America: Self-Mutilation, the Marketing Disease

Society has been led astray by a misconceived notion of beauty that was manufactured by the influence of corporations on mass media marketing, which has thus escalated the homogenization of the masses into a form of physical materialism, an endless pursuit of beauty despite its inherent elusiveness.

The Marketing Disease is Leaving the People Self Hating and Sensless

The marketing industry has turned individualism into an archaic concept, bombarding society with image after image of what the corporations have defined as beauty.  The self-defined definition of beauty is no longer existent as the pre-fab Hollywood antics have indoctrinated the people of the world into a ponzi-scheme in which physical perfection can be reached through cosmetic procedures and the expending of every cent.  More than 8.5 million people have cosmetic procedures in the US per year, a self-mutilation that succeeds in nothing but feelings of worthlessness.  The trends, the fashion and cosmetics are being funded by the literal blood money of those deluded enough to believe that beauty will come after they undergo facial reconstruction, liposuction, implants, etc.  The disillusionment of society is evinced by the growing involvement of corporations in the corruption of the press corpse, seizing control of peoples’ broadcasts and enforcing upon them a new ideal, ever changing and ever elusive.  Sadly enough, there is no need for subliminal messaging or extensive convincing, the people have already been melded into this age old ideology where money can purchase everything, turning every ambiguous and heterogeneous concept into a commodity on the market.  This capitalist hierarchical structure has escalated social disorder, self-hatred and denial, all of it instigated by its imposition upon the thoughts and minds of men, women and children alike.  The endless and damaging pursuit of an ever-changing identity has left the people senseless and fickle.  The propaganda, infinite and unforgiving, has resulted in the congregation of the people outside their department stores and cosmetician offices awaiting to be told what the new sense of fashion is this week, awaiting to be told whether it will be only half their mortgage or all.  Americans spend approximately $12.4 billion on cosmetic procedures per yer, the insanity must be evident and yet the trend only perpetuates and intensifies.  Like dolls at the factories, the peoples have been led onto a conveyor belt to replace their bodies with implants and drugs, becoming the superficial and mindless drones the industries seek.

“Seems every station on the TV is selling something no one can be.  If every page was torn from the magazine, could cash still drive the media machine?  The products, damage and pursuit are endless identity can leave you selfless.” – Anti-Flag, “This is the End (For You My Friend)”

Wielding swords and shields the corporate bought mercenaries march into the homes of the people, rigging their televisions and radios with broadcasts of imperfection and insecurity,  thus ensuring their propaganda will infect the young and old, the poor and rich, the healthy and the sick.  The masses of society are led astray by the promises of leisure, perfection and paradise, a nonexistent and gilded truth by the marketing corporatocracy to beguile the people into a false sense of security.  The freedom of press has become an asset of corporate America, pulling the wool over the eyes of the masses and using the people’s voice to sell the capitalist propaganda of materialism.  They have not guided the people into complacency; rather, the people are led into an endless berate of new versus old, forcing them to continuously pursue the definition of beauty that is defined by the pictures in Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Victoria Secrets, etc.  The sense that beauty is in the ‘eye of the beholder’ was buried under monthly issues of magazines that have indoctrinated the people into the sense that these pictures and these magazines hold the definite truth of physical perfection.  So saying, physical perfection has become the new materialism that is toying with the minds of the ignorant and the vulnerable.  The average weight of a model is 23% lower than that of an average woman, leaving the rest to wallow in insecurity and self-destructive hatred, pursuing such imagery through dietary pills, eating disorders and cosmetic procedures.

“16 year old girl, in a hollowed carved out place, just looking for some prettiness, but the cuts on her arm don’t paint for her, a very pretty view.  In her mind, she dreams that she is far away from the bright lights of America, life and death in sold out-Erica.” – Anti-Flag, “Bright Lights of America”

As the masses sing the slogans and march to the stores and surgery rooms seeking physical perfection and materialistic pleasures, billions go hungry and deprived seeking to emulate the conjured posters of what ‘real’ men and women look like.  With approximately one million boys and men suffering from anorexia and 10 million girls and women suffering from some form of eating disorder, the delusion of perfection and beauty spreads its contagion upon the masses, making them fickle and unable to withstand the imposition of the corporate infiltrators upon their lives.  The hatred and loathing of ones self-image has tainted the public, creating a cycle in which each person seeks self-worth at the cost of their health and body, leaving them empty and selfless in the end.  The marketing disease had transcended the ranks of the people, infecting people of all ages, targeting the American children and incorporating them into a chained-up ideology from the cradle to the grave.  80% of 4th grade girls have been on a fad diet, victim to the same corporate inspired propaganda that has enraptured their families.  The exploitation of the people through the marketing antics has led to the evolution of society into a consumerist community in which the products and procedures have begun to define and degrade the people from their individualistic state and into brand labels.

“And I must again sing my dissent until your end.  Because I can barely breathe with your weight on my chest.  And I’m so fucking sick of being ashamed of my own flesh.  And I must again sing my dissent until your end.  We all have our vices, we all have our flaws.” – Anti-Flag, “Vices”

In retrospect, billions are spent to make the American people feel worthless, ensuring their return to the cosmeticians and department stores in an endless chase of elusive perfection, a notion defined by pain, regret and remorse by those that have experienced the emptiness and shallowness of the chase’s consequences.  The marketing disease wraps its chains of influence upon the people from their cradle to their grave, unbreakable and unrelenting.  16% of the population suffers from clinical depression at least one time in their life, illustrating the hopelessness that is incarcerating the people in their own minds and bodies.  Self-mutilation, insecurity, self hatred, hopelessness, and self doubt have come to describe the American populace being exploited by the insanity that is the marketing disease.


Author’s Note:  This post was inspired by an influential person on my life who has been deluded into a sense of insecurity. This insecurity is a tool for later manipulation which has thus left her at the mercy of womanizers.  Once left alone and vulnerable, the thoughts that these men left her because of her imperfections enter her mind.  This cycle only perpetuates because of social propaganda that envelopes her with self loathing.  In reality, this person is one of the most beautiful and astounding persons I have had the pleasure of meeting.  The insanity must come to an end.


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