EU: Build a Trench to Keep out Southern Europe…

In an attempt to stem the flow of illegal immigrants flowing in from Turkey, Greece has begun the construction og a 30 meters (98.5 ft) wide and 7 meters (23 ft) deep trench along the Evros River, marking the border between the two conflicting nations.

After visiting the nation that has caused so much concern for the global financial system, mainly Germany which has funded the majority of the multiple relief packages, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstroem, stated that Greece “needed help urgently in creating an efficient asylum system”.  The construction of a water-filled trench was probably not the concept that came readily to her mind when she wished for Greece to deter the growing number of Turks in Greece.  Nevertheless, Turkey and its Islamic people have long been considered a hindrance to the modernization and stability of the eurozone.  The conservative, Islamic-oriented party, of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long sought membership of the EU but has yet to gain entrance.  Though diplomats have stated that Turkey has not met the financial qualifications of the eurozone, ironic considering the status of Greece, the underlining reason has been its religious and cultural divergence from the rest of the European Union.

Despite the collectivization of the financial risks of Greece, Portugal, and Ireland by the EU, it has not undertaken the “threat” presented by the Islamic culture of Turkey.  This is a good decision considering the ailments currently decaying the structure of the EU, as well as the current political and military conflict in Turkey. The civilian-led government of Turkey has recently replaced the military heads of each of its  services: Navy, Army, etc. Supposedly, this has come after a period of tension between the military and the government, as the military has been the spearhead of the past 3 military coups and has considered itself above the authority of the government.  The move by the government has come as an attempt by the government to pull the military firmly under civilian control. As usual, the move has not come without consequences as many military officials are not “bending over” to this “affront” to their honor.

“However, from now on, I believe that the army would not be able to dismiss a civilian authority or its decrees or manipulate government like it did in the past” – Atilla Sandikli, Bilgesam researcher

So saying, Greece is now receiving a second massive bailout plan of 110 billion euros, as well as an additional package up to 159 billion euros from the 17 members of the eurozone and individual investors.  Germany, the backbone of the entire eurozone, has taken the initiative again to cut Greece’s debt to 21%, leaving Germany to lose 945 million euros from investments in the 4.5 billion euros it has in Greek bonds.  If Greece’s trench solution is the move to isolate itself from migrants and financial problems, maybe Germany should build a trench to isolate itself from Southern Europe.

Throughout the history of Europe, Southern Europe has always been unstable due to conflicting cultures, religions, and politics.  It has become more consequential now because of the membership of many of these nations in the European Union.  So, a trench seems like a plausible means of removing Germany from the current disaster while it still holds onto a scrap of its dignity.  Realistically, of course, this is not possible or smart considering the value of the EU to the global arena.  Without the presence of Germany, the EU would crumble and the nations would spiral into chronic financial problems as they would be forced to revert back to individual currencies.  Moreover, Italy is the eurozones third largest economy and it in southern europe, alienating Germany from a major port and financial asset.

Not to ignore the evident, the construction of a trench along Germany’s borders and Southern Europe would not really be feasible, a wall separating Western Berlin from the rest of Germany did not really work in the end either.


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