Gang of Six

Breaking away from the short term relief plans, the bipartisan group has once again embodied the benefits of across the aisle negotiations.

Consisting of Kent Conrad (D), Max Warner (D), Dick Durbin (D), Mike Crapo (R), Tom Coburn (R), and Saxby Chambliss (R); the group has become a symbol of hope for the continued prosperity and longevity of the United States of America.  With the development of their current outlined plan for the resolution of the debt crisis, the political arena may be able to join forces and create a communal support for the bipartisan solution.

Though hardly a done deal, the plan does represent an alternative path, creating a middle to previously presented plans.  The plans presented before the Gang of Six have ranged from delaying the inevitable to nearly unrealistic.  For instance, one plan being supported by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor would only suffice in cutting at the most $1.5 trillion or merely a few hundred billion.  This plan would only serve to further escalate the debt crisis by permitting the government to persist on its current path of government spending, debt, and political squabbling.  The plan is comparable to Obama’s “grand compromise” and the “middle-deal”; both detailing intermediate spending cuts, welfare reform, and sweeping tax reform.  All of these plans only offer short term respite, allowing politicians to relieve themselves of a guilt conscious and leave off their work for another day.  These plans serve to deceive society, offering a facade of debt resolution and American prosperity, a gilded solution that serves only to mask the continued decay of the financial and political system.
On the other extreme, Tom Coburn (coincidentally a member of the Gof6), has presented a rather unrealistic long term plan consisting of cutting $9 trillion in government spending cuts over a duration of 10 years.  Coburn’s plan further targets the welfare program Medicare, raising the age to 69 by 2080, which also mirrors his plan to raise the Social Security age.  With politicians arguing about the extreme cuts involved in a $4 trillion plan, Coburn’s plan seems dead on arrival.  With all plans on the brink of defeat, an emergency relief package has seemed to emerge through the work of McConnell and Reid.  Their joint effort has brought to fruition another short term relief package in which decision would be left to the executive office.  The plan is fluid and under constant scrutiny.

So saying, the Gang of Six plan delivers a middle ground that has already received the support of President Obama and multiple members of members of Congress and Senate.  The plan would cut spending between $3.7-$4.7 trillion and lower the national debt to 70% of GDP  by 2021.  The plan also targets tax reform, welfare programs, and government spending.  (Read More)

In retrospect, the countdown is nearing its end and “crunch time” is now.  There are plans, there are “solutions”, but has America found a bridge to future?  Even though the Constitution states “to form a more perfect union”, America must focus on progress and not perfection.  America must focus on creating a “more perfect” union compared to the political immaturity being exemplified currently.


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