America: Economic Sadism and Mass Media

The disillusionment of society is fueled by an intensifying involvement of corporate corruption in the manipulation of the press corpse, perpetuating the crippling blindness of Americans to the evident truth that is the economic decay of their surroundings; thus illustrating an ever-growing divide, a disparity, in which the glorified land of opportunities is enjoyed by a select few.

The American Economy is Diseased, Leaving Millions Homeless and Unemployed

Once again, the masses of society are led astray by promises of a better tomorrow, a nonexistent paradise of equality and opportunism enjoyed by all Americans.  Resembling a constricting suffocation, the masses are enveloped by a gilded truth designed by corporate America, a false sense of security and complacency that disguises the ultimate truth that the American economy is diseased.  The bright lights of America shine brighter each day and the headlines read “Recession Over, June 2009”, ensuring the masses that America is ultimately too big to fail.  The headlines in Times Square, funded and built by the corporate investment in the misfortunes of others, has succeeded in conditioning society into unquestionable loyalty.   Repeatedly the scribblers of media strain to ensure that the facts fit the false charges, maintaining the structural plans of an America founded on lies and deceit.  The freedom of press has become an asset of corporate America, puling the wool over the eyes of the masses and using the people’s voice to sell the capitalist propaganda of materialism.  The manipulation of media has produced an endless stream of products and images that provide a societal image of gilded quality, an image of perfection that no one can be but that everyone strives to be.  The manipulation of media has fueled an economic sadism that tortures its bystanders with false promises, a blitzkrieg of images that leaves Americans with eyes wide open but not truly seeing.  As the masses sing their slogans and march to the stores of materialistic pleasures, millions go hungry and the economic situation continues to perpetuate a growing stagnation.  As the masses march to songs not of their own, the economic system of America sleuths forwards without a federal budget and a growing debt of $15.5 trillion that seems to only be felt by the American proletariat.

“The kids are sick and tired of the news today.  Sick and tired of all the lies.  We want the truth.  It isn’t going to be no paradise.  Forget the claims.  Oh no!  We need to take the world back now.  We need to take control right now.” – Anti-Flag, “No Paradise”

The American system propagates a Darwinian fiscal struggle, allowing the rich to maintain their lofty suites and private jets while the other 99% are struggling to support a family, their children’s education, the mortgage on their homes and ensure a leftover for food.  A theology of necessary sacrifice has corrupted society to believe in the necessity of their struggle to support an economic system that rewards only the minority with materialistic pleasures but robs the majority of their humanity and free will.  The vertical legitimacy of America is secured through fiscal suppression of the masses, producing repercussions that are felt by the complacent majority but producing riches for the dictatorial 1% of elitists.  The number of homeless and foreclosures grow every day, clearly illustrating the truth that our great depression exists still.  From 1948 until 2010, the American unemployment rate averaged 5.70% and yet today the unemployment rate is averaged at 8.50%, with millions of people homeless and therefore unaccounted for in employment statistics.  The majestic lady of liberty stands erect, open arms and open heart, calling for the world’s tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  The bold text, idealistic and riveting, capturing the gaze of the tinkerers of the world.  Just another slogan to be utilized by the monopolized corporations of America, a union of corrupt CEOs dedicated to the manipulation of the ignorance of society.  With millions homeless and unemployed, the gates of America stand rusted and permanently open to an endless stream of foreign workers, each group a source of cheaper labor than the one previous.  The American “joe”, lured into a sense of security and complacency stand by and watch as the slogan of “America: by and for the people” becomes replaced by “America: for and by the corporations”.

He huffs glue to escape their bitter homes.  He’s just one of desperate ranks, who can’t break free from the bright lights of America, life and death in sold out ‘Merica.  To live and die in the heart of America, where they sell souls.” – Anti-Flag, “The Bright Lights of America”

