Do We Need a Bigger Gun?

As Obama storms out of bipartisan talks in the Cabinet Room, the residing tensions flares among party line division.

At what point will common sense reign.  With growing anti-politics public sentiment, society is losing hope.  The time for collective action has never been more pressing and yet the loaded gun of government shutdown has not been warrant enough for Congress to collaborate.  Is there a bigger gun out there or has America truly reached the peak of human stubbornness?  The hierarchy of  American values has placed vanity over the common good.  Truly amazing considering the level to which individuality must have been corrupted to permit such an impasse to have occurred.  The ground beneath America, constructed through years of blood, sweat, and tears, will fall out under Congress and yet they persist to live on their knees.

Moreover, as another bipartisan meeting ends without success, Obama is apparently reported to be “one of the few adults in the room”. Considering that Obama “stormed” out of the Cabinet Room because of Cantor’s evident interruptions and stubbornness, the Congressional duty to host healthy debate for the sake of America has been subjected to immature bickering.  In circumstances in which the President’s dwindling patience results in abrupt departures from “negotiations” for the continuation of the American financial system, the fate of America is questionable.  If the Barack Obama is unable to stand against dramatic “dirt-throwing” by Congress, how can the public?

So saying, where does hope exist…the Gang of Six.  As a group of Republican and Democrats, they have put process over policy,taking it upon themselves to illustrate the cooperation to which America had bee founded upon.  As the White House talks meltdown, the Gang of Six heat up, making a penultimate push for a deal.  Rather than focusing on a short term relief package aimed at raising the ceiling, the Gang of Six have depicted true understanding of the situation by pushing for a long term solution.  America’s desire for immediate satisfaction, illustrated by the NOW generation, has to be overcome; allowing for the possibility of a healthy political and financial system in the future.  In the Great Depression, the New Deal created hundreds of public works programs and government funded programs aimed at relieving the people one step at a time.  With the potential of Moody downgrading the US, long term plans will be the only ones that will guarantee the persistence of Democracy.

The rigidity of political partisanship must be put aside so that Americans can emerge from under the colossal mountain of debt and stand straight with heads held high.


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