The Drums are Silent in America and Europe

Once again, the globalized economy has come to an impasse.

In the European Union, the growing economic malaise of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal has began to expand its reaches to Italy, the 3rd largest economy in the EU. If the crises of Athens were to reach Rome, the financial stress could quickly spread to Spain.  As one EU official said, “No one wants to default – its not an option”.  Despite the forwards actions being taken by Germany, the calamity has not been resolved because of local and foreign division on the long-ranging actions by the entire EU community.  The sacrifices on part of the community for one or a few countries illustrates the cohesion that must exist in for the continuation of such a bonded community.  So saying, where would such a bond of brotherhood stem from in which nations would sacrifice domestic necessities for the sake of a communal restructuring program that would guarantee the fiscal future of another country?

In comparison, look towards the usual symbol of prosperity and unity, the United States of America.  A country gifted with a history rich in national sacrifices for the greater good.  Throughout history, America has been challenged both domestically and internationally, yet it stands strong, a testament to the determination of the people as a whole to persist.  Yet the sands of time rapidly dwindle and modernization can become a double edged sword. The politics of America have rapidly dwindle from healthy debate to unnecessary gridlock.  The value put to public images has led to an increase in vanity and self delusion, allowing politicians to focus less on the quality of their work and the results from such.  For example, the credit rating agency known as Moody is on the verge of downgrading the “top-knotch” credit rating of the USA.  As the pressure of government shutdown gradually draws closer, not even the drums of fiscal calamity can keep pace.

As both the EU and the USA draw closer to impending economic crises, society sits quietly in their rooms and on their computers.  The streets remain empty, and the voices of the world are silenced out of fear, a response that will only bring about chaos a step faster.  In times of desperation, the people must join together and make their voices heard.  At the end of World War II, the countries of Western Europe were distraught and the people devastated.  The actions taken by the USA, the fiscal promises made by the USA in the Marshall Plan allowed for the Western nations to be revamped and keep at bay the lure of Soviet Socialism.
This example of economic aid for the sake of idealistic unity was reciprocated later during the Cold War by the Western Europeans.  As the nuclear arms race drew to a close, both the USSR and the USA were strained for available resources to continue the build up under mutual deterrence. Without the fiscal backing of Western Europe and Japan, the USA would not have been able to compete with the land mass of Soviet Russia and the resources being extracted from its satellite regimes.

Evidently, history has illustrated multiple times the ability for people across body of waters and masses of land    to present a common enemy with a united front.  Today’s enemy is lack of fiscal cooperation on part of nations on a whole.  The USA has been impeded by political partisanship along the lines of ideological extremism, while the EU has been brought to an impasse on a united effort to solve a wide spread problem.  The need for united action on a common enemy has been brought to the world’s feet once again.


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