UN: President Ahmadinejad’s Statement

On the even of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s address to the UN General Assembly today, the President of Iran declared his country to be a new model for life to the world.

Ahmadinejad’s appearance at the UN in New York comes two days after the two US hikers, held in an Iranian prison for more than 2 years, were released.  The two hikers had supposedly crossed the Iraqi-Iranian border unknowingly and were arrested on the suspicion of being American spies.  The men’s 2 year ordeal had exacerbated tensions between the US and Iran.  The release was supposed to ease relations on the even of the President’s speech , but the content of Ahmadinejad’s speech has done much the opposite, serving to aggravate Western powers and demonstrate Ahmadinejad’s radical stance, as well as his arrogance.

Today, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a stinging attack at members of the UN, promoting walkouts by the US and various European delegations, among those being the UK and France.  In a verbal assault on the US, Ahmadinejad referred to the “mysterious” September 11th attacks as a pretext for America’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, serving as an illustration of America’s greed.  Many believe that Ahmadinejad was attempting to strengthen his political position in Iran, meanwhile reassuring the international community of his extremism.  Ahmadinejad had faced public humiliation during the trial of the 2 American hikers because Iranian judicial authorities refused to heed his demands.  The Iranian judicial authorities initially failed to carry out Ahmadinejad’s directive to release the men and admonished the President in public, saying that it was them who decided and not him if and when the men would be freed.  Despite the humiliation, the Iranian President got his way just days before his appearance at the UN General Assembly in New York.

Much of his speech was dedicated to asking rhetorical questions about who was responsible for slavery, colonialism and who used the atomic bomb against defenseless people.  The Iranian leader insisted that the world was in need to change, stating that Marxism, liberalism, humanism and the West could not solve man’s problems.  According to Ahmadinejad, because of Iran’s culture and “rich civilization”, it was the only nation that could offer a new model for life to the world.

“By using their imperialistic media network, which is under the influence of colonialism, they threaten anyone who questions the Holocaust and the September 11 event with sanction and military actions.” – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President

In other parts of Ahmadinejad’s speech, he criticized European countries for paying fines to the “Zionists” because of the appalling events of Hitler’ ethnic cleansing through Eastern and Western Europe.  In continuation, the President stated that if European countries were to continue paying fines to people responsible for the mass murder and terror against Palestinian, they should also pay reparations for slavery.  The reference came as an attack for past British colonialism of what is now Iran.

Furthermore, as Iranian-Anglo relation have always been strained at best, Ahmadinejad targeted the US most often throughout the address.  He stated that the US was aimed at high-jacking the “Arab Spring” uprisings.  The statement mimics similar animosity by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamnei.  Both Iranian leaders perceived US and Western involvement in the Arabic world as hypocritical.  The Western powers were responsible for the authoritative and corrupt leaders in the first place and were now only aiding the demonstrations for the opportunity of viable resources.  The statement followed reports affirming that much of Qaddafi’s arms has been supplied by Western power, most specifically Germany (though China held much responsibility as well).

“Muslim nations in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen or other countries need vigilance today. They should not allow enemies confiscate the victories they’ve achieved.  They should not forget that those who have come to the scene in Libya (US and NATO) today and consider themselves the owners of the uprising are the same people who used to sit and drink with those who once suppressed the Libyan nation.” – Ayatollah Ali Khamanei, Iran’s Supreme Leader

In retrospect, with the US and the UN condescending Iranian nuclear buildup, as well as implementing sanction on the country for their persistent flaunting of nuclear research and military, the Iranian statement has only fueled international resentment of Iran’s political figures.


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