponsored by approved medical regulations and industries is psychiatry.  A Nazi-esque torture inflicted on human beings, the system has based its justification on severely faulty scientific methodology.  In the name of help, it has brutalized hundreds of thousands of individuals, hacking at their brains, searing them with electricity or numbing them with drugs.  It has left in its wake shattered lives, ruined bodies and even the dead.  Psychiatry has become another example of an instance of unrestrained thirst for power.  Psychiatric ‘treatments’ such as ECT, lobotomy, and powerful psychotropic drugs are barbaric.  The problems fabricated by the system are defined and redefined, baring no meaning in the end except to demean and belittle the people into a sense of need, desperation and dependency on the system.  Greed, fraud and profiteering have replaced the care and compassion that existed in the medical field.  Rather than change, they continue to choose profit over the people, leaving them on street corners with cyanide and razor blades.  Evidently, medicinal oppression has become another asset of the American police state to fuel the ongoing Orwellian tyranny, indoctrinating the people into a manufactured consent that individuality and free thought are anarchistic rhetoric intended to undermine the security of their suburban lifestyles.

“Like a ghost, emptiness haunted his years.  Still his heart was made nothing less than good.  Insecure narration in his head, something less than schizophrenia creeping him with every move that he makes, breath he takes.  A beautiful walk alone, to his empty home, where he’ll lay and he’ll sleep by himself.” – Anti-Flag, “Go West”

As victims themselves, the people of the state observe as the generations are forcefully raped of their uniqueness, of aspects of distinction, by a pharmaceutical industry protected by the law.  So saying, the masses are a conformed tool that obeys the rules and guidelines set before them.  They have been led to believe that their future is defined by conformist behavior, complicity going along with the pathway chosen for them.  They have fallen into line on this conveyor belt that shuffles them towards their cubicles and computers, jobs of no meaning or sustenance, but rather jobs that ensure the perpetuation of the poisonous system.  This behavior and mindlessness leads them to be afraid of those truly gifted with insight, gifted with aspirations of their own making.  They are incredulous of the individualism therein exposed, believing the lies of the state-run media that propagates the lies from the pharmaceutical facilities that state ‘mental illness’, ’emotional instability’, ‘birth-defect’ and other nonsensical conclusions utilized for the sole purpose of oppression of said individualism.  They immediately grasp the acronyms and/or diagnosis and affiliate it with something inherently wrong, something that should not be assimilated into society.  Drugged and subjected to endless berating of their inabilities and imperfections, the hopes symbolized by their glistening eyes, cheerful laughs, and boundless energy is cast into the smoke along with the testaments of malpractice.  The masses have buckled under the social weight by adhering to laws that they had no consultation in, thus extinguishing the very fire of individuality.  The populace has been subjected to laws governing what is right and what is wrong by the so-called protectors of the moral majority, the politicians that have been bought and bribed by the corrupt turncoats and killers working in the pharmaceutical corporations.   From a nation under God, the children feel it’s love like a cattle prod.  They are born free and yet they still are hated and viewed with disdain for having an energy and ambiance the people would crave for.  They represent a dying legacy of an unstoppable force, of a vibrancy that would not be suppressed.  Yet, with the approval of the government and the compliance of the deluded masses, these soldiers of progress are subdued and drugged into dulled beings.  They become more lost souls among the millions of other laborers that maintain the American machine, that maintain the glorious image of equality and freedom for all.

“Every day we’ve been taught to follow.  Every day lettered to live one way.  There is no one left to acknowledge, there is nothing left to say.” – Anti-Flag, “The Smartest Bomb”

In retrospect, the system being propagated by the pharmaceutical corporations is one that first bastardizes the children and leaves them believing there is something wrong with them that will keep them apart from society.  Second, it convinces the great beast to conform to this system and perpetuate this isolation and hopelessness experienced by these orphans of the American dream. These children are amazing individuals that bring hope and joy to the world through their energy, unique outlooks and overt optimism and yet the system mutilates their personalities, treats them like a hazard to society.  The system has returned to an era of discrimination and hatred, a hatred of anything different and an effective means to oppress and contain that ‘contagion’ so as to keep it from blossoming into something great.  These children are orphaned by labels, by a word that convinces people that they are automatically hopeless and that these children will remain a burden to society.  ADHD, OCD, ADD, Autism, ODD, etc have become disorders, a word that evinces the belief that they represent a being standing apart from conformed behavior, stand apart from what has been institutionalized as acceptable; yet, these people contain with themselves a vibrancy and radiance birthed from an energy and optimism that gives hope to new ideas and aspirations that can combat the theocratic regime being bolstered by the mutilation of pharmaceutical oppression.


Author’s Note:  Similar to the former post on ‘Self-Mutilation, the Marketing Disease’, this blog represents my perspective on the delusion being propagated by a corrupt system, a system not reflective of the truth.  This system stands erect, believing itself the judge, jury and executioner of many of the dreams and aspirations of this portion of society that it (the system) sees as medically impaired.  They throw labels at these vibrant youths, leaving them alienated among friends and hopeless to seek help because the rest of society has been homogenized into a similar belief: these kids are a burden, these kids will never amount to something, these kids are inflicted with something wrong.  None of this is true.  This system has proliferated a methodology that, to me, is complete and utter nonsense.  If we are to represent a land of the free and equal, why is it that we openly disdain a new perspective, a new dream, a new hope that is symbolized by so many of these children.  Nevertheless, this nation of greedy capitalists and hypocritical elites have formed a junta to which they control all assets and are able to propagate their beliefs.  If we fall into this belief system, then we are bastardizing our children and our future.   Once again, this insanity must come to an end.


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