America: Corporate Imperialism Abroad (Middle East)

The military-industrial complex, a bastion of unimaginable proportions devoted to the procurement of corporate interests, has become a foreign aggressor interconnected to the very structure of the American system and has thus solidified its reign over political agenda to ensure the imposition of the corporatocracy on foreign peoples, such as those in the Middle East.

The Corporate Drive for Oil has Become an American Addiction, Costing the Lives of Millions

The American Empire was forged through the exploitation and manipulation of helpless or near-helpless peoples; forcing its will on scores of nations, against their wishes and against their interests.  Wielding a military stick and a dollar carrot, the American oligarchy has yielded unrelenting force against nations abroad.  The government, for and by the corporations, has intervened ruthlessly in the internal life of dozens of nations to prevent them from choosing the leader they did want or from having them overthrow, by revolution, the ones supported by the corporations.  American Foreign Policy, devoted to the enslavement of peoples abroad, is ‘most heavily and consistently influenced by internationally oriented business leaders’ (Jacobs & Page 2005).  Serving their masters’ will, the political office-holders within Congress, Senate and the Presidency are left with no heart, no soul and no care.  The conjunction of an immense military establishment, a large arms industry and the political structure is the new America.  Eisenhower’s message concerning the potential for the military-industrial complex to acquisition unwarranted influence, whether sought of unsought, has resulted in a perpetuating cycle of warlike policies resulting from such exertion of corporate influence on government policy.  Threatening individual liberty throughout the world, the state tools stand rank and file, herded like sheep by the hypocritical image of the patriotic Uncle Sam, into the armed forces awaiting their deployment to lands abroad to spread the message of suppression and murder.

“Pledge allegiance to a flag of which you’re taught no history.  Not Mexico, Granada, Panama or Middle East, but they’re just a mere fraction of this country’s shady past.  Skeletons locked in the closet and I doubt they’ll be the last ‘national interest,’ defined for you.” – Anti-Flag, “A Start”

Run by greedy politicians and business leaders, the American system represents theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed.  Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies the perpetuation of the contagion of corporate interests in a system without justice.  The threat of corporate American has left foreign people living a life of perpetual fear and tension.  Among the frightened, exploited and now vengeful, are the victims of corporate imposition in the Middle East.  A primary example of the manipulative coercion of the CIA, to protect corporate profit margins at the cost of domestic communities, is in Iran.  In 1953, the highly regarded Prime Minister Mossadegh was ousted by a join CIA-MI6 coup known as Operation Ajax.  The CIA marauders justified their imposition of Orwellian oppression upon the Iranian people in order to secure the interests of businesses therein invested.  The Prime Minister was responsible for multiple social reforms that increased the standard of living, higher levels of education and increased general prosperity through the nationalization of the oil industry.  Consequently, said nationalization of the oil company known as Anglo-Persian Oil Company (modern-day British Petroleum) angered the British and American investors that prospered in the rivers of the black gold, idly standing by as they raped the country of its natural resources yet again. So once again, the American imperialist force demonstrated its clear promises of democracy and freedom by ousting a popularly elected Prime Minister, which then set about a series of events that led to the emplacement of the dictatorial Supreme Leader and a very volatile anti-West regime.

“It’s a think tank, psycho and crazed.  War profiteering membership – a world catastrophe.  They’ve got a war plan that counts on you to kill for their corporate empire while they sit at home.” – Anti-Flag, “The Project for a New American Century”

The American corporatocracy has become a global phenomena, an incursion upon organizations like the World Bank, the IMF, the NSA and the CIA, in which economic hit men help channel their resource to support the larger agenda for global exploitation and war profiteering.  These organizations have become the tool of big corporations, aiding them in their endeavor to get themselves established around the world in positions where they can exploit the world’s resource, natural resources and human resources.  The men and few women who run the biggest and most powerful corporations also run most of the government.  Beginning in the late 1970s, the influence of oil became a shared priority of the masses and the previously small group of military strategists, a group of conservative think thanks present throughout the ’80s, ’90s and today.  Most principal among them are: Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, former Vice-President and former Defense Secretary. With the fall of the Shah in Iran in 1979, the Gulf and its oil became a ‘zone of US influence’ under the Carter Doctrine.  The doctrine warned that any attempt to gain control of the Persian Gulf would be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the US.  This was followed by the creation of the Rapid Deployment Force, a military program specifically designed to deploy several thousand US troops to the Gulf on short notice.  Since the first Gulf War, the Rapid Deployment Force (now known as the US Central Command) built a network of military bases that now almost completely encircles the oil fields of the Persian Gulf, disregarding notions of individual liberty and sovereignty.