The American nation has become an add, a “sold on t.v.” propaganda that illuminates the grandeur of pebble beach, of Hollywood stars, and New York CEOs, highlighting a biased interpretation that masquerades all Americans in masks of gold and bejeweled beauty.  Nevertheless, the real Americans are worn and tired behind the wheels of a mechanical construction that propels the American corporation forward, a construct that symbolizes equality and freedom yet hides the truly huddled masses that are bent and stooped in exhaustion of carrying around such a false ideal.  The homeless, unemployed, “under-employed” and any class not of the 1% elites are battered and bruised into submission by a manipulative overseer that wields authority through the media, the state, the corporations, and the capitalist hierarchy of society.  The individualism of society has been broken by a homogenizing culture, creating a society of state cloned tools to serve the purpose of the corporations.  The state of America is supported and held erect by a steady investment of corporate wealth.  This wielded influence allows the corporations to dictate the processes of the American political and economic situation, becoming a big brother image that soon controls the masses as well.  The evidence surrounds the American people, but they have chosen to see what lies ahead, an image of blissful retirement that hangs on a string  permanently out of reach.  Like a pack mule lured by the carrot a head, the American people are guided by false promises of paradise that will never truly be reached.  The slogans of America, attesting to equality of all, is refuted by the unwillingness of the 1% to pay a tax rate higher than those that already struggle to survive on scraps and crumbs.  Rather, the 1% are carried along by the pack mules of America, resplendent in overzealous displays of wealth and greed.

“Close your eyes and shield your ears.  Shut your mouth and conceal all your fears.  What we want and what we need, they’ve engineered.  I can smell the bullshit right from here.” – Anti-Flag, “The Great Depression”

The American people are forced to squabble and feud over the positions of status, the hopes of aspiring power and wealth dividing a nation of brothers and sisters.  With a fire behind them, the American people trudge forward and wonder whether the next day there will be enough money left to provide a dinner for their family. Meanwhile, the elites of society are faced with one problem, whether they will have a wine from the 1980 harvest or the 1990 harvest.  The ranks of the masses are lied to by the media, forced into the lower levels of a capitalist hierarchy by the controlling CEOs of the system.  The political system is at the beck and call of the corporations and Americans refuse to acknowledge that the plague of their system is the system itself.  The revolution of thought, the revolution for change will only come when the people change themselves.  Yet, with an entire system pulling its united weights against such change, what pathways are open to the people?  A homogenized society will leave those brave enough to challenge it,  alone and isolated.  A sense of claustrophobia and suffocation will envelope those that strive to make a difference, their chains that were thought broken and left behind, will return and pull them down into an endless sea of obedient followers.  Nevertheless, the voices are needed and the people must come to the realization that this pyramid of society will be lost without its base.  What is this base?  The people, the submissive and complacent masses are the fundamental structure that permits the pyramid to function.  In order for the corrupt and malicious on the top to be removed, change must start at the bottom.  The hardest battle the American people will ever have to fight, is the battle to  just be individualistic and strive to remove the weights of conformity and blissful ignorance.  The CEOs are nothing without the people, the system is nothing without its people.  No longer can their gas and guns, clubs and thugs, and their lies on tv, hold the people down.  A system in which millions starve, millions walk homeless, and where millions are unemployed, is not a system dedicated to the equality of all.

“Get up!  Get up!  Your voices are needed.  Become, become the pulse of the revolution.  In the ranks of the masses rising.” – Anti-Flag, “Ranks of the Masses Rising”

Challenging the status quo is imperative for the situation at hand to be changed, to be reverted to a system in which the people truly wield the authority that was promised to them.  America’s constitutions and rights have been bought and sold on the black market, leaving an alienated and forgotten people to scrounge for whatever morsels of food they can find.  The looming debt, approaching $16 trillions, has funded corporate and government programs that have never benefited the people.  The budget of the US has focused on investment in the neocolonialism of oil corporations around the world, on buying bullets and buying guns and all in the hands of killers and thugs, and a budget guided by the interests of a select few.  The truth is all too clear, but is not propagated or supported because of the lack of media assets; rather, the media assets available and trusted by the masses are run by corporations.  Nearly all mass media are owned and controlled by a handful of conservative capitalist.  There is no alternative method of distributing the people’s news, their information, their ideas.  The people must be united to take a stand and tell the truth.  The truth is seen as a conspiracy, a plot to undermine the security of the masses, but what is not understood is that there is no security, the masses have been lied to and manipulated into a false sense of complacency.  The economic system is plagued, infesting society and the political infrastructure of America, resulting in a flawed image that attests to the misplaced faith and belief in a country that was bought and sold by corporations.


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