Why 1989?

Lets begin now,

1989 is referred to as the Year of Miracles.  It illustrated the unity and power of the masses.  The people of Poland, Hungary, Eastern Germany, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and the entire eastern block of the Union of Socialist Republics were able to band together as a people and displace the long standing power of Soviet Socialism.  Beginning with the Round Table Talks in Poland, the Iron Curtain began to disintegrate
Gorbachev repealed the standing doctrine of military intervention, known as the Brezhnev Doctrine, and replaced it with what is now known as the Sinatra Doctrine.  The name of the doctrine came from Sinatra’s song: “My Way” as Gorbachev allowed the satellite regimes to go their own way.  Without the threat of direct military intervention, the reason for Hungary’s 1956 repressed revolution, the people of Eastern Europe could march towards liberalism.
The following events illustrated the ability for people, despite all odds, to band together and march against the years of oppression and desperation.  The people of Eastern Europe had been alienated and scared but the breaking point had been breached and the rally point of society had been reached.
So saying, in times of hopelessness, the political face of the world had been changed. An ideological war lasting close to 50 years had come to a conclusion because of the actions taken by the people.  A superpower fell, another weakened, and the restructuring of the world began.
What is the significance?
As modern society is faced with the Arab Spring, fiscal crises in Europe and America, and looming problems concerning available resources for a globalized society, hope is not readily available.  This blog is directed at targeting current issues and putting a unique spin on these developments.
I aim at bringing reality and idealism together.
We have the right to pursue happiness but we have to catch it ourselves.

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