“Recruited by the NSA, my orders to talk smooth and straight.  If heads to state try to say ‘No’, I lovingly told them ‘Fuck you!’  The jackals lose when I cannot get through.  There is a windfall of profit to get to.  You better deal or we’re gonna take you down.” – Anti-Flag, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”

Fueled by thoughts of fortune-made and despair wrought by their hands, the corporate leaders pursue the seemingly endless stream of intoxicating oil, a drug of mind-numbing consequences for the corporations that abuse it so wholeheartedly.  Iran, a symbol of anti-Western ideology that has become notorious for human rights violations and oppression, is also a lead trading partner with US arms companies.  Evidently, the opportunism of corporations has no boundaries, jeopardizing the security and safety of millions around the world by trading arms with turncoats, killers, liars and thieves.  Sources from former Vice-President Dick Cheney’s company Halliburton allege that, as recently as January 2005, Halliburton has sold key components for a nuclear reactor to Oriental Oil Kish, an Iranian oil development company.  It was Halliburton’s secret sale of centrifuge to Iran that helped get the uranium enrichment program off the ground, now becoming a very real threat to neighboring US-ally Israel.  Nevertheless, supporting such cultural animosity, military build-ups and war crimes, is what the American multi-nationals have become adept at.  The US has also sold Israel US-arms, white phosphorous shells being the most recent US-linked munition to be attributed to war crimes.  The shells have been utilized by the Israeli military to be shot over densely populated areas of Gaza, an indiscriminate act of violence that the Human Rights Watch characterizes as evidence of war crimes.  Once again, the red, white and blue stitches of the American flag stand hypocritically over the battle fields and civilian caskets of foreign peoples the world around.

“I wouldn’t wanna be a kid in the modern world; neurotic, full of fear, no control, hungry, empty feeling worn and cold.  Unable to make sense of the heads of state, unable to make sense of the wars they wage.  Feeling every second that I live I go closer to the grave.” – Anti-Flag, “Tanzania”

Marching forth under the flag of national defense, the state puppets impose their nature upon the people of Iraq under the false charges of terrorism and WMDs.  Similar to Afghanistan and its plethora of opium fields, Iraq is being exploited for its oil.  In the Wall Street Journal (2003), an article leaked confidential Bush administration documents outlining corporate agenda in Iraq.  Hoping to establish a proxy capitalist market for US purposes, the US called for the privatization of state-owned industries such as part of the oil sector.  This all-inclusive plan for mass privatizations of Iraq was divided into 3 stages.  The first stage, corporations are not only able to establish their businesses in Iraq, they are also able to own Iraqi resources, including two of the most precious: water and oil.  In the second stage, all Iraqi resources would be turned over to private ownership.  The final stage includes the establishment of a Free Trade Area in the Middle East, paving the way for US domination of the entire region.  The beginning of the corporate invasion was signaled by the various multi-million dollar contracts that were handed to corporations via the Bush administration.  Among the corporations, Halliburton and Bechtel are some of the most well-known.  Besides the conflict of interest exhibited by Dick Cheney’s role as Vice-President, 86% of Halliburton’s contributions are given to Republican candidates, once again exemplifying the materialistic corruption of greed within the political infrastructure.  The democratic institution of check and balances, the separation of powers, has been oppressed by career politicians whose pockets are lined with the peoples cash.

“You push and push a people, what are they to do?  Soon this corporate run government will be through.  See, it doesn’t represent the people anymore.  Big business are the pimps and the governments’ their whores.  We don’t need more time to talk over a solution.  We know what we need, we need a fucking revolution.” – Anti-Flag, “Got the Numbers”

The dichotomy of thought and action in corporate America is carried on by mass media communications, inspired by nationalistic diction of officials and absorbed by the masses.  With the protection of the law, the corporate thieves and killers pillage countries around the world, depriving people of their basic necessities and killing those brave enough to resist.  Leaving families without fathers, mothers, daughter and/or sons, corporations have privatized democracy and monopolized violence.  The disaster that is the occupation of Iraq is exacerbated by grinding poverty.  Every day the economic policies of the occupying authorities create more hunger among Iraq’s working people, transforming them into a pool of low-wage, semi-employed labor, desperate for jobs at almost any price.  A valuable asset for the corporations therein invested, but it has resulted in the dissolution of the constraints of the nation-state and has created fuel for anarchy and terrorism.  Moreover, the situation in Afghanistan is even worse for the domestic populace.  The billions of taxpayer dollars that are given to foreign aid are going no further than the pockets of wealthy US corporations, being commonly referred to as ‘phantom aid’.  A former head of USAID stated that foreign aid was a key foreign policy instrument designed to help countries become trade markets for US exports.  To guarantee said mission, the State department recently took over the aid agency.  USAID and the Army Corps of Engineers now cut in US business and government interests from the start, making sure that money is allocated according to US economic, political, strategic and military priorities; rather than according to what the recipient nation, Afghanistan, might consider as important.

“To save you, we may have to kill you!  For freedom, you may have to die!  #1 at liberation.  Liberating life from bodies, helping spirits fly.  Freedom from life!” – Anti-Flag, Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.)

In retrospect, the US government has become a market commodity invested in by a plethora of corporations interested in the manipulation of its warmongering politicians and puppet soldiers; thus, cementing a formidable alliance through which corporations have funded dictators such as Qaddafi and Mubarak, as well as exploited natural resources and human resources in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Equivalent to licenses bribes, corruption, theft and money laundering, the people of the world are exploited by the open-ended contacts being awarded to contractors such as Kellogg, Brown, and Root/Halliburton, Bechtel, DynCorp, Blackwater and the Louis Berger Group.  The suppression of democratic institutions has left foreign people at the behest of a tyrannical oversees power, depicting the imperialist nature of the American corporatocracy.


